The Flames have signed Blake Comeau to a one year deal worth $1.25 million. Wideman analysis up shortly.


Don’t forget to join me here on Sunday. Noon. Live chat. Free Agent Frenzy. Fantasy impact.  Good times! What else are you gonna do on a sunny Sunday of a long weeke-…um…


Hall of Fame – every year I give my theory on this for the newbies to the site. In a nutshell – screw the stats, screw the trophies, voters need to go with their heart. Was a player, during any two-year span, a Top 8 forward, Top 5 defenseman or Top 3 goalie in the world? Then put him in the Hall. Under this criteria, probably 20% would be knocked OUT of the Hall. Mike Gartner, for one. How many 30-goal seasons in a row? Wow, that’s an amazing stat. But was he ever the best forward in the game? Top 8? At any point? Then no Hall. And while some votes may feel that maybe from 1984 to 1985 he was a Top 3 RW, so he’d get his share of votes. But that should be the process.


Instead, no we have people breaking out the Corsi charts, and the faceoff wins, and the number of Stanley Cups and making this a whole big thing. Do you think he should be in the Hall? In your heart, truly? Then vote him in. It’s not rocket science. In fact, every name you see you will instinctively have an answer for. Player X – YES. Player Y – NO. First thought that comes to mind when you hear the name, that’s how you vote.


Under my criteria – Gartner – no. Ciccarelli – no. Anderson – no. Lindros – yes. And so on…


So Mats Sundin (yes), Pavel Bure (yes), Joe Sakic (yes) and Adam Oates (yes) all get in. Very happy for those guys. Oddly enough, Bure is a player I’ve never owned in a keeper league. Oates was one of my favorite players and I owned him for two different tours of duty spanning about eight seasons – including at his peak. One of the best setup men ever.


Oates - I answered my “reflex” response. I said the name and answered immediately with my heart. I didn’t look up goals, assists, Cups, trophies…I just instinctively answered. But was he ever a Top 8 forward in the world for two years? That’s a very close call – let’s take a look. The guy had 254 points in two seasons 1992-1994. His 142 points were third in 1992-93 – behind Lafontaine and Lemieux. His 112 points were third in 1993-94 – behind Fedorov and Gretzky, plus he beat Doug Gilmour by one point. So was he a Top 8 forward during those two years? After Lemieux and Gretzky… you had to look at Fedorov, Lafontaine, Gilmour, Bure, Mogilny I felt were better than Oates at the time. So a Top 5 forward in the world? No. Top 8? Barely!


Anyway, I love this year’s entrants and I’m happy to see Oates get in. I don’t believe Shanahan was snubbed – I think he’ll get in eventually…though he’s another borderline “was he a Top 8 forward?” player. Pat Burns was definitely snubbed. Absolutely. But the Hall had its chance to do right by him while he was still living.


But I think Alexander Mogilny needs to get in. He must. Even if he didn’t have a 76-goal season and was at one point the best winger in the game. Even if he had a career mark of one goal. He gets in for how he changed the game of hockey. What he did for hockey (and fantasy hockey) by opening the doors to Russia.


Next week?

Next week? That’s when CBA negotiations start? Wow. So 75 days to hammer something out when they could have sat down in February.

Key points:

- Owners want a 50-50 revenue split with the players. Currently they get 43-57. Prediction: This gets settled at 47-53, meaning owners cave.

- Olympics. Owners are pretending that they won’t shut down for the Olympics in Russia. When secretly, this is just something they can pretend to cave on. “Oh alright, we’ll shutdown for the Olympics, but first you need to agree on 47-53 instead of 46-54.”

- The cap floor is too high. This needs to be a percentage of the ceiling and not a hard number below the ceiling. I’m sure the players will give in on this.

- Terms on contracts. Owners probably want this limited to five years at the most. Prediction: players agree to five years at the most for all players over 32, but seven years is the term limit for anyone younger.

- Owners will want another small salary rollback. Players will laugh. Prediction: owners will let this one go.


Lesser points:

- Realignment. I’m sure the players will admit that the owners proposal from last year will do just fine, and teams/divisions will realign for 2013-14

- Hybrid icing. I think they will go ahead with some form of this.

