Fantasy Impact: The Phoenix Coyotes have signed Steve Sullivan to a one-year contract.



The Coyotes get: a aging, brittle player who was blessed with tons of skill in his day, but his body has worn down over time. Today he is probably a power-play specialist. But the Coyotes are hoping he'll be showered with some of the same pixie dust that a 40-year-old Ray Whitney was blessed with.



Fantasy Players Impacted: What this mostly does is eliminate some of the hopefuls to make this team, or hurt their chances of making the jump. Chris Brown recently turned pro and was a long shot to make the squad. Chris Conner has been an NHL/AHL "tweener" who makes a good dark horse - but there is one less spot for him now and it's doubtful we'll get to see what he can do. Brett MacLean (currently stable in a London hospital after a cardiac emergency Tuesday night) has been champing at the bit for an opportunity but his window is closing.


I don't think this will take opportunity away from Mikkel Boedker. And since the Coyotes are chalk full of offensive defensemen, Sullivan will not have much of an opportunity to see time on the point on the power play. All signs point to a declining year for Sullivan, but I wouldn't bet the house on that.



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:



Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. MacLean

2. Conner

3. Brown

4. Sullivan - I don't like the fit here.




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JHM said:

Pic!!! Make me smile Stone. I looked at the pic, and thought, "I own shoulders like that. His head is too big for his shoulders! I have a slimming shirt that if we put it on him, he'll look like he weighs 120 pounds and if we shave him up clean and botox the wrinkles out of his face, he can slide in with a Bantam team!

That said, I certainly respect this man. He's battled through injuries that most would have retired from. He's battled to be in the NHL, when many thought he was a career minor leaguer. I do think the fit in Pittsburgh was better, for him. I'm not so sure he's ready to be a go-to-guy at this point in his career. Still, stranger things have happened than healthy and a 50 point season.
July 04, 2012
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STONE. said:

... Yikes. Rough photo. Don't turn around Steve! It ain't pretty.
July 04, 2012
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