Fantasy Impact: After playing a full 82 games for the first time since 2007, 41-year-old Teemu Selanne has reportedly decided to play one more season, probably for the Anaheim Ducks. This has a major impact in fantasy hockey on several levels - and not just for Selanne owners.


Anaheim gets: A living legend, a future Hall-of-Famer, and although he is 42 in a couple of weeks, he is coming off a 26-goal season. Even if that fades further, he's still good for 20. This is still unofficial as he has yet to sign a contract, but it's pretty clear where he wants to play - so I'll redo this analysis if things turn out differently...but I don't expect to.


Fantasy Players Impacted: There are a handful of youngsters waiting to make the jump and this makes available roster spots even more scarce. Kyle Palmieri, Emerson Etem and Patrick Maroon are all wingers on the cusp, and Peter Holland is a center who can probably be moved to the wing as a rookie. Instead of two of them making the jump, there may only be room now for one. Put your money on Palmieri.


As for regulars already on the team - Devante Smith-Pelley stood to benefit from Selanne retiring. He is a third/fourth liner looking to become a second/third liner. But instead, he'll continue to apprentice as a depth player. 


Bobby Ryan is a frequent linemate of Selanne's and is on the cusp of breaking out as a player - he's entering his prime. But coming off a 57-point season thanks to cannibilzed PP time, Ryan's hopes of getting back up over 70 points may actually take a hit here. If Selanne (3:34 of PP time per game last year) is back, then Ryan (2:09) will probably continue to see his PP time cut by a minute or two per game. That adds up in an awful hurry.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Selanne

2. Saku Koivu


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Ryan

2. Smith-Pelley

3. Palmieri/Maroon/Etem



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Fergie said:

Wishful thinking Wait a minute, Koivu, Ryan, Smith-Pelley do not play with the Jets.
June 19, 2012
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