- Other rule changes to promote offense. I predict three rule changes. Serve the full two minutes on a power play? Goal posts that angle inward? Stuff like that.


Jonathan Toews is reportedly one hundred percent recovered from his concussion.


Steve Ott is rumored to be on the block. The Stars are doing a little retooling. Not a full-blown rebuild, but I think they’ll stockpile players like Cody Eakin – kids on the cusp of making the full-time jump.


Here is a complete list of players who were not given qualifying offers, per team releases matched up against Cap Geek’s RFA list:

Anaheim: Riley Holzapfel, Dale Mitchell, Iiro Tarkki, Rick Schofield

Boston: (can’t find)

Calgary: Riley Grantham, Logan MacMillan, Blake Comeau (may sign)

Carolina: Matthew Pistilli, Kyle Lawson

Colorado: Kevin Porter, Peter Mueller

Columbus: Brent Regner, Taylor Ellington, Shawn Hunwick

Dallas: Angelo Esposito, Mikhail Stefanovich, Michael Neal, Jake Hauswirth

Detroit: Travis Ehrhardt, Logan Pyett

Edmonton: Cam Barker, Milan Kytnar

Florida: Wojtek Wolski, Ondrej Roman, Keith Seabrook, Justin Bernhardt

Los Angeles: Ray Kaunisto

Minnesota: Kris Fredheim, Nick Johnson, Guillaume Latendresse (will sign soon)

Montreal: Michael Blunden, Mark Mitera, Olivier Fortier, Robert Slaney, Andrew Conboy, Danny Masse, Petteri Nokelainen, Hunter Bishop

Nashville: Jack Hillen, Brodie Dupont, Ryan Flynn, Atte Engren, Zach Stortini

New Jersey: Timo Pielmeier, Kory Nagy

New York: Andreas Thuresson, Lee Baldwin, Francois Bouchard, Sam Klassen, Chris Chappell

New York: Tyler McNeely, Tony Romano, Yannick Reindeau, Yuri Alexandrov

Phoenix: Colin Long, Nick Ross, Gilbert Brule

Philadelphia: Mike Testwuide, Andrew Rowe

Pittsburgh: Mattias Modig, Boris Valabik, Casey Pierro-Zabotel, Alexandre Picard, Cal O'Reilly

San Jose: Tony Lucia, James Marcou, Benn Ferriero, Tyson Sexsmith, Cam MacIntyre

Tampa Bay: Benoit Pouliot (will sign soon), Sebastian Piche

Toronto: Marcel Mueller, Korbinian Holzer

Vancouver: Marc-Andre Gragnani, Victor Oreskovich, Ryan Parent, Mike Duco

Winnipeg: John Negrin, Fredrik Pettersson, Michael Forney, Eric Fehr


The other teams qualified them all.


The Panthers are trying to re-sign Jason Garrison, but are said to not be speaking with any of their other free agents (Scott Clemmensen, Marco Sturm, Krys Barch, Mikael Samuelsson, John Madden). Smart move. Should let Garrison go, too, given the probable cost. This tells me that Jacob Markstrom will be the backup this year and that at least one and perhaps two great rookies will join the roster (think Jonathan Huberdeau).


From everything that I’m reading, Adam Oates should bring some changes to the Caps, loosening things up again. I’m not about to predict 120 points for Alex Ovechkin, but I think 70 would be just as silly. I haven’t started my analysis yet of all the players, but I imagine he’ll come in the low 90s. I hate being conservative, but it’s realistic after his last two seasons. Here’s hoping Oates does that very thing.


I get the feeling that Ryan Suter is going to get over $8 million per year. It would put him fifth in the NHL in terms of cap hit. It’s going to be a crazy number that knocks us out of our chair.


