My latest for the CanucksArmy - a profile of Chicago Wolves forward Nathan Longpre. Chances are you haven't heard of him before.




If you have no plans tonight, you may want to tune into Sportsnet One. Connor McDavid, the phenom forward with the Erie Otters, will be in action at 7pm EST against the London Knights.


McDavid has already garnered comparisons to Crosby (even from Sid the Kid himself).




According to the Toronto Star - the Canucks asked for a king's ransom in exchange for Luongo - Frattin, Bozak, Gardiner, and a 1st. This is obviously a high point and they would come down from there.


And the latest news from the NHL CBA proposal - if the player retires, these long term contracts would count against the cap of the team that signed them, even if the player is traded.... changes any Luongo trade significantly (if it is included in the new CBA).


Dobber tweeted that he wouldn't go higher than Bozak and a 2nd for Luongo. I can't really say what would be fair or not, as the provision in the CBA would change the entire framework of the deal.


Assuming the CBA doesn't affect these long term contracts - Luongo should have more value than that. Sure, the market isn't huge (and it wasn't for Staal or Rick Nash, either, as they only wanted to go to a few teams). But he is an elite goalie and his cap hit is very reasonable at $5.3 million.


And he isn't going to play the final few years of his contract - they are irrelevant and were simply put in to bring the annual cap hit down in the years that he would be playing (like right now).




Mark Scheifele had six points last night (3+3) and now leads the OHL in scoring with 19 points in 11 games.




I’ll expand a bit on my lockout points from yesterday.


The news yesterday wasn’t good, but was it a surprise? Maybe to some, but those were people who were likely lying to themselves.


The NHL’s offer, while a meaningful start, was more of a PR stunt than a credible offer for the PA to accept.


I think the real deadline, as it was a month ago, is the Winter Classic on January 1. The November 2nd deadline wasn’t real – there was no way things would be ready to go by then.


I’d look for the NHL to cancel games throughout November, and for the two sides to go back to the drawing board.


An analogy – would the players like to accept 0% of an offer they love, or 75% of an offer they can live with? The same applies to the owners, but they don’t have as much to lose in this, as most of them generate the majority of their revenues elsewhere, whereas the players don’t.


Donald Fehr threatened to cancel a World Series back during his days in the MLBPA, - I don’t think the threat of losing 20-30 NHL games really affects him at all.


I think the fact that the 50/50 number is already out there is a great sign. How we get there is the big hurdle, of course. I’d be shocked if we see hockey before December, but I’d be more shocked if the entire season is wiped out.


My personal advice – digest, listen, and read. Most of what is said by Fehr and Bettman is propaganda. They are both highly skilled and highly intelligent negotiators. Nothing new is going to be leaked or revealed (or at least nothing credible and new).


And enjoy some CHL, AHL, and European hockey for now. The MLB playoffs are fantastic. The NBA is starting up soon. Obviously we would all love being a few weeks into the 2012-13 NHL season right now (and me most of all, as my job is to cover hockey for the most part), but you have to make do with the cards you are dealt.


Regardless of what happens in the coming days and weeks, our ramblings will be comprehensive, our posts will be interesting, frequent, and unique, and the boards will be lively with interesting discussions and comparables.


We have some great contingencies in place for a lockout – new products, new topics to discuss, and more.  To speak in Fehr/Bettman slang – today’s hiccup is part of the process. The journey is rarely straight and easy – there are ups and downs, obstacles and roadblocks. Don’t get too high with the good news, and don’t dwell on the bad news. It is never as good or as bad as it may seem.


Thanks for reading, as always.




I watched the Chicago/Peoria game on Wednesday night. Some thoughts:


Zack Kassian and Jordan Schroeder are building some chemistry together. Could be a duo for the Canucks down the road.


Kevin Connauton continues to impress – big and strong – he’s got an NHL body now. Should see some games with the Canucks this year.


Jaden Schwartz was all over the ice – must have heard his name a few dozen times from the commentators. A great sign – he is a lot like Zach Parise in this way. Always around the puck, really tenacious and great instincts.


