Happy Free Agent Frenzy Canada Day!


Souray (to Ducks), M. Samuelsson (to Red Wings), Garrison (to Canucks) impact forthcoming...

What did I tell ya? And who are the suckers? The Vancouver Canucks. Jason Garrison for six years at $4.6 million per year. I hope for their sake he gets at least 13 goals and 30+ points, because "defense" alone isn't worth all that. See the Bryan Allen line below for the market on "defense" and minute- munching.

Bryan Allen has signed with Anaheim for three years, $10.5 million.

Matt Frattin has re-signed with the Leafs, two years on a one-way contract ($850,000 per).

Jordin Tootoo has signed with the Detroit Red Wings, three years, $5.7 million.

Goaltender Cedrick Desjardins signed a two-way deal back with Montreal. If I were him, I would have waited a few weeks. The market is not going to get any worse for him.

Aaron Rome has signed with Dallas for three years.

Tampa Bay has signed Sami Salo. Just like working Canadians, if you play for the Canucks you want to wind things down at the end of your career in Florida (Ohlund, Salo...)

Toronto has signed Jay McClement to a two-year deal.

Pittsburgh has signed Dylan Reese.

San Jose signed Adam Burish for four years.

Adrian Aucoin has signed a one-year deal with Columbus.

Nashville has signed goaltender Chris Mason to a one-year deal worth $1.25 million. There is your Rinne backup.

The Islanders have signed Eric Boulton. One year.

The Panthers have signed George Parros.

Chicago has signed Sheldon Brookbank to a two-year deal.

Greg Zanon has signed with the Colorado Avalanche.

The Rangers have signed Michael Haley to a two-year deal.

The Kings have re-signed Dustin Penner. A one-year deal.

The Habs have signed Francis Boullion to a one-year deal.

Rangers have signed Kris Newbury for two years.

Phoenix has signed goaltender Chad Johnson.

The Florida Panthers have signed Filip Kuba to a two year, $8 million deal.

Tanner Glass has signed a two-year deal with the Penguins. He replaces...

Arron Asham, who signed with the Rangers.

Matt Carkner has signed a three-year deal with the Islanders.

Columbus has signed Curtis McElhinney

Pittsburgh has signed Riley Holzapfel

Brad Staubitz signs with Anaheim.

Colby Armstrong, bought out by the Maple Leafs, has signed with the Montreal Canadiens for on year, $1 million.

And the Wild have lost a guy - Guillaume Latendresse has signed with the Ottawa Senators. A great addition, but a Band-Aid Boy. One year, $1.2 million.

Minnesota has also signed Torrey Mitchell. Really adding to their character, these two signings, which compliments the skilled kids on the way in.

The Minnesota Wild have signed Zenon Konopka to a two-year deal

The Penguins have signed goaltender Jeff Zatkoff to a two-way contract. Zatkoff was in the Kings' system, but was getting buried there.

Ottawa has signed M. _undin

(okay, that was Mike Lundin)...

The Rangers have re-signed Stu Bickel.

The Hurricanes have signed Joe Corvo (one year) and Justin Peters (two years). No fantasy relevence. 

Tampa Bay has re-signed Benoit Pouliot.

Florida nas re-signed Scott Clemmensen.

Jordan Staal has signed a contract extension with the Hurricanes for the same numbers that he turned down in Pittsburgh. This time, however, he's playing with his brother. So 10 years, $60 million.

Ryan Smyth has re-signed with the Oilers for two more years at $2.25 million per year.


Whoever signs Jason Garrison will regret it within 18 months. The situation reminds me of Ron Hainsey. Inflated evaluation of his offensive ability will cause him to be tremendously overpaid – and then two years from now, (insert team here) fans will be defending his contract because he “eats minutes” and is “strong defensively”. Just remember, (insert team here) fans – the contract he signs today will be due to his 16 goals, and not because he “eats minutes” and is “strong defensively”. I’m sure you’ll forget I ever warned you, though.


I just read a blog that recommended their team sign Mike Knuble. I love bloggers and I love blogs, but this is a perfect example of why their thoughts should not be taken as gospel.


Add Mike Santorelli to your free agent list. He has been/will be bought out by the Panthers.


Speaking of the Panthers, I think if they acquired Roberto Luongo it would be a mistake. Not with Jacob Markstrom a year away. To me, it would be a statement indicating their lack of faith in their prized prospect. To me, Dale Tallon is in the driver’s seat. If Mike Gillis wants to unload that contract to this team that isn’t hurting terribly for goaltending, then he better be prepared to give him away for cheap.


I’m seeing several articles about how Olli Jokinen is probably the best UFA center available. That is true, but it was also a known fact back in March when Mikhail Grabovski signed. Even I commented on how Grabovski might have been the top UFA center available, had he let his contract expire. But yes, this free agent crop is thin, with the trend being that teams either re-sign their players or they trade them to another team that will re-sign them.


The more I think about it, the more I believe that Pittsburgh is the best fit for PA Parenteau. Wow would his points skyrocket, even above the somewhat inflated number from last season.


