Fantasy Impact: The Washington Capitals have traded defenseman Dennis Wideman to the Calgary Flames for defenseman Jordan Henry and a 2013 fifth-round draft pick. The Flames then signed Wideman to a five-year deal worth $26.25 million ($5.25 million per year).


The Capitals get: a later draft pick for a player who they were going to let walk.


The Flames get: an inconsistent puck mover who tends to do very well when he joins new teams, but the magic wears off by the second or third year. But the UFA market is a slim one for puck-moving defensemen, and the Flames nabbed the third best available (behind Ryan Suter and Justin Schultz).


Fantasy Players Impacted: Seven of TJ Brodie's 14 points came on the power play. Brodie was probably looking at taking the next step and posting close to 35 points in the year ahead. Now he may be looking at 25 to 30. Anton Babchuk had a hard time getting into the lineup. He is a very underachieving player with loads of talent, and he had five points in nine games to end the season. It was a sign of life. But the slim hope has faded even further now, as there will be little PP time left over for him.


A talented quarterback like Wideman will help the Flames' power play, and thus the rest of the five-man unit - Jarome Iginla, Mike Cammalleri, Alex Tanguay and Mark Giordano. It knocks Jay Bouwmeester right out of the top unit.




As an aside, I find it curious that Tomas Vokoun only garnered a seventh-round pick, while Wideman landed a fifth rounder. Given the demand for goaltending, and the "rivals" factor, I don't get it. Granted, age and injuries played a role.



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Iginla

2. Giordano

3. Tanguay

4. Cammalleri


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Bouwmeester

2. Brodie

3. Babchuk



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longshot2242 said:

What About the Caps? It would be benificail to also have your analysis on how Wideman's departure effects the Washington Capitols. Former Coach Hunter was kind to his former OHL Player by giving him big minutes and prime PP time. Is a healthy Green going to eat this up or will more oppertunities be given to Carlson, Alzner, Orlov etc under Oates.
June 29, 2012
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Rollie1967 said:

... Yikes- 5mil for a dman whose a nightmare outside of the powerplay. and Luongo is overpaid?
June 29, 2012
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DuklaNation said:

... This helps Green a lot as well. They didnt mesh well at all on the PP and now Green is back as the man.
June 28, 2012
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fzusher said:

Why 5th? Wasn't Talon the GM who brought Wideman to Florida? Wouldn't surprise me if McPhee used that to raise the price a bit. Or maybe McPhee asked for a higher pickin exchange for right to negotiate deal before finalizing the trade (Vokoun was signed a couple of days after being traded, suggesting negotiations probably started after the trade; Wideman was signed right after being traded.
June 27, 2012
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Ogie_Oglethorpe said:

Wideman My wife's cousin played in Iginla's golf tournament two years ago and was put in a group with Wideman. Before they teed off, Iggy took him and his buddy aside and sheepishly told them he was sorry. They didn't understand what he was apologizing about until a few holes into their round. Apparently that Wideman is a real piece of work.
June 27, 2012
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Colorjazz said:

... This should help out Carlson to some point... No?
June 27, 2012
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olgrit22 said:

... Angus, that's one of many four letter words I could use to describe this signing.
June 27, 2012
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angus said:

June 27, 2012 | url
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j_diddy said:

... i'm assuming this helps the value of John Carlson and Dmitry Orlov in Washington as well, as long as they don't make a big splash with Suter.
June 27, 2012
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olgrit22 said:

... As a Flames fan I loathe this move. They were finally getting out of "salary cap hell" and then go and trade for a guy who'll be playing for his 5th team in 8 years in the league. Wideman will follow in the footseps of Rob Niedermayer and Jay Bouwmeester when it comes to not meeting the fans' and his salary's lofty expectations.
June 27, 2012
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