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The Anaheim Ducks just gave Status a report of their own. Having read last week’s column, they “quacked” up the intensity with a four game winning streak.


Call it the Teemu effect. His returned has apparently inspired this team to another streak just as the return of Niedermayer had done a few weeks prior. This time, with their biggest gun back, it looks like they can sustain it. Even though they’ve still played as many games as anyone in the Western Conference, eight points in a week makes a world of difference for their chances. Selanne also contributed to the revolt against another J Status article of the past… New Year Revolutions

Here’s a recap on how these slump artists are recovering:

5. Miikka Kiprusoff
Pre-article: 19 wins in 39 games, 49% Won
Post-article: 9 wins in 15 games, 60% Won

4. Patrick Marleau
Pre-Article: 18 points in 39 games, 0.46 PPG
Post-Article: 10 points in 16 games, 0.62 PPG

3. Matt Carle
Pre-Article: 8 points in 32 games, .25 PPG
Post-Article: 5 points in 16 games, 0.31 PPG

2. Teemu Selanne
Pre-Article: Retired, 0.00 PPG
Post-Article: Not Retired, 0.50 PPG

1. Jonathan Cheechoo
Pre-Article: 10 points in 32 games, 0.31 PPG
Post-Article: 12 points in 16 games, 0.75 PPG


Though I didn’t delve too far into the numbers, the point is still clear. Every single player from that article has improved. So, either they all were energized by the harsh spotlight, or this just goes to show you that generally, the valleys of fantasy hockey do eventually level out again. This really supports the importance of buying low because even the most disappointing performers of a season usually improve… especially if they have had a history of success in the past.

The Status Report:

Buy Low:
Keith Yandle, D, PHO
We have been over this before numerous times. Phoenix is a place you want to invest for the next few years before the prices go sky high. When it comes to defensemen, there are few cheaper players with such high upside as Mr. Yandle. You saw what he can do in the first few games up this season and now he has hit a little slide. This is to be expected with inexperience and a young inexperienced team around him. Plus, he isn’t getting a ton of prime ice time either. 12 minutes is like nothing for a blueliner. I think this 7-game point drought may present the opportunity to snatch him up if recently dropped or at least buy him at a significantly discounted price.

Mike Modano, C, DAL
Here is a guy that could be a great addition for the stretch run. He can probably be had for fairly cheap as well. His early season slump scared many of us into believing his years of dominance were finally over. Though this may be true, he is still a very serviceable 60-point player. When you take out his early 2 points in 9 games slump, he has actually scored 39 points in 51 games.

From the Dust: The player who may have some value after all.
Cam Barker, D, CHI
There is some bite with this Barker after all. Over the last year or so, I have seen a few keeper teams give up on Barker via trade or free agency. He has been one of the more frustrating top prospects to own in the last few seasons. Barker was drafted #3 overall in 2004 behind superstars Ovechkin and Malkin. It is amazing now to see the drop off from them to Barker and Ladd. Still, just by association you’d think some of that immense talent would have rubbed off on Barker. No but seriously, it is frustrating for owners see later 2004 picks like Stafford, Radulov, Zajac and Wolski… and fellow defensemen like Meszaros and Mike Green all showing much more significance than the guy drafted oh so high. Injuries and inconsistency have penned Barker back a bit, and perhaps this last week is a sign that his time has finally come. Receiving even less ice time than last year, Barker now has 7 point in only 21 games and his career high was only 8 in 35 last season. He has four points in four February games, and this may be the time to pounce on Barker before the other owners hear him howl.

Krys Barch, RW, DAL
With his recent two-year contract extension, you should rest assured that Barch will have every opportunity to provide your fantasy club the PIM you need when one of your mainstays goes down. After years as a journeyman, Barch has finally found a home. If he can ever work his way into a 70 to 80-game roll, he could be a significant option for 150 or more penalty minutes a year.

Cactus of the Week: The player team you shouldn’t touch right now.
St. Louis Blues, 4th Central
I’ve always wondered if the name somehow subliminally holds this team back. The Blues isn’t exactly the most positive sounding name, and the team has indeed never won the cup. Regardless, St. Louis truly has the blues right now having won only two games in the last month of play. They have gone 2-8-3 during that time and have fallen from playoff contention. With 56 points, the Blues are only 5 points ahead of the lowly Los Angeles Kings. Still, on a positive (Blue)note, St. Louis has played fewer games than any team in the NHL, so they have plenty of opportunity to improve their dire situation.

Fantasy Flashback: Your weekly reminder that fantasy hockey is a rollercoaster.
Mike Ribeiro, C, DAL
We have been over this many times, but I just can’t get over how fantastic his numbers have been. Can he reach 90 points even though he missed three games? I sure hope so.

2006-07: 81GP, 18G, 41A, 59P, plus-3, 22PIM, 111SOG
2007-08: 57 GP, 23G, 41A, 64P, plus-16, 24PIM, 80SOG

He has nearly met or exceeded every category total from last year. He is on pace for 88 points and has to be a nominee for the best fantasy value of the year.


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