This is, hopefully, a first for DH writership. A Ramblings posted from an admitted overnight hospital bed after a wild day that included a serious chest pain-induced, doctor’s office-insisted 911 call; followed by an ambulance ride (with several doses of nitro spray and a paramedic who wasn’t a hockey fan) that surely has the neighborhood talking and an afternoon and evening filled with drawn blood, urine samples and a multitude of tests.


First, the good news. The USADA has officially dropped the fantasy writer doping charges. So glad to be done with that charade. They’ve been after me for years – claiming those consecutive nights of in-season live blogging couldn’t be achieved without performance-enhancing drugs. Not only were they dead-wrong, but they really had no jurisdiction on the case. Weird. I wonder if that's the first time that's happened with that agency?


Secondly, there really is no bad news. Not yet, anyway. All of that first paragraph seriously happened. I’m writing from a hospital bed right now. No substantial change in how my chest feels, but every single test has come back clean. Everything is basically normal. Except for the whole 'left side of the chest feels like I was kicked by a horse' thing.


Sure, I could have skipped Ramblings this week. But where’s the fun in that? As long as the fingers are willing and the heart continues to beat, the show must go on. #gamer #donottrythisathome


A story out of Russia suggests that if (when?) there is a lockout, Dynamo will try to get Alex Ovechkin. Dynamo general manager Andrey Safronov said, “We will talk with Ovechkin. It will be up to the head coach.” Ovechkin spent four seasons with the team before beginning his NHL journey and let's go out on a limb and guess that if the only thing standing between Ovechkin and a spot on Dynamo's roster were the coach saying yes, the coach would say HELL YES! Count on a ravenous Ovi wherever he plays.


Speaking of the Caps, the team's web site has an interview with Michal Neuvirth where he clears the air on that recent Czech site disaster. Basically, he says things were severely lost in translation. What a surprise. Neuvirth said “there was some misunderstanding” and that the Czech Web site “change my meaning a lot. . . . I was talking about the boys in a good way. In case you missed it, these were my thoughts in defending Neuvirth when that story first broke. I haven't actually been able to watch the Neuvirth video yet. Hospital WiFi apparently is like hotel WiFi - awful.


Not a shocker here, but with Nicklas Lidstrom gone the Wings are going to need increased efforts across the board on D. Included in that bunch will be Kyle Quincey, who sees an opportunity to play a bigger role with the team. The guy definitely has offensive skills and passing last year's total of 26 points (split between the Avs and Wings) should be reasonable. Considering he only had three points in 18 starts with the Wings, it's all but guaranteed he'll pass that particular pace in Detroit. As of today, the Wings would seemingly use Niklas Kronwall and Ian White on PP1. Quincey would then man the second unit, but don't discount his ability to sneak in with the first group.


It's all about hockey now for Taylor Fedun and he couldn't be happier to have femur rehab behind him. He was back on skates (gingerly) in February and now basically begins back at Square One in terms of proving himself with the Oilers. While that may be true, the guy has already proven he has heart. Tough road to come back from something like that, but he's done it.


We've seen mostly all positive in terms of the NHL's return to Winnipeg and a new report indicates the area should be fine to support both the NHL and CFL for years and years to come.


Loved this quote from that article: "Everybody in the country knows you guys feel much better about yourselves right now. There's a nice glow over Winnipeg when you fly over it."


Twitter has actually been an excellent forum to soak up the enthusiam Winnipeg's return brought last season. From players to reporters to fans in attendance, virtually every single home game had a plethora of excited tweets where you could really feel the passion, regardless of how far away you were. Let's hope it's not January before we hear the 'Peg's vocal cheers again.


There was really nothing else pressing I saw cruising through my news sources and the nurse has to put in a new IV... so that'll end this particular Ramblings. Since most of my other posts are two or three times longer than the suggested length, this should be cool for tonight. Cut me some slack on this one, k?


From where will next week's post originate? Stay tuned...


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agentzero said:

wow That's an unbelievable story. Posting from a hospital bed isn't dedication. It's devotion. Hope your bed neighbour is a hockey fan at least.

