The NHL lockout is likely dragging on into December (boo), but the World Junior Championships are drawing closer (yay). And there has been some great hockey to watch in the CHL, AHL, and over in Europe (thank you streaming websites).


What better time for another DobberHockey contest? Similar to our last one, there will be three finalists, and one ultimate winner (as voted on by you).


The contest – in 250 words (or less), tell us who is the best goaltender of all-time, and why?

The Contest Details:

Date: Saturday November 17th to Saturday December 1st, inclusive


The Prizes:



1st Place – Autographed Loui Eriksson 8x10

2nd Place – Fantasy Hockey Team Audit by Dobber or Angus

3rd Place – Fantasy Hockey Team Audit by Dobber or Angus


How to Play:

The contest – in 250 words (or less), tell us who is the best goaltender of all-time, and why?


Make it funny or creative. Take two goalies and compare them, if you want. Your choice could be Patrick Roy. It could be Terry Sawchuk. Dominik Hasek. Martin Brodeur. Make a good argument for your choice. If the three best submissions are all for Roy (for example), that is fine.


Good luck! For submissions - send them here.

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Dakkster said:

... All time is a phrasal adjective that should only be hyphenated when the adjective is placed before the noun, like this: "it's my all-time favorite" smilies/smiley.gif
November 22, 2012
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doulos said:

The Great One's Nemesis I was a spoiled child of 8 years old when I watched Kent Nilsson crumple to the ice from a two-handed slash in the hands of Ron Hextall. While my ire for him reached a degree that only an 8 year old Oiler fans can reach, my respect for his skills as a goaltender rose as well.

Gretzky said that he was the greatest goaltender he had ever played against, and his Conn Smythe performance in the 86-87 playoffs were a thing to behold. A below average junior player, scouts shied away, labelling him "loony" and yet he exuded a confidence that led to a stellar career at both the AHL and NHL levels.

Hextall's puck handling and aggressive tactics shaped the developement of goalies such as Martin Brodeur and his goal-scoring on the PK, in the playoffs, and twice in the regular season, are yet to be matched.

With blood on his jersey he would rack up the most penalty minutes by a goaltender in the regular season in NHL history, and once fought three players in one game - at the same time (though granted at the AHL level).

Hextall's across the board skills with the puck, between the pipes, and with his fists, give him my nod for the greatest goalie of all time.
November 20, 2012
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DarthVain said:

Depends on measure of sucess. If you are talking number of Stanly Cups won, then both Ken Dryden and Jacques Plante won the most at 6 cups. However Dryden did that in only 8 seasons. Plante was the first goalie to wear a mask also.

If you are talking about the Vezina Trophy, then Plante takes it with 7 (though one was shared, so if you don't count that, then the same has Domminic Hasak, Dryden one less with 5).

My personal favorite was Patrick Roy, drama and all. Lots of impact on modern game.

Of course people will argue that Montreal Canadian's dommination is the reason. However in any case, I think one has to look at actually sucess and not just skill. I think I would have to go with Dryden. Also his entrance into both hockey managment, and later into politics probably make him one of the more successful off ice goalies as well.
November 19, 2012
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Jeremy Campbell said:

Brodeur is the best... Martin Brodeur is the best goalie of all time because he made the big saves when it counted most, is an amazing leader in the dressing room, players love him so they play hard for him thus further padding his stats, and he's had success every where he's played throughout his entire life.

I was tempted to say Patrick Roy, but Brodeur is a classy goalie that every player in the league would love to play for, and I can't say the same about Roy.

I'll never forget his golden performance in the 2002 Olympics for Canada, his stellar play and winning smile are forever etched into my mind! Every young goalie should look up to Martin Brodeur as their idol to strive to be like as an athlete, but most importantly as a human being.
November 17, 2012 | url
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