The NHL and NHLPA are meeting today for the first time. 


Detroit has asked about Rick Nash, but they are unlikely to make a move on him until after Zach Parise's situation is cleared up. The Wings will be hard after Parise, and Nash would be more of a consolation prize.


Make no mistake though, Detroit has the assets necessary to land Nash. That is if Scott Howson has lowered his ridiculous trade demand. Logan Couture? You could argue that Couture is already a better player than Nash, and he's cheaper and a lot younger.


The Panthers are set to buy out Mike Santorelli and Matt Bradley. Clearing out some cap space.


Steve Downie has signed a two-year extension with Colorado - cap hit of about $2.65 million. He fit in very well alongside Ryan O'Reilly and Gabriel Landeskog after the trade last year, and the trio should be one of the better two-way lines in the league if they are kept together.


Potential fits for Marty... Toronto? He and Francois Allaire don't see eye to eye, though. How about Chicago?


The Flames have re-signed defenseman Cory Sarich to a two-year deal worth $4 million total. The Flames now have 10 defensemen on one-way contracts.


Huge news out of New Jersey - martin Brodeur has hired an agent to represent him, and is looking like he will test the open market. Um... what?


Lots of Canucks stuff today – if you hate reading my Canucks content, skip past the first few paragraphs.


Cory Schneider did the team a huge favor by signing a three-year $12 million extension yesterday. Had he not signed before July 1, the threat of an offer sheet could have seriously hurt Vancouver’s negotiating strategy.


On the other side, you could say that teams now know that the Canucks have to trade Luongo. This was common knowledge before the signing – Schneider is their guy, and Luongo will be on the move.


Mike Gillis dropped some other interesting tidbits during his annual summit meeting with season ticket holders.


Jordan Schroeder will be given every opportunity to earn the #2 C position while Ryan Kesler rehabs from a torn shoulder labrum (likely back in November).


Down the road… imagine Schroeder between the 6-3, 220 pound Kassian and the 6-2, 210 pound Jensen?


When asked about Schultz, Gillis replied “can’t talk about him now.” Added in “maybe later” right after. Let the speculation continue….


My weekly piece for the Canucks Army – five UFA’s for the Canucks to take a look at, including former players Bryan Allen and Mikael Samuelsson. Read it all right here.


Some updates from TSN:


Florida is the current frontrunner for Roberto Luongo. The Canucks and the Leafs aren’t really in trade discussions right now. The Canucks want Nick Bjugstad, but Florida obviously doesn’t want to move the top prospect in college hockey.


Jordan Staal is likely going to sign a similar deal in Carolina to the one he rejected in Pittsburgh – 10 years, $60 million.

Bob McKenzie believes that the Oilers and Canucks are the Justin Schultz frontrunners.


Little known fact – Schultz was selected with one of the compensation picks that Edmonton sent to Anaheim after the offer sheet. Another one of the picks was Tyler Myers.


More from Bob – the Habs and Carey Price have started laying the groundwork for a new deal. I am a huge Price fan, and feel that if he is the exact type of goalie to lead a team to the Cup. It is now up to Marc Bergevin to get the right players around his star goalie.


He is speculating that the deal could be for six or seven years with a $6.5 million cap hit.


Trade rumors for Steve Ott persist. Defending Big D takes a look at the how and why behind Ott and his availability. He would be a perfect fit on a contending team. Dallas is already thin up the middle, and moving Ott out would only increase the weakness. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Ott has more to offer a contending team as a missing piece than he does a rebuilding club. The Stars want a young forward in a one-for-one trade – they offered Ott to Vancouver for Cody Hodgson last season at the trade deadline.


Tyler Ennis was one of the better players in the entire league down the stretch last season. Does he slot in as the top center if the Sabres trade Derek Roy away? Is this finally the summer that the Sabres trade Roy? Roy, Ennis, and Hodgson is an awfully small top three up the middle, especially with Paul Gaustad now gone from Buffalo.


Lots of interesting contract extensions yesterday…


Sidney Crosby re-ups for 12 more years at the same cap hit of $8.7 million. The deal is a huge relief for the Pens – Crosby took about 60% of what he could have (the max of about $14 million, there are more than a few teams that would have offered it to him next summer).


Jonathan Quick is a King for another 11 years. He signed a 10 year extension with a cap hit between $5 and $6 million.


Apparently the team has told Jonathan Bernier that they will look to move his services elsewhere – Toronto and Chicago would definitely be interested, as would Columbus. I wonder what kind of players the Kings would be after? Maybe a second line winger, as it doesn’t look like Dustin Penner is coming back.


Tuukka Rask signed a one-year contract worth $3.5 million. He will be an RFA next summer. This is Boston’s way of saying, “if you want the big bucks, show us you are worth it.”


Hall Gill has re-upped with the Preds – two years and a $2 million cap hit. After acquiring him, Nashville’s PK was just below 90%.


The salary cap floor has been confirmed for $54.2 million. This means that a lot of teams will have to add salary just to get there. I’d expect Tim Thomas will have a ton of trade value come August or September, as teams would love to add $5 million of cap money for only $3 million.


