With today's lack of progress related to the CBA negotiations, we want to lighten the mood a bit.


From Today until Friday, November 2nd, we are running a contest at DobberHockey. The prize? An autographed 8x10 of Winnipeg Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien. Big Buf is one of the best defensemen to own in fantasy hockey – he scores a lot of goals, he shoots the puck a lot, and he is dominant on the power play.


Read on to find out more details about the contest and how you can get your hands on the autographed 8x10.


The Contest Details:



Starting Friday October 19th until Friday, November 2nd, inclusive


The Prizes:


1st Place – Autographed Dustin Byfuglien 8x10

2nd Place – Fantasy Hockey Team Audit by Dobber or Angus

3rd Place – Fantasy Hockey Team Audit by Dobber or Angus


How to Play:


In 250 words or less, tell us what you love the most about fantasy hockey.


Make it funny, creative, or honest – it is completely up to you. Dobber and I will select our three favorites, and from those three finalists, a winner will be voted on by the DobberHockey community.


Good luck! For submissions - send them here.

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WallyKern said:

Why I love Fantasy Hockey As a young boy, I use to take the 9v battery out of the freezer at night just to get another 10-15 minutes out of the transistor radio to hear Lloyd Pettit paint the picture of Bobby Hull's blistering slap shot rip the nets or Tony O. making the gloved save.
As I build my career in computers, I lost touch with my love for the Blackhawks and hockey in general.
I was fortunate enough to play in a fantasy baseball league with a wonder full commissioner (Canadian) that offered a team in his fantasy Hockey league. I joined just before the Crosby years and enjoyed my favorite team draft Kane and Toews then, beyond belief, winning the cup!

My love for Fantasy Hockey is rooted in my long love of Hockey itself. Fantasy Hockey allowed me to keep my finger on the pulse of the great game itself.
October 21, 2012
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kierangunn said:

Why I Love MY Fantasy Hockey I became addicted to hockey in 1988. With Hull, Lemieux and Gretzky, it was an amazing time. Since then I joined many point playoff pools year after year.

Then I found my first roto pool while i was in college, and figured out that I could apply the techniques that i was learning towards statistical analysis. Quite simply fantasy hockey allowed me to marry my love of hockey with my love of statistical analysis.

Spreadsheet heaven.
October 19, 2012
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mounD said:

Why I love Fantasy Hockey I just submitted my entry over on the forums, but I just wanted to echo Killer's sentiments.

Can one opt for the fantasy-team audit if he/she wins 1st place?
October 18, 2012
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Jeremy Campbell said:

Why I love fantasy hockey.... I love fantasy hockey because I'm an entrepreneur and I can relate the numbers, strategies, and deals to business.

I get excited when I make a fantastic trade for a player that lights it up right away, and the player I just traded away tears his ACL!

I get fired up looking at the constantly changing standings, and I love taunt boards where I can vent about frustrations, and connect with my fellow poolies.

But most of all I love fantasy hockey drafts where you have to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. When a highly desired player falls on your lap that you never expected is like getting a gift from god, something that will keep you coming back time and time again like a 40 foot putt on a golf course.

Fantasy hockey for me is a sport in itself, and something I will be part of for the rest of my life!
October 18, 2012 | url
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Killer67 said:

Proof of my love for Fantasy Hockey I realize this is not how you enter but just wanted to say that my love for fantasy hockey makes me want the team audit way more than the Byfuglien picture, haha. Great contest, guys!
October 18, 2012 | url
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