Now three years through his landmark dozen-year deal with Chicago, 33-year-old Marian Hossa is coming off his strongest season with the club. He recorded 77 points in 81 games - his best point-per-game mark since 2006-07.  Of course, there is cause for concern after Marian was thumped to the ice by a malicious hit from Raffi Torres during last spring's first ound matchup. However, the lockout has undoubtedly proved to be a blessing in disguise for the Hawks’ 2011-12 leading scorer, in that the extra layoff has offered ample time to recover.

Joel Quenneville was quite liberal in his mix & matching ventures with Marian last season, never truly keeping him on one line for any significant length of time. However, that proved to be quite the positive for Marian as he was able to spend considerable time lined up both even strength and on the man advantage with all of Chicago’s top dogs: Kane, Toews and Sharp.

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Assuming Hossa returns to form, there is plenty of reason to believe last season’s upswing will be a sustainable level of production for him. It was the first season he hit 80+ games since 2006-07, also managing to  avoid his traditional chronic shoulder injury issues. This bodes well for the future, as Hossa is alongside one of the best forward groups in hockey. Its never a good thing to be engrossed in a CBA war, but it certainly doesn’t hurt Hossa or the Blackhawks to allow him the ultra conservative Sidney Crosby-like layoff -  albeit without actually having to incurring any man games lost this time around.

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Farley said:

... Sorry but I don't see how this article says anything that everyone doesn't know already. Hossa had a good year, played nearly a full season and got knocked out by Torres in the playoffs. Seems like more and more the articles here are just ads for the various tools that are owned by this site. I understand that you need to make a buck but damn.
November 16, 2012
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