The Jets have signed goaltender Mark Dekanich to a contract. He’ll likely be the #3 behind Pavelec and Al Montoya.

The Lightning locked up Anders Lindback to a two-year contract.


Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo did his first interview yesterday since the season has ended. In case there was any doubt…



“It’s been a great six years, but it is time to move on.”

Here is the interview in its entirety – pretty funny interview. Luongo’s sense of humor has really come to the forefront with his not-so-secret Twitter account.

Luongo talks about poker (he’s currently in Vegas for the World Series of Poker), hockey, and a bunch of other stuff.


If Shea Weber departs Nashville this summer, what happens to Pekka Rinne’s fantasy value? Right now, I’d rank Rinne right behind Henrik Lundqvist for best fantasy goalie (my top 10 list will be out later on this summer).


With no Suter or Weber, I’d slide Rinne down to the number six or seven spot. The Predators top pairing was the backbone of the team – they were positive possession players while playing extremely tough minutes in all situations. Replacing one franchise defenseman is impossible. Imagine trying to replace two.


Things aren’t looking good in Phoenix right now. The city of Glendale is trying to get signatures on a petition that would void the city’s deal with the Coyotes. No Coyotes in Phoenix, no Shane Doan.


“Getting the measure on the November ballot may be enough to chill investors and equity partners who are part of Jamison’s bid and lead the Coyotes toward a move out of Arizona. On a smaller scale, it could also determine whether captain Shane Doan re-signs with the team.

Conversely, if the measure fails to make the ballot, that could clear the way for Jamison to buy the Coyotes.

Sources in Arizona say Jamison has the money to buy the team but is waiting on political and legal fights over the arena deal to be resolved.”

Shane Doan may start taking offers this Monday (his soft deadline was July 9th, although thatcould have changed by now). What would your contending team offer Doan? How many years? What cap hit?

Is Alex Stalock the next starting goalie in San Jose? Anatoliy Metter takes a look.


“While Stalock might spend the majority of his next hockey season in the AHL, the goalie has not failed to impress the San Jose organization since being drafted in the fourth round of the 2005 NHL Entry Draft. The Minnesota native has shown steady improvement since 2005 as the netminder has put up impressive numbers while playing in the USHL, NCAA, ECHL and AHL. Even though Stalock suffered a leg injury that hindered his 2011-2012 season, fans should look forward to the goalie making an impact in the NHL in the near future as there are a couple of factors that could influence the net minder’s arrival in San Jose.”

If you haven’t read or heard of InGoal Magazine, check it out here. A completely free resource – great content and graphics. All about NHL goaltenders – the latest issue, July 2011, obviously places a heavy focus on Jonathan Quick.


I am surprised Alex Semin hasn’t signed anywhere yet. I know more than a few teams that would love to add 30/40 goals. Bill Simmons always writes about players that are underrated because of what they “bring to the table.”


He always uses Russell Westbrook (a guard for the OKC Thunder) as his analogy. Westbrook is a dynamic athlete who can shoot, pass, and attack the rim as good as any in the NBA. However, he makes ill-timed decisions, is a ball hog at times, and doesn’t distribute to Kevin Durant as much as people would like.


With Semin, what he brings to the table – skill and an incredible shot (the best in the league). What he takes off – inconsistent play, not a playoff performer. However, what he brings to the table is something that teams seem to be overlooking. Semin won’t win a Conn Smythe, and he may disappear come postseason time. However, there are a bunch of teams who would be happy just to make it to the postseason.


Great news – Phoenix prospect Brett MacLean is improving after suffering a cardia emergency a few days ago playing pickup hockey. He is conscious and speaking, according to his agent, Anton Thun. MacLean was Phoenix’s 2nd round pick in 2007.


Mark Visentin had a standout development camp for the Coyotes.


“So even after winning in the NHL, getting a shutout, being a force as a collegiate goalie, he was sent to the AHL. It took 14 games before he was recalled to the Kings, and he has been there ever since. At age 23 is when he first found consistent success as an NHL goalie. At age 26 he wins his first Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe.

