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Glen HoosGlen Hoos, author of The Commissioner’s Office, moonlights as graphic designer for Dobber Sports, commissioner of the GFHL, and GM of his beloved Angels of Harlem. Glen lives in Aldergrove, BC with his wife and three daughters. Somehow he still manages to control the remote often enough to stay on top of all the latest hockey happenings. In his real life, Glen manages a growing restaurant chain with locations across North America. Glen can also be found on twitter @commishoffice




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21 #FailForNail: The Slippery Subject of Tanking Glen Hoos
22 Salary Caps, Pt. 4: Cap Concerns Glen Hoos
23 Salary Caps, Pt. 3: Setting Your Cap Number Glen Hoos
24 Salary Caps, Pt. 2: Real vs. Fantasy Salaries Glen Hoos
25 Salary Caps, Pt. 1: To Cap or Not to Cap? Glen Hoos
26 Commissioner's Mailbag Glen Hoos
27 The Midseason Draft: An Endangered Species? Glen Hoos
28 Trigger Happy: Setting League Transaction Limits Glen Hoos
29 Changing Things Up: Daily vs. Weekly Line-ups Glen Hoos
30 Positional Awareness: Forwards vs. C/LW/RW Glen Hoos
31 Reality Check, Part 4: The Masked Men Glen Hoos
32 Reality Check, Part 3: Special Agents Glen Hoos
33 Reality Check, Part 2: A Case for the Defence Glen Hoos
34 Reality Check, Part 1: The Power Game Glen Hoos
35 Not Just Another Pool: Creating the Ultimate Fantasy Experience Glen Hoos
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