Fantasy Guide is updated through August 15, Draft List (included) was updated the following day. At the end of the Anaheim Ducks section, there is a 60% off coupon code to pick up the DobberFootball fantasy guide and/or playbook. Pretty much makes the football stuff cost less than "chump change".

The Oilers have extended Taylor Hall for seven years. Wow. The $42 million is a pretty good price tag, but I was a little surprised at the term - that either would sign for so long. Hall could get a lot more money if he signed a shorter deal and negotiated again in 2015. Whereas the Oilers have seen three injuries in two years, and obviously take a risk. It works for both sides, just a tad surprised that they each went in that direction.

CBA talks for today are complete. Nope, a CBA wasn't reached. More talks tomorrow.

Brendan Ross has some more thoughts on prospects over in the DobberProspects ramblings. Rossy's been a machine lately with this stuff.

Reports around the internet are saying that the $30 million, four-year offer to Shane Doan is from the Buffalo Sabres. Still trying to get tougher and add grit - not a bad way to do it. Phoenix is rumored to be offering just two years, but you know - I think Doan would rather stay in Phoenix and take the two years. He clearly doesn't want to take his family out of Arizona.

I have some announcements. You can find the details here, but the highlight is (among other things): 1) Dobber Nation, the hockey podcast, will return on September 25 with new host Brad Wilson.  

Jeff Angus puts together an analysis of the Dallas Stars defense from a fantasy standpoint, for Defending Big D. Take a look here.

Paul Ranger, who left hockey in 2009 for a personal issue that was never disclosed, has apparently signed to play with the Toronto Marlies. Ranger is now 27 - three years ago he was very promising and certainly on the rise.

More candor from Michal Neuvirth, from the article I referred to yesterday, this time regarding Alex Ovechkin: "he isn't what he used to be, that's for sure".

Puck Daddy has a great piece here on Jeremy Roenick's comments about the CBA talks. Among the gems: "Split [revenue] 50-50, and protect the owners and the GMs from themselves, make it five-year maximum contracts so they don't have these stupid, ridiculous, idiotic 13, 14-year deals that are worth $120 million that we haven't seen anyone live up to yet. Let's stop being stupid and start being reasonable and put the one thing that's important in this whole thing in front, and that's the game of hockey."

Brendan Ross gives us preliminary rankings for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, via The Hockey Writers.

And finally, the NHL 13 Demo is now available. Check this out. Ridiculous:

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Markus said:

Fantrax If your league is set up with 15 categories, and you win your Matchup 10 - 5, Fantrax will give you 1 Win and your Opponent 1 Loss.
I haven't played Yahoo or a long time now, but I think they would score the Matchup 10-5 in your favor, not 1-0.
August 22, 2012
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wally1 said:

Fantrax Question I'm having trouble logging into the forum for whatever reason so I'll just post my question here in the hopes that some keen Dobberhockey member will be able to answer it:

I am thinking about joining a league on fantrax with the league setting set as "Head to Head (Rotisserie/Category Based) Single Win".

I was wondering if somebody could tell me what this setting would be comparable to in yahoo. I am currently used to yahoo's classic head-to-head league setup.

August 22, 2012
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