I tip more than my hat to your contribution.
August 26, 2012
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smoothfun said:

... Get well soon , great dedication to your fantasy hockey
friends here in Dobberland!
Hope the Nurses are attractive and touchy feely!
August 26, 2012
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ZarlyZalapski said:

Thanks Chris Thanks for your dedication Chris. Rest up and take care of yourself. It's hard to believe, but there are some things more important than fantasy hockey.
August 26, 2012
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Chinny said:

First and Last
This is, hopefully, a first for DH writership.

lets hope it is also a last! hope you are doing ok!
August 26, 2012
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shingy said:

Your passion for fantasy hockey and your readers outshines this temporary setback. Get well and thank you for the ramblings.

August 26, 2012
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soothy69 said:

Impressive I agree. DobberHockey Hall of Fame for this post.
August 26, 2012
Votes: +2

angelofharlem said:

... Pretty sure you just earned your way into the DobberHockey Hall of Fame with these rumblings Chris. Hope you feel better really soon.
August 26, 2012
Votes: +2

Teh Doktor said:

Teh Doktor
... Chris,

Hope you feel better soon... and they get to the bottom of what is up.

As for the length, yes, this one is shorter. But I think back three, four years ago and what was (generally) written at this time of year... and this is longer than most.

Not a slight against the site, mind you. Just saying how in the dark of the hockey summer I've come to expect 10,000-word ramblin's when there is really very little "news", and yet you still find something to talk about. Worthwhile too.

Get better.
August 26, 2012
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immortal_leafs said:

... Get well soon Chris!
August 26, 2012
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germant said:

Diagnosis Chris - I've entered your symptoms into google and after a solid half hour of investigating, I feel confident I can accurately diagnose your condition.

The good news - you are NOT suffering from a heart attack.

The bad news - you have a severe case of gas. Take a few Rolaids, no wait, those have been pulled from the shelves, take four Gaviscon (put all four in your mouth and see if your cheeks explode) and post the results in the morning.

If it doesn't work, I will continue researching using the only trusted source for medical information - the Internet. I will rediagnose at that time.

In all seriousness though - damn dude, you are hardcore. And I know you only do Sunday ramblings but make sure Dobbs or Angus fills us in on your situation as the week moves along please.

Get well soon.
August 26, 2012
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Hawkster58 said:

... Keep your chin up and my sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery.
August 26, 2012
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Jake44 said:

... ...hope you feel better soon! On a hopeful note, I hope you get lucky enough to have a "hot" nurse lookin' after ya during your visitsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/grin.gif
August 26, 2012
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Snakedoctor said:

... Chris, glad the news has been good so far. Feel better soon.

August 26, 2012
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JW said:

maya has the knife
... Pure devotion. You're the man, Chris. Feel better soon.
August 26, 2012
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Southpaw20 said:

... Where did Dobber find this guy!? #offspringofChuckNorris

Gett well soon Chris!
August 26, 2012
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Tcheliabinsk said:

Get well soon Chris ! Hope this thing is cleared away and you'll be running around in a sip !
August 26, 2012
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Hullofafan said:

You are a BEAST!! Chris,

I understand the boredom of a hospital bed... but to put out a Ramblings... Wow! You are the man!!

Hope you get better very soon! Hopefuly it can end up just being severe reflux and a weak esophogial (spelling?) valve like mine did.
August 26, 2012
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UKflames said:

Hardcore to the max Get well soon Chris, thanks for the ramblings from you (not so) sick bed.
August 26, 2012
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Dr.Smurf said:

Get well soon! Have you asked the Docs if they have any of that magic spray they use on players during the NHL playoffs? Seems a regular season ending injury can be treated with that stuff, so i don't see why it wouldn't work for you. I read somewhere that they only manufacture it between April and July so you might be hard pressed to get your hands on it now. Get well Chris, and way to prove the NHL's fans are as tough as its players!
August 26, 2012
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OceanMon said:

You're hardcore, Chris Wow! Hope you feel better soon and stay that way!!
August 26, 2012
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