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Download the December 2012 edition right here.


With no changes coming in from November's Top 100 Roto, this edition is a refreshing switch up.  DobberHockey's own cap guru, Eric Daoust, takes the helm and delivers his top 30 rotisserie skaters in salary cap leagues. Think of it as an early holiday gift for you salary league folk.



Eric Daoust’s Roto Cap Rankings :

The goal of the roto cap rankings is to properly order the 30 best players in a salary cap league. You will notice that the usual suspects are at the top of the rankings. This is because there is no substitute for elite-level production from one roster spot. Besides, there are plenty of effective bargain players that can be obtained to fill the depth positions and help fit your top producers within your team’s budget.


Due to the ongoing lockout and uncertainty about the NHL financial model moving forward, the rankings do not account for long-term potential or long-term cap value. This is merely a snapshot of player value now and in the near future.


In addition to the rankings, there are also three previously published articles from the weekly Capped series, via, included in this PDF. The first article provides a more detailed view of why star players are should still be owned despite their higher salaries and at what point a cheaper, less proven alternative may be the better option. The charts in this article apply to points-only league but the big picture carries over to roto leagues as well. The second article lists 10 players who are cheap and can give you good production in roto leagues. The last article focuses on how to find the next cap bargain players to help your team in the future.


Download the December 2012 edition right here.


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