I find the Toronto signing of Keith Aucoin interesting and I had initially written it off as “no fantasy value”. And I am right with that. But it is unfortunate that he chose Toronto. He needs a break like Matt Moulson or PA Parenteau got, and he won’t get it with the Leafs. He did well in Washington down the stretch, considering his ice time. A good depth move by the Leafs, as he can be the first guy called up from the Marlies if they need a top sixer in a pinch.


The Hurricanes signed Jay Harrison to a three-year deal. Harrison was a 16-minute defenseman in the second half after starting the campaign as a 21-minute guy. I have him as the No.6 D behind Corvo and ahead of Gragnani.


Philadelphia should have gone to Nashville with a trade offer. It’s not like them to ease up on the accelerator when they’re going after a guy they want. If they talked Couturier, then they would have Shea Weber. They’ll never get a crack at another Weber-caliber player. Not this decade. Close the deal. Usually Philly spearheads that statement.


TSN reports that the Jets are very close to extending Evander Kane on what will be a long-term deal. His production will take another big step forward this year, with the emergence of Blake Wheeler from start to finish, as well as the addition of Olli Jokinen.


Rick Nash owes Scott Howson a favor. Howson took his time on a trade because he wanted the right package, which is what made the “package” so disappointing when it finally arrived. If he’s going to take that long, it better knock our socks off, right? So why not let him sit? If I was Howson, I would keep waiting for that perfect deal. Nash would start to feel restless sitting at home, or perhaps he’d actually play for the Jackets while awaiting a trade. Either way, Nash would cave and add to his list of “six teams” that he would go to. Once you increase the number of trade options… then you increase the quality of the trade.


Oh man I’m tired. I’ve caught two dumb mistakes already in spelling/grammar. If you see any, let me know – and have mercy. Crunch time (Fantasy Guide) always takes a bite out of the energy level.


Interesting that Colin Wilson gets $2 million per year while Sergei Kostitsyn gets $3 million per year when the Wilson owners in two of my keeper leagues would never give him up for SK. Myself, I would prefer SK, but it’s close because it’s so maddening to own him. Wilson turns 23 soon, SK is 25.


Hey, good news for Nathan Horton owners. He is cleared for contact now.


A nice Horton montage…


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OceanMon said:

the guide I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE GUIDE!!!!!!
July 25, 2012
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... They should have offered up Couturier. His value will never be higher IMO.
July 25, 2012
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weber I 100 % do NOT think the Flyers should of given BIG pieces from their roster. Why pay 110 million dollars AND big time players, Nashville matched, Ok, it was worth the shot, but, the money WAS the investment, not the money AND big time players...We move on, the next time Holmgren has his eyes on a player, maybe it turns out different
July 25, 2012
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jer_33 said:

Aucoin/Weber My sense is that the Aucoin signing is a signal that Kadri will liekly be starting the season with the Leafs.

Philly/Weber - I would place a small bet that Weber suits up for Philly before the end of his 100yr contract.
July 25, 2012
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The lying Frenchman said:

The lying Frenchman
... 1) Hey Dobber, don't you think the Jets should trade Tobias Enstrom to the Flyers or the Wings? They could get some serious return there.

2) It has been said to explain the lack of any canadian team on Nash's list that he wanted to avoid being alone in the spotlight on his new team. I think you guys missed the bottom line here: Nash wanted linemates, and most of all an elite center to play with, something he never got in CLB. Turns out that pretty much every team on his list had that to offer, but besides Ottawa, no canadian team had an elite center to offer (as there was no way Nash would have take Daniel's spot on Henrik's line in Vancouver). Just my two cents!
July 25, 2012
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Pengwin7 said:

Harrison The Hurricanes signed Jay Harrison to a three-year deal. Harrison was a 16-minute defenseman in the second half after starting the campaign as a 21-minute guy.


Harrison logged 543min33sec in Feb/March. (I'd call this the 2nd half of the season).
Harrison played 27games.
Division of those numbers shows that Harrison averaged 20.13min/game in Feb/March.

Even if you want to factor into the 3 (meaningless) games played in April and the one in late January (the post-All Star game schedule that most refer to as "the second half"), his avg TOI works out to 19.67min/game.

Your numbers are incorrect.
He was nowhere close to a 16min/game player.
July 25, 2012
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Hey_Robbie said:

Hey Robbie
... Nice take on the Philly/Weber situation.


"If I wereHowson, I would have kept..."
"If they had talked toCouturier..."
July 25, 2012
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