That’s right we have crowned a champion in the first ever Cage Match Rookie TournamentJonathan Huberdeau.


#1 Jonathan Huberdeau over #3 Alex Galchenyuk – 59 votes to 35 votes

It’s over! It’s over ladies and gentlemen!



I’m going to be completely honest, once this thing got down to the final four rookies I stopped having any idea about who would win, who deserved to win or who I would actually prefer. Huberdeau feels like a deserving winner. He’s got great pedigree as a former third overall pick is second in rookie scoring and first in rookie goal scoring right now at just 19 years of age. He’s also doing all this with virtually no help playing for the offensively anemic Panthers (yes that’s a double-entendre). He looks every bit the part of a champion.

But the truly intriguing aspect of this exercise is that none of us really know which of these guys will be the best. After all, half the field is still in their teens. They’ve got so much growth ahead of them not just as hockey players but as people in general. They will make countless choices and have countless choices inflicted upon them that will change their trajectory as objects of our fantasy desires. Ultimately the best can’t be held down by much but even the best can’t shake a terrible situation with bad linemates. We are at the mercy of too many unknowns to really know which of these guys will be the ultimate winner and I’m sure over the course of the next five to 10 years that answer will change time and again. But that’s what happens when you get a crop of rookies as talented as this one. I don’t know if we’ll have another Cage Match Rookie Tournament because future rookie classes may not be up to snuff but if anything that simply makes the past few weeks even more enjoyable.

Jonathan Huberdeau is the top rookie as voted by you… or at least he is right now. I’m not sure we should necessarily celebrate that. I prefer to see this as an opportunity. Please take the results of this tournament as a sample of popular opinion. Use this as information that can help you buy low or *GASP* sell high on some of these rookies. I’m sure you all have your own opinions of whom the inevitable champion should have been. And that’s a good thing. We can’t all be in agreement on everything. So like I said, Huberdeau is the champ right now. Use that information.


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