Hybrid icing will be tested in the AHL – one of several changes that I figured would be coming, as noted in Wednesday’s ramblings.


As I mused on Twitter:

1. There is no way an insurance company insures that contract for less than $3 million per year. It just doesn’t make sense to do that, as you are essentially betting that he will be healthy at least three years of every four.

2. There is no way the Pittsburgh Penguins would pay more than even half that to insure a contract, because that’s like paying another player’s salary.

3. I would have still signed Crosby to that contract though.

What I was unable to muse about on Twitter, thanks to the limited characters, was the reasoning. What’s a Cup worth? If the Penguins win two Cups in the next 13 years, did they get their $104 million back right there? I say they do.


Crosby was under a lot of pressure to get the extension signed this summer – and not during the regular season or next summer. You see, after September 15th, contracts will be limited to seven years. Or something like that. The new CBA will see to it. It was another thing I noted in my CBA musings from last week – possibly a limit of five years if the player is over 30, but seven years otherwise.


I’ve seen a couple of enforcers get bought out – Eric Godard, Matt Bradley. Will teams learn from this? You need to make sure that the player can offer other facets of the game, and that the price tag fits the player. Same can be said for all role players, actually. See Armstrong, Colby. We’ll know if all GM’s are paying attention to this if Brandon Prust signs for a reasonable number.


So, no. They aren’t paying attention.


WOW – salary cap growth:

2005-06 _ $39 million

2006-07 _ $44 million

2007-08 _ $50.3 million

2008-09 _ $56.7 million

2009-10 _ $56.8 million

2010-11 _ $59.4 million

2011-12 _ $64.3 million

2012-13_$70.2 million


Besides Free Agent Frenzy, today is also the big launch of DobberFootball – starting in July (i.e. now) the columnists are posting, the rankings are expanding and this bad boy is rolling.


After Justin Schultz signed with the Oilers, I saw a lot of Tweets describing how the Oilers suck. Not always in so many words and not just from fans – but from media too. Insane how some so-called hockey people are so shortsighted. The worst managed hockey team in history would still have a winner out of these Oilers. How do you not win in the future with Hall, Yakupov, Hopkins, Eberle, Hemsky, Gagner up front, and now Schultz leading the back end? These are the same dummies who said the Penguins suck, back in 2006… or the Blackhawks suck, back in 2008. If my name is Justin Schultz and I’m a free agent, I wouldn’t even talk to 29 NHL teams. I’m signing with the Oilers. Well, okay, I’d speak with the Penguins as well…


Parenteau beats Reimer:



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mcnadeau said:

... Jordin Tootoo? Really, Ken? Wow.

You can make up for it by throwing the vault at Suter. Just sayin'.
July 03, 2012
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pattywins said:

... I think Garrison is fine for $4mil - $5mil is too much. less is gravy. Had theodore in a pool, so I watched a lot of panthers games. of course he will never score 16 goals again, but if you have a d who can saucer the puck to him on the pp (like campbell this year)he might come close.

he does eat minutes, he is strong defensively, and he plays physical.

edmonton should sign him, given their lack of d.
July 01, 2012
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Brady19 said:

... To me, it sounds like Paul Martin before he signed with the Pens. He got 5 mill per year, and the team regrets it.

If Garrison truly wants to come home to Vancouver, I'd hope he signs a deal around 3.5/year. Garrison pales in comparison to Bieksa and Hamhuis, who are below the 5 mill mark on their cap hit.
July 01, 2012
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Dobber said:

... You'd be disappointed then. Garrison is no Jackman.

Jackman's Ballpark ---> [] Garrison's location ----> .

Garrison is far from it.
July 01, 2012
Votes: +1

InnocentBystander said:

... no. barret jackman is a fantastic defensive defencman- one of the best. he just signed a contract for 3.1 million. it was largely regarded as a home-town discount deal. thing is, that is all jackman does. he doesn't play near the minutes of a garrison, or contribute in the variety of ways that a garrison can. i would give garrison $5mil a season and be happy to have him on my top pairing for the next five years.
July 01, 2012
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Dobber said:

... In real life, a defensive gem who eats up a lot of minutes are a dime a dozen and worth $2 million. He'll sign for over $4 million because of the 16 goals. Period. Just like Ron Hainsey. And rest assured - he won't get 16 goals a second time. So Garrison fans start putting your "defensive gem" case together so you can defend this contract in 18 months!!
July 01, 2012
Votes: -1

angus said:

... I agree. I think Garrison at $4.5 million would make a sound investment for most teams.

July 01, 2012 | url
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InnocentBystander said:

... garrison is one of the best defensive d-men in the league.
he is a responsible, top pairing minute eater who can help your powerplay and penalty kill.
he may not score 16 goals again, but his shot isn't going anywhere, and it totally changes the way teams have to penalty kill against his team.
it opens up space for others on the ice.
he doesn't need to score 16 goals to earn a big paycheck.
very underrated defenceman in many circles, but he will prove vety valuable to whomever s able to sign him.
think you got this one totally wrong, dobber.
maybe not a great fantasy option, but in real life - garrison is a gem....
July 01, 2012
Votes: +2
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