Fantasy Impact: The Detroit Red Wings have signed Swiss forward Damien Brunner to a one-year, thought to be one-way contract worth $925,000.



The Red Wings get: a dynamite, shifty player for their top six. But the 26-year-old was undrafted and is unproven at the pro level in North America. For more background and fantasy outlook on Brunner, take a look at his profile at


Fantasy Players Impacted: at this point, Brunner will probably be competing with Gustav Nyquist for playing time in the top nine. While Brunner has dazzled with his moves and impressed with his play overseas... Nyquist has done the same thing over here. Where Brunner is more agile, Nyquist has more hockey sense. It will be an interesting battle that will probably last beyond training camp. And it would be great, as a fan, to see both of them succeed.


If Brunner does succeed in translating his game to the NHL, then this will hurt the output of veteran players such as Todd Bertuzzi, Dan Cleary and Mikael Samuelsson.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Brunner


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Nyquist

2. Bertuzzi

3. Cleary, Samuelsson

4. Tomas Tatar


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Rob said:

... He signed a two way deal ........
July 02, 2012
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