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Download the March 2013 edition right here.

The St. Patrick's edition of the Top 100 Roto features a much needed slap in the face from Cage Match's Steve Laidlaw as well as all top ten slots being allocated to players named "Patrick". Jokes aside, delve into the latest keeper rankings and player profiles that this month has to offer. 

Notable Changes :
As highlighted in Eric Daoust’s most recent “Capped ”, poolies have soured on the likes of Drew Doughty and Mike Green. Well this Irish day party will have a little less Green in it as the Top 100 has finally cut ties with this burnt toast (see Laidlaw’s profile following the list for that reference). Do I sniff a possible Doughty vs. Green Cage Match looming as well? Teasers!

Meanwhile, Eric Staal’s dominate performance gets rewarded as he now finds himself in the top 15. Other notables going up are Niklas Kronwall, Blake Wheeler, Wayne Simmonds and Evander Kane – all profiled within.

Enjoy the read and see you in the playoffs.


Download the March 2013 edition right here.

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ridinryan44 said:

Am I blind? How is Stewart not on this list and why is Kesler still on it!?
March 16, 2013
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