Yahoo! Is the most popular fantasy hockey league manager, but they can sometimes be quite slow to reflect the reality of the NHL as far as player position eligibility goes. So it’s important to keep an eye out for changes in that area, because some players can become quite attractive once they gain a new position. Here’s a recap of some recent eligibility changes and how it affects a player’s value.


Petr Prucha  (C Added RW)
– As a center, it wasn’t even worth keeping an eye on Prucha in anything but the deepest of fantasy leagues. However, as a right-winger you’ll want to gamble on him despite that fact that he hasn’t scored a point in his last six games.

Chris Higgins (C Added LW) – Higgins might actually be a free-agent in your league since he wasn’t worth much as a center, but as a left winger he deserves to be picked up in all leagues.

Patrick Elias (C Added LW)
– Elias has been extremely disappointing this season, but he averaged nearly a point per game last season and produced 195 point in 195 games the past three seasons. Point-per-game left-wingers are extremely rare, so you might want to target Elias in trade talks.

Scott Hartnell (RW Added LW) – It’s extremely rare for players to be eligible on both wings, so despite Hartnell’s slow start you might want to consider picking him up if he’s available in your league. Despite not having found the back of the net yet this season, Hartnell remains capable of producing 20 to 25 goals.

Evgeni Malkin (LW Added C)
– It doesn’t really change his value since you’ll use him at left wing, but it’s always fun to have the flexibility.

Petr Sykora (C Added RW) – Sykora is averaging exactly a point-per-game as Syd the Kid’s partner and that’s despite a relatively slow start by Crosby. Only 7 right-wingers scored 80 points last season.

Nathan Horton (C Added RW) – Horton has 40-goal potential, which could put him amongst the top 5 in that department amongst right-wingers.

Markus Naslund (RW Added LW)
– We have now come to accept Naslund as a merely average player, but like previously mentioned, eligibility on both wings is quite valuable.                     

Martin Erat (LW Added RW) – Erat’s value is actually on par with Naslund’s, which says more about Naslund that it does about Erat. He’s a good trade target since he’s always undervalued and will bring you roster flexibility.

Zach Parise (LW Added C) – See Malkin.

Wade Belak (D Added RW) – Yeah, like you’d ever use Belak on right wing, heck, you wouldn’t even use him on defense.

Finally, will somebody explain to Yahoo that Marian Gaborik and Pavol Demitra can’t both be right-wingers since they play on the same line. If you’re lucky Demitra will become eligible on left wing any week now.

Industry Experts league

This time of year things can change quite quickly in fantasy standings and I’ve moved up to 5th place in the Industry Experts League. The category really hurting me is the penalty minutes where I stand in last place, but I’ve picked up Jared Boll to give me a hand in that area.

Interestingly, the three representatives from Rotowire rank 1-2-3 in the standings, but I don’t see Levine staying in first place with a goaltending duo of Pascal Leclaire and Alex Auld.

Questions for the Frog

What the heck do I do with Scott Gomez? I've stuck with him as a utility player in Yahoo Fantasy hockey, but he's done zilch. Is Antropov finally for real? Currently in centre I have Andy macDonald (yuck) Mike Comrie (good start, but...) and Scott Gomez. Should I switch one for Antropov? – Mike (Toronto)

FROG: Don't despair about Gomez, his line has been struggling as a whole, but they’ll do much better soon. Brendan Shanahan is playing better than his production suggests, which his 32 shots on goal attest to. You should still expect 60 to 70 points from Gomez, which is the norm for him. Comrie's totals are misleading since he scored 6 points in the first two games, but only 1 in the following four games. Comrie is definitely a 60-point player at best. As for McDonald, I don't expect much more than 50 points unless Selanne comes back. I would have no problem dropping him for Antropov who was under the radar to enter the season, but whose 18 goals in 54 games last season average out to 27 goals over 82 games. He has the talent to put up those 27 goals and 65 points and even is he really slows down, it's worth it to ride him while he's hot. Just keep an eye on the Selanne situation since his return means a return to 80-point form for McDonald.

I am looking to put Wellwood into my line-up and I have 3 players I am considering dropping, Pyatt, Calder or Todd White. None of them are doing much yet but if Pyatt plays with the Sedin's or once Atlanta gets things going if White plays with Hossa or Kovalchuk they may be worth holding on to. What do you think? In case you’re wondering why I even have any of these players I am in a 12-team league that has 19 forward/defensive positions per team. - Doug (Toronto)

FROG: Very deep league you've got there, similar to the Industry Experts League. Your choice isn't as hard as it would seem at first glance since whoever you drop will not become a star. You should make your choice based on the scoring categories that you use. If you prefer goals, go with Pyatt or Calder, for assists go with White. For overall potential I'd go with White at the moment because Atlanta's big guns need a center. He has the best shot at 60 points. Don't even consider Calder if you use +/-, LA's defense is horrible so most Kings' players will have problems in that category.

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