Jake Allen was good for Peoria – big, moved well, made some really nice saves. He has no timetable for NHL action with Elliott and Halak ahead of him, but this is an important season for his development and progression as a pro goaltender.




I will be out in Abbotsford tonight at the Wolves/Heat game. If you are around, let me know. Looking forward to getting a glimpse of the Canucks top prospects, as well as Calgary’s stud prospect Sven Bartschi.



Part II of Hundred Degree Hockey’s interview with Texas Stars GM Scott White.


“The coolest call you make, the best call is telling a kid he's going to the show for the first time. Ultimately, these guys all want to play in the NHL. It's a great call to make. All the scouts and everybody deserve credit for it, but the rush of the call is great. You've got to tell the kids to get their stuff together and get to Dallas and then call everyone. You think about the filter down effect of everyone that player is going to call; it's awesome.”



Does the bigger ice surface in Belleville favor Malcolm Subban?


“But those arena effects don't play a role in Subban's stats. He's just as strong away from Yardmen Arena as he is at Yardmen Arena. I don't doubt that he's the clear No. 1 looking ahead to December's Team Canada roster.”


Speaking of the World Juniors – I am very excited for this tournament, as I am every year. If the NHL isn’t back by late December, the hockey is going to be absolutely tremendous.




Eddie Lack continues to creep closer and closer to NHL readiness.


“I really liked how confident I was out there, especially this early in the season,” said the 24-year-old Lack. “I didn’t let things rattle me and I just thought about what I had to do. Right from the first practices, I really trust myself now and really don’t think too much if I’m doing anything wrong or anything like that. I’m just thinking about little notes I make before the game.”



A “sick” goal from Kovalchuk:


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InnocentBystander said:

... or maybe martians could invade and steal all of earth's oil and water so we could no longer manufacture hockey pucks or make ice....
come on media.... why aren't you dealing with the outrageously hypothetical???
October 19, 2012
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habsrule said:

NHLPA and the media, why are they spooning? I am so sick of listening to the players whine about getting what they signed for in the new CBA. Why has no one pointed out that this was not even guaranteed in the last CBA, why the F**K should it be now.... Sure the owners signed these huge deals and are now trying to get them rolled back, but someone in the media should be pointing out that the players would stand a realistic chance of having a portion rolled back under the old CBA, in escrow, if revenues don't continue to climb... Forget TV contracts, attendance, etc.... What if something totally out of the hockey world happens, say something like an Israeli move against Iran, or goodness knows what else... You know what happens, everyone in the world dives to grab US $$$ as a safe haven, and all of a sudden we have a $.90CDN dollar and that crashes NHL revenues by a couple of hundred million dollars. Players share becomes 1.75 billion, when they have signed 2.1 billion in contracts, and, oh, oh, they have a 15% rollback...... Or, maybe even more realistic, due to this lockout, revenues slide a bit or just don't increase, and their share is 1.88, and they are signed to 2.1... oh, oh, 10% rollback.... But, no, they won't talk about that in a new CBA, but are willing to risk it the old one... WHY IS NO ONE IN THE MEDIA CAPABLE OR WILLING TO ACTUALLY DISCUSS THE BS THE PA IS SPEWING!!!!!
October 19, 2012
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mabus said:

Cap Hit There is no guarantee that cap hit is calculated the same way in the new deal either. If actual salary becomes the cap hit rather than the average salary over a deal, then the Luongo contract is a lot less appealing.

October 19, 2012
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Ron Burgundy said:

Ron Burgundy
Kings Ransom? Man the king must be pretty bad at kinging (kingsmanship?) if that's all the ransom is. Not factoring in CBA impacts, maybe the 1st is a bit of sticking point but for a top-tier tender with still quite a few miles left on the warranty that seems like a huge bargain.
October 19, 2012
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InnocentBystander said:

... sweet goal by kovy, but did you see who set him up?

oh yeah....
October 18, 2012
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