Jonathan Quick and Tim Thomas were allowed to develop against players their age and skill level. They were allowed to shine before being exposed to the next level and not hastened into the system where confidence could have been destroyed. That is when serious damage is done to the player that sometimes cannot be repaired. Think about it. You are the guy, the playmaker, the one that is talked about, the five star recruit. You are put at too high a competition level. Now you have been exposed, your confidence gone, and you start searching for answers. You question your skills, your ability, even your style of play. That player is very difficult to get back to where they could be vs. where they should be.”

Do the Sharks “need” Rick Nash? Five Minutes for Fighting says yes.


“Darren Dreger of TSN has reported that including Couture in talks for Nash is a non-starter, which is the right move considering the Sharks will slowly become Couture’s team in the coming years. But the Sharks should be open to dealing almost anyone else on the roster or the farm system.

The team’s prospect pool has been in the bottom-third of the league for years thanks to trades intended to benefit the big club, so making one more trade for Nash, even if it means strip mining the farm team, won’t put the Sharks in any worse position than they already have been for a few years. Holding onto any prospects now isn’t going to help the Sharks for at least two or three years, and by that time it will be too late.”

If any of you guys are attending developmental camps around the league, feel free to email me your thoughts. Would be happy to include them in the daily ramblings.


Some analysis from the Lightning’s camp:


“As I always try to make very clear, goalies are hard for me to evaluate. Having never played the position and never talked shop with other goalies, I can’t explain exactly why Andrei Vasilevski is so special in technical jargon but watching him the past couple days, what separates him, beyond his size, from the other goalies, for me, is his combination of power and grace. He comes across the crease with what looks like incredible ease but it’s deceptive; he generates incredible speed as he pushes off, his legs taking up what looks like all the space down low. It’s something you probably have to see yourself to fully appreciate but I thought it worth attempting to describe.”

What will Jaromir Jagr bring to Dallas? Defending Big D takes a look.


“"I had a chance to play with a lot of young guys the past few years and Claude Giroux was the best player on that team," said Jagr. "What makes him special is he wants to be the best, he wants to improve and he's willing to listen. I told him, I know what it takes to be the best because I felt that 10, 12 years ago, I was the best. I just don't have the tools right now to do it -- but in that way I can help the young guys."

Jagr would continue, revealing the secret to what he believes is the true secret to becoming the best hockey player possible.

"The most important thing is, for the young guys, is to just listen," Jagr would say. "There's no secret to success, it's hard work. Talent is great but without hard work you don't stand a chance. You have to work harder than the other guys and you have to be willing to give up a lot. If it were easy everyone would do it and it's not easy, only one guy can be the best. You just have to work to be the best."

Really looking forward to seeing Jagr’s impact on Jamie Benn and the other young Stars.


16 players have elected to go to salary arbitration (most will sign contracts before getting there).



The Jackets locked up Nick Foligno for three years. Cap hit just over $3 million per. He’s going to fit in well there – the Jackets need offensive help and Foligno does a lot of things well. He’s a streaky scorer, as most second/third line wingers are. He’s developing a nice physical element to his game, too.


The Oilers locked up defenseman Jeff Petry to a two-year deal. Petry was arguably Edmonton’s top defenseman by the end of last season (not exactly high praise, but he was playing well and had a strong season all things considered).


How does Joni Pitkanen’s injury issues affect the rest of the Carolina defense? Shutdown Line takes a look.


“In three of the last four years, the Hurricanes have been a better team at pushing the play forward while Pitkanen was on the ice, last season being the only exception. He was also playing in much tougher situations than he ever had before, which could have played a factor into his poor underlying numbers in addition to the injuries. Pitkanen is likely more suited for an offensive role but he has been able to handle himself in the past without the benefit of protection, so placing him in a tough-minute role isn't out of the question. It's very possible that he might have to do that with Tim Gleason currently doing all of the heavy-lifting by himself. Either way, the Canes should be counting on Pitkanen to rebound after a tough year because the state of their defense is going to depend on it.”

Slick goal from Jussi Jokinen:


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