Getting the call:



Top 5 assists of the week from like 15 or 20 years ago – Adam Oates is No.4:



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Haakan Loon said:

HOF I admit I have been one to maybe "crap on Dobber" at times in the past so I will stick up for him when I think he is 100% right. I couldn't agree more on his hall of fame criteria views. I had this discussion with a co-worker a few days ago. I don't want to see "better than average" players who had long careers get in. I wanna see players who made me say "wow" for a few years get in. Bure, Lindros, Forsberg - hell ya. Gartner, Anderson - hell no. Not a fan of Cam Neely making the hall also.
June 27, 2012
Votes: +0

Dobber said:

... pitts - well put
But living in Toronto, this may be biased (but it also means I was very exposed to him, seeing most of his games), but there were about 3 years there where I honestly felt Sundin was one of the three best forwards in the world. In terms of pure talent, Shanahan was nowhere near as close. Different styles, however. But Sundin was magical for a few years. Hell, he made Hoglund a 60-point guy didn't he?
June 27, 2012
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pittshamblyuins said:

... hunterguy said:

Sundin - yes... you're kidding. At least not on the first ballot. Not even the second. To be ahead of Shanahan and Lindros is just plain wrong.

You misread...I wouldn't have put Sundin in...I agree with your sentiments!
June 27, 2012
Votes: +0

Rollie1967 said:

... I wouldve put Lindros in before Sundin- but its close. Gartner I have no problem with.

As for Mogilny due to what he did for hockey- yes it took balls,but he wasnt the only maverick or pioneer. Nedved,Svoboda and Anton and Peter Statsny all defected (not Russian-but Czechoslovakia has contributed to hockey almost as much,especially considering the population difference). Ivan Hlinka,Jiri Bubla,Vaclav Nedomansky,Sergei Prykin (sp?)Victor Nachaev, Salming and Hammarstrom have all contributed to the internationalization of the NHL. Mogilny warrants consideration on his numbers alone (on the buble for me,but you also have to consider his international stats as well- its the hockey hall of fame-not the NHL HOF).
June 27, 2012
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hunterguy said:

... Sundin - yes... you're kidding. At least not on the first ballot. Not even the second. To be ahead of Shanahan and Lindros is just plain wrong.
June 27, 2012
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pittshamblyuins said:

... Hall of Fame shouldn't be restrictive to a generation. should only need to ask yourself...did this player accomplish something special that not many players ever will accomplish. With that question asked...Sakic-yes, Bure-yes, Oates-bubble...but yes, Sundin-not for me he didn't.
June 27, 2012
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His Dudeness said:

His Dudeness
... "Owners want a 50-50 revenue split with the players. Currently they get 43-57. Prediction: This gets settled at 47-53, meaning owners cave". I think this is actually the players caving, just by not as much as the owners would like.
June 27, 2012
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Dobber said:

Jaxx You're giving me stats.

I didn't mean to give my theory any criteria at all. Just your heart. How does your heart feel? Gartner was never a member of Team Earth. I just want the Hall to have the very best hockey players in it from their time. I don't care if a player had 25 goals for 25 straight seasons (which, by the way, under current criteria would get a guy in).

Give me the guy who scored 60 three times and then retired, over the guy who scored 25 goals 25 times.
June 27, 2012
Votes: +0

Dobber said:

... Wrong and wrong. Jim Carey was never the best for 730 days. Although granted he was Top 3 for 365 days.

Cheechoo - again, Top 9 for 365 days, not for 730.

But feel free to make this a "crap on Dobber" comments section - remember I give as good as I get LOL!!!

But you are forgetting Part 2 of my theory - your heart. So....QUICK - does Jim Carey get in the Hall of Fame? I'm sure I know what your reflex answer is. So your arguments here are moot.

June 27, 2012
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germant said:

Dob HOF Finally! Finally - Jonathon Cheechoo can find his rightful place in the Dobb HOF! Oh wait, is he still playing? smilies/grin.gif
June 27, 2012
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Finnbar said:

Nice. Jim Carey - HOFer!!

We need 9 more to make a proper Dob of Fame, come on guys...
June 27, 2012
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Jaxx said:

hall noms... Dobbs, I understand your point about being the best at your position over a two year period. It should be a factor, but simply not the only one. I'm not a huge Gartner fan necessarily but its hard to argue not inducting someone averaging a goal almost every two games over such a long career (708 goals in 1432 games). Sure if it was only over a 400 game career, one would not get in. But there aren't many players who played so long and scored so many. But i guess this theory would allow Andreychuk and I admit, that would be hard to swallow??!!??
June 27, 2012
Votes: -1
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