Granlund vs. Galchenyuk, Huberdeau vs. Conacher - and more in the Cage Match Rookie Tournament

It is now Week 3 of the Cage Match Rookie Tournament and we are already off to the second round. Things are moving fast up in here! Week Two brought a lot more excitement to the table than Week One, likely because the Ovechkin Bracket was the deeper of the two brackets. Let’s see what went down.


#1 Jonathan Huberdeau over #8 Marcus Foligno – 75 votes to 3 votes

It’s nice to see the pity vote is still in effect.

#2 Vladimir Tarasenko over #7 Chris Kreider – 71 votes to 3 votes

There was an argument made that Kreider received a bad draw here. Actually, it wasn’t an argument but merely a statement and while it wasn’t technically wrong to state that Kreider received a bad draw by having to face the juggernaut that is Tarasenko in round one, I fail to see how Kreider really deserved to be ranked higher. He’s Blake Wheeler 2.0. See you in five years Chris, when you are worthy.

#6 Jakob Silfverberg over #3 Damien Brunner – 33 votes to 41 votes

I normally love upsets but this one makes me shake my head in disbelief. It’s literally upsetting me. I suppose it’s true that most people cast their votes prior to Brunner’s four-point outburst on Sunday but that still hardly explains all the love for Silfverberg who has accomplished what amounts to three-fifths of two-thirds of bugger-all this season.

Remember that caveat that winning now matters? Apparently not.

Is Silfverberg’s upside really so high that it grants him exceptional status over a better producing player simply because that player is older? I think not.

And then there’s this article singing the praises of Brunner that showed up on just as I was writing this up… *Sigh*

You know, I have half a mind to bust out my veto powers on this except I don’t actually have any because I never specified that I did and I’m not about to make up rules now. I guess I just expected never to have to. Remind me to include veto powers in the next tournament… Also I hope Silfverberg gets shut out in the next round… L

#4 Cory Conacher over #5 Brendan Gallagher – 50 votes to 25 votes

This was exactly as close as I suspected it to be after Conacher’s hot start and Gallagher’s poorly timed concussion (if there is such a thing).




Now here in Week 3 we’ve got the second round – the quarterfinals – and you can bet the matchups are getting juicier.

#1 Nail Yakupov vs. #4 Mikhail GrigorenkoVOTE HERE

We’ve got the Big Ruskie vs. the Little Ruskie in a battle of Ruskies. Which Ruskie will win? I don’t know and I don’t care, I just like to say Ruskie.

#2 Mikael Granlund vs. #3 Alex GalchenyukVOTE HERE

I am absolutely tickled pink about this matchup. I think it’s the closest one we’ve seen yet and I have no idea how it will turn out.

#1 Jonathan Huberdeau vs. #4 Cory ConacherVOTE HERE

You’ve got the class of the South East right here.

#2 Vladimir Tarasenko vs. #6 Jakob SilfverbergVOTE HERE

I normally don’t try to sway the vote but Brunner was my dark horse to win this tournament and you guys and Silfverberg all teamed up to ruin that dream. I’ve now got spite in my heart. Please vote to crush Silfverberg, unless you really think he’s better.

Remember to cast your votes based on a points-only keeper league with no positions but that caveat that winning now matters. I swear it really does! Follow the links provided to cast your votes and make your voice heard.


Cage Match Rookie Tournament:

Week 1

Week 2


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Francesco said:

... Taresenko wins..... Hands down
February 28, 2013
Votes: +0

hockeypoolfanatic said:

Silfberberg/Brunner I gotta say I'm surprised by your vehement disagreement with Silfverberg's victory. Is Brunner really that much better? I understand your caveat of win now but this is a keeper league so I don't think it's that simple. Plus we're only 20 games into the season. Give Silf a chance.

I agree that Brunner has had a better start to his NHL career. What's been accomplished so far should have some bearing but this is about a KEEPER league. Can you positively say he’s that much more talented than Silfverberg? His resume coming into the league doesn't even come close to Silfverberg's. Silfverberg made the SEL, arguably the 2nd best league in the world, his absolute bitch. MVP of the regular season. MVP of the playoffs. Carried his hometown team on his back and won the championship. Broke Alfie’s record for most points in the playoffs. He's EXTREMELY accomplished, has a ridiculously disgusting release and if he were playing with the likes of Zetts and Datsyuk I guarantee he would be putting up comparable numbers to Brunner.

Silfverberg is a beast. When he has fully adjusted to the North American game and is comfortable in the NHL he will make this league, as he did the SEL, his bitch.
February 27, 2013
Votes: +1

mschulz said:

HUBES The HUBES is the best rookie.
February 27, 2013
Votes: +0

Rajiabu said:

... I can see the current rookie points leader bring voted out next round.
February 27, 2013
Votes: +0

Kropper said:

Grigorenko? Where is Drew Shore....
February 27, 2013
Votes: +0
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