Fantasy Impact: The Dallas Stars have traded veteran forward Jaromir Jagr to the Boston Bruins for prospects Layne MacDermid and Cody Payne, as well as a second-round draft pick.





The Stars get:A really good draft pick for giving up what will amount to being a rental. And in Payne they land a gritty player with third-line upside, essentially a tough guy who has potential in other areas. In MacDermid they add a pure enforcer with little to offer fantasy teams besides penalty minutes, in the few NHL games that he plays. Texas will be a tough team next year.



The Bruins get: A future first-ballot Hall-of-Famer who still has enough gas in the tank at 42 to post 60 points in a season. DobberHockey's Michael Amato profiled Jagr on Friday, you can read up on that right here.



Fantasy Players Impacted: In Dallas this opens up a lot of ice time for the likes of Reilly Smith, who had been seeing just five or six minutes per game.


In Boston, I can't see the Bruins breaking up either of their two big lines:





Which means he'll be with Greg Campbell/Chris Kelly and Rich Peverley. This obviously helps Peverley...but really hurts Jagr.  To post the numbers he's been posting, he needs to be 'the man'. He's certainly not that in Boston.




Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Reilly Smith

2. Peverley


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Jagr

2. Jordan Caron







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Scribe said:

Bergeron injured Dobber, great take on this trade. I picked up Jagr last year to try and milk him for some points near the end of his career. Initially, I was glad to see him move to Boston because I thought it would put him with better players, but now I'm a little concerned. Bergeron's injury last night has me hoping Jagr could find a spot on the second line with Marchand and Seguin.
April 03, 2013 | url
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icevenom said:

... Dallas Lines...

Nystrom / Benn / Eriksson
Whitney / Eakin / Cole
R Smith / Rousel / Petersen
? / Fiddler / Vincour
April 02, 2013
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Dobber said:

... If you want to run your fantasy team based on your own instinct, I encourage that. If you want my advice and opinion - you have it above. Glean from it what you will.

Your opinion makes sense. But I'm not sold on it myself. That's just me. Jagr is there to push Horton. And he will. Do you think that Jagr will get 20 minutes in Boston? Not on your life. So do you think his 26 points in 34 games will continue - actually, subtract the 4-point Game 1 and it's 22 points in 33 games? No way.

Jagr's 22 points in 33 games with an inflated TOI is "more consistent" than Horton's 20 points in 34 games with a normal TOI? Not buying it.

April 02, 2013
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poolies said:

... Bruins acquire Jagr to put him on the third line? C'mon Dobber. He'll see plenty of PP time and most likely replace Horton on line 2.
April 02, 2013
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Kraftster said:

... I think this (in conjunction with at least the Roy deal as well) could also help Matt Fraser (leading goal scorer in AHL), who I would think is next in line for a promotion. In fact, I made a speculative grab on him in one of my leagues. Dallas has been "seeing what they have" in some of these young players all year, so with this moves, that should only increase. Fraser could become a David Clarkson perhaps?
April 02, 2013
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Mancuso said:

... I was kind of hoping the Bruins added Ray Whitney to help the PP, but I'll be pumped for Jagr to line up on PP1
April 02, 2013
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Veritas0Aequitas said:

Jagr up Horton down I also agree with thestandard even before I read his post. Horton has been inconsistent and Jagr would be best suited to playing on that top line.
April 02, 2013
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Bender said:

Major Payne The coolest part of the deal is the Stars getting an enforcer named Payne.... here comes the Payne!
April 02, 2013
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LuckyLuke said:

... Totally agree with thestandard, Putting Jagr together with Krejci makes a lot of sense, I doubt BOS traded for him to put him on the 3rd line.

I'm interested how this impacts Jamie Benn - considering he's quite dissapointing this season, removing the best player on his line seems like hit to his production.
April 02, 2013
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thestandard said:

... The Bruins are definitely breaking up the Krejci line. Horton is a UFA next year. he moves down to Line 3 with Peverley. Jagr lines up alongside fellow Czech David Krejci and Lucic. There's no way Jagr is not on that line.
April 02, 2013
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