Your 2007-08 Fantasy Hockey Pool (or "League", if you're American) draft is just around the corner. You need some tools! As always, Dobber is here to help you out.



First and foremost, find out what is in my fantasy hockey guide here:

Dobber's Pool Guide 



In a deep league? You'll want to read up on this:

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Want to see how the expert's drafted in the Fantasy Hockey Expert Rotisserie League?

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Need to see the latest line combos? See our:

NHL Depth Charts/Line combos section - constantly updated!  



Want to know which annual fantasy hockey magazines out there are worth your money?

Fantasy Hockey Magazine Critique



Do you always struggle with when to pick your goalie? I give you the ultimate strategy in:

Dobber's Video Blog - Goaltending Strategy 



Are you in a rotisserie league that requires weekly moves? Check out DobberHockey's new feature that gives you the best teams to load up on in a seven-day window:

Looking Ahead