DobberHockey Draft App


We are very excited to announce the DobberHockey Draft App for the IPhone and Android. Dobber Hockey’s Draft List gives you the advantage at all of your Fantasy Hockey Pool drafts. Up to date information at your fingertips during the draft!


Read on to find out how the app can help you at draft day to rule your pool.


About the App:

  • This app has new 48-game season projections and updated injury information.
  • The app has the latest predicted NHL player data from DobberHockey for the current draft (for all available players).
  • You can sort the data by player, by team, by position and by points.
  • Detail is available on each player along with the very latest injury and other notes from DobberHockey.
  • You can tap to cross out drafted players, tap to delve deeper into the player's projections, add him to your team, and more!
  • During the draft, you can easily select players for your team as well as indicate players selected for other teams.
  • When completed (or during the draft), you can view your team list and sort as needed.
  • Use it for as many drafts as you need to (you fantasy hockey addict!)
  • Updated almost daily until the puck drops!

If you have more than one draft or Fantasy Pool, you can clear all of the selected players and start fresh for the next draft. The app can be re-used for unlimited drafts within the current period.

Screenshot below is from September's version - note that we've updated these projections for a 48-game schedule.



Draft app



Fully customizable and sortable lists (these point totals reflect the projections from last summer - they have since been updated to reflect the 48 game season).



Draft app



The ability to quickly add players to your team and your competitors teams during the draft makes it much easier to know who is available and who isn't (sure beats crossing names off with a pen).



Draft app



Notes available for players include injury updates, and anything else that will give you the edge when your pick is coming up.


The app is a very powerful and simple tool to manage your Fantasy Hockey pool drafts. It’s a great way to be sure you have the latest news and injury reports at your fingertips during the drafts.


The app costs $4.99 (that's $4 cheaper than getting the Draft List on Excel for your laptop!)


You can pick up the IPhone version here, and the Android version here.


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