Fantasy Goalie Tournament - It’s over ladies, gentlemen and fantasy hockey fanatics. The polls are closed and it’s time to declare a winner… Carey Price!


Carey Price over Ryan Miller – 51 votes to 45 votes

Why oh why did Price have to win. I had this great plan set out to declare that “the Price is wrong,” but you guys had to go and declare him the winner. Each and every week I had that stock link ready to fire and each and every week he pulled off a mini-upset. It made for great theatre. You can argue that Price could have (maybe even should have) been put out of this tournament two weeks ago or last week but the reality is that he wouldn’t go away because you, the people, wouldn’t let him.

Now I’ve said what I have to say about why Price was an underdog the last two weeks but this week it felt different. This week Price felt like the top dog and like a top dog he emerges triumphant, the fourth best goalie in fantasy hockey this season (season of course, pending).

Miller put up a great fight and will have to settle for fifth. Many of you, I’m sure, will quibble over the final rankings. Hell, at least 45 of you disagree completely but there’s no arguing that the winner, determined by majority, is Carey Price.

What we can learn from this exercise is a lot of what we already knew, fantasy hockey goaltending, in 2012 is very uncertain. If you can’t get a top three goalie then you are left with oodles upon oodles of uncertainty. Take your pick of a very tightly bunched litter and hope you strike gold because if not, you’ll get taken to the cleaners. Of course, this isn’t really any different from any other season. When was the last time we knew what we were getting from our goaltenders one through 30?

Never happened. There is always going to be uncertainty in fantasy hockey and especially in goal. Hopefully, if nothing else, this tournament provided some perspective on what the general public feels, even if that general public appears highly conflicted. It’s been fun and I look forward to the next Cage Match Tournament. Stay tuned next week, when I will get back to my usual Cage Match tricks and have the consensus top three goaltenders – Jonathan Quick, Henrik Lundqvist and Pekka Rinne – do battle. 



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