Pro Hockey Talk takes a look at several teams that need to add money.


Olli Jokinen is officially going to hit the market on July 1. He’s the best center available, but will teams risk relying on him after only one good season? He’s getting up there in age, too.


The Blue Jackets extended defenseman Nikita Nikitin for two years. Reasonable cap hit of less than $2.5 million. Nikitin was a top pairing defenseman for the Jackets after the trade from St. Louis.


His production was pretty impressive, too. He had seven goals and 32 points in only 54 games for the Jackets.


Nikitin has a massive point shot that is fairly accurate, and he could make a great long term pairing for either James Wisniewski or Jack Johnson. I’m not sure if his production last season is a sign of things to come, or a blip in the radar. He was always projected as more of a physical, stay-at-home defenseman.


Carolina back up Brian Boucher is out for 4-6 months with a shoulder injury. Is there another Staal brother that can play goal?


Talented B’s prospect Alexander Khokhlachev is going to play in Russia next year, but he will still attend Boston’s training camp. His nickname is KoKo, and I am definitely going to refer to him as that from now on. His name has about two h’s too many.


KoKo played in the OHL last season, and he has an outside shot at cracking the Bruins.


With all of the cap space the Dallas Stars possess, do they try and acquire Jay Bouwmeester from Calgary? They could easily absorb his cap hit, and the Flames are looking to move him (if you believe some of the rumors going around).


Pretending Jamie Benn gets $5 million on a new deal, the Stars have just under $15 million to add a defenseman and a few forwards (just to reach the floor). I don’t see them spending right to the limit now, but the team’s financial constraints are long gone. They could be a team to watch in the first few weeks of July.


Don’t forget to read Brendan Ross’s ramblings over at DobberProspects – here are his Thursday ramblings, with a lot of insights on the Edmonton head coaching situation (Ralph Krueger was hired).


What’s better than decade-old highlights of the NHL All-Star game? Not much:


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Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
@hawkdog Sounds great to me!

The Canuck's current window seems to be closing as the Sedins age. I know Vancouver has some great young players with grit, but it doesn't seem like they are quite ready to come in and have an impact. I think the Canucks would be best served if these young guys can development further. I know Angus writes about the potential of a future LoD line, which would be very exciting and exactly what the Canucks need, although it may be a few years until they are ready. Meanwhile, teams like LA and St. Louis have their rosters just coming into their prime, and I feel that in order for the Canucks to stay competitive with teams like this in the playoffs, a bold move or 2 needs to be done. LA, Philly, Pittsburgh, and others seem more willing to pull bold moves in order to keep their teams as competitive as possible. To me, trading Luongo for nil is not a bold move. Trading Schneider for some gusto would be the Canucks best option, in my honest opinion.

I would love to see guys like Doan and Ott join their line-up, although I know it complicates their lines, etc, and is not probable, they have valuable skill sets.

Then again, I am just an armchair GM, a poor man's version of one at that.
June 29, 2012
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hawkdog said:

@Ross the Boss Lets hash this out next week when the dust settles on a few things like
a)does Lou get traded? Does his cap hit free up? Or does a cap hit come back and how big?
b) who lands shultz?
c) July 1st. who signs where.

I get what your saying, and as a Canucks fan I have no problem with Gillis trading Schneider if like you say he brings back good assets.
But lets see what Gillis does in the next fews week.
Schneider signed - check

June 29, 2012
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Puckhead said:

Staal brother that can play goal... They should ask Jared...he can't play any other position, so why not give it a whirl???
June 29, 2012
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Puckhead said:

Jonathan Bernier... Last week on TSN 1050 Pierre LeBrun mentioned that the Leafs wouldn't be interested in Bernier because he isn't enough of a butterfly goalie, and their goalie coach, Francois Allaire, couldn't work with he has done wonders for the Leafs current goalies...yikes! Seriously Leafs this whats its come to? Say you already have young goaltenders with minimal experience...GEEZ!
June 29, 2012
Votes: +1

Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Canucks I will take a lot of heat for writing this, but I truly believe that the Canucks will only have the necessary pieces to win a cup by dealing Schneider, not Luongo. Luongo is good enough to win a cup, the pieces in front of him need to be upgraded. Schneider would fetch the pieces to get the Canucks over the top, Luongo will not. Dealing Luongo will keep them at the norm. Canucks fans will hate that reality, and will lose their minds if Schneider is traded and Luongo is kept, but otherwise they will stay a great team in the regular season, and a good playoff team, but not cup champions. I hope they prove me wrong, but with teams like the Blues and Kings coming to prominence, I have a hard time seeing the Canucks not getting manhandled by their size, speed, and strength in the playoffs.
June 29, 2012
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smack said:

@dwmorin re: Thomas Yes, they would suspend him but it would still count against the Cap.
June 29, 2012
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Barclay said:

... Love reading your Canucks stuff!
June 29, 2012
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dwmorin said:

... The Thomas cap hit would not cost a team any money if he in fact takes the year off. They would suspend him without pay much like an NFL player holding out.
June 29, 2012
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