Angus here - sat down with Brenden Dillon (Dallas prospect) to discuss his hockey career, who he compares himself to, and more. Read the full interview here.

A lot of KHL impact these days, and we’re just getting warmed up. With the CBA up this summer, a lot of players will be covering themselves off – either with an iron-clad contract in the KHL, or a verbal agreement that will turn iron-clad as soon as the players get the jitters about a delay to their season. Unfortunately this time around the onus is on the owners I think. The players have too many options, and the league has a lot of momentum. The owners need to get that 57-43 revenue share closer to a 50-50 split (among other issues), but they may have to concede a little higher than that.


Paul Maurice has signed to coach in the KHL, old news but I wanted to give my take. With the screw ups that have happened over there leading to tragedy, starting with a lack of a defibrillator on site … all the way up to the ancient jets they were flying until last summer – I wouldn’t go. Not if I had a couple of million in the bank account. Why go? I’m sure the aircraft there are top-notch now, and I’m sure every arena now has a defib… but what’s next? To me, it’s not worth it. Now, if I was really hurting for cash and couldn’t get any kind of job in the AHL then sure, okay. Would you go, if you had seven zeros in your bank account and a job in North America for, say, 75% of what the KHL is offering?


The Fantasy Prospects Report will be updated within 48 hours of the Cup win. In that final update you will find the 2012 Mock Draft by Brendan Ross, four new prospect profiles, an update on several profiles that we did of players who were not signed and thus went back into the draft/ became free agents. Oh, and of course a few typos that were caught by readers and fixed.


Those of you who have seen the guide – and the ad spots – and are interested in advertising at that price, do not feel that it is too late – 100% of the purchased Prospects Reports get downloaded after June 22. All of them. Sure, customers look at them now, but everyone of them re-downloads it thanks to the update. And most sales of this document actually take place in September. So putting in an ad today is as easy as contacting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and submitting the artwork, and since it’s an e-document we can even link the ad to your website.


I’ve been hard on Martin Brodeur over the past two years and I do believe his skills have eroded. But he has been dynamite in the last two rounds. Experience has made a big difference – he’s never rattled. He’s aggressively checking players and playing the puck, even if getting the puck out is going to be a close call – he doesn’t second guess himself. He may not be as quick as he used to be, but he’s positionally sound. It’s made all the difference. So can he do this for another regular season? I don’t think so. Besides the fact that he is getting hurt each year nowadays, in the regular season all the goalies are on equal footing in terms of “jitters”. So while I think the Devils will re-sign him, I’m guessing for two years, I would predict 65 wins between the two. That’s better than this past season, but not like it was during the 40-win days.


The Red Wings moving Brad Stuart has sealed the deal, as if the Lidstrom retirement didn’t already. It - opened up a spot for Brendan Smith. Assuming the Wings replace Lidstrom with Ryan Suter, which everyone and their mother is guessing will happen, a spot still needed to open up.


Can you imagine if they don’t sign Suter? Who’s the consolation prize? Jackman? Boy, don’t you just get the feeling that Jimmy Howard is in for a tough year?


I’m with Ryan Ma (yesterday’s ramblings). David Jones is way overpaid. On the market, he would have signed for $3.5-3.8 is my guess. The Avs actually gave him more. And there was no reason to. Why on earth do struggling non-playoff teams do their best to re-sign all their players? Logic 101: if your team sucks, and you bring back every player on your team, then your team will continue to suck.


So in my playoff pool, I’ve updated you on it a couple of times so may as well see it through – I’m still in line for my first “Dobber Cup” playoff win after 11 years. The one trophy I haven’t won, and it’s the trophy I named after myself. Sad. But I’m 9.9 points ahead of third and 9.99 points (yeah, seriously) ahead of fourth. Second is out of players so not a concern. Third has Quick, Doughty and Kovalchuk. Fourth has Brown and Williams. Hanging on by the skin of my teeth…


I still have Stoll, it would be nice if he stopped hitting posts. How did this guy ever get 68 points?


Bryce Salvador has 14 playoff points. His career best was in 76 regular season games – 16 points. Heading into the postseason, he had four points in 50 career playoff games.


Anaheim GM Bob Murray on Justin Schultz: "Justin Schultz will not be an Anaheim Duck, He's informed us that he wishes to explore talks with the 29 other clubs, and that's his right under the current CBA. I cannot comment on the tampering charges at this time but if situations change I will let all of you know."


In that article you’ll also find a tidbit on Ryan Getzlaf and how his newborn son kept him up many  nights, which impacted his play last year. But physically, Getzlaf was healthy.


Nashville GM David Poile didn’t hold back, regarding Andrei Kostitsyn: "I wonder how much of a market there will be for Kostitsyn this summer. The words 'underachieving' and 'disappointment' seem to come up a bit around him and then there is the stigma of this situation, which could linger further. At the least, there likely won't be teams backing up the trucks of money to his doorstep in the NHL."


Georges Laraque would like to return to the NHL as a player, and would sign for the minimum – he just wants a tryout.


Brodeur, being aggressive (and stopping Stoll):



In honor of him winning the Foster Hewitt award, Rick Jeanneret’s Top 10 calls – I love his calls (which explains why this is probably the third time I’ve posted this here):


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jer_33 said:

... Dobber - this is of course the domain of pro scouts to determine whether or not the young players in the organization are ready for a top 6 role.

Colorado obviously feels that:

1. Nobody is ready to step up
2. That they are comfortable putting Jones in a supporting role if/when the young players are ready to take his spot
3. That Jones contract would not prevent them from trading/buying out if necessary

Jones is likely not part of the rebuild (neither is Hejduk), as neither player will be with the team if/when the Avs are contenders again.

I feel as though this contract will be one of many (much like Florida last season), as Colorado is currently well below the cap floor.
June 11, 2012
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Dobber said:

... jer - I target all dumb contracts. You should know that by now, Jones is hardly alone here on this site.

That one-line statement was meant to be funny, and cluttering it up with small print like "*not including young players on the rise" makes the joke less funny. But you should have left your comment at that, because what you say makes sense. But then you say "in order to rebuild, teams have to suck" and that's where you go off the rails. That statement is true, of course, but how does signing Jones help a rebuild? It holds a good young player off the pro roster and it hurts the ice time of two or three other young players ready to take the next step.
June 11, 2012
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jer_33 said:

Logic 101 "Logic 101: if your team sucks, and you bring back every player on your team, then your team will continue to suck."

Seems illogical to me. You are assuming that all players will put up the same numbers year over year, and that young players cannot get any better. Also, in order to rebuild, teams have to suck.

The cap world is different. For teams clinging to the cap floor (teams that are also 2-3 years away from contention), these little overpayments (200k by your best guess) appear to be a necessity. Look at Florida, and tell me who ISN'T overpaid.

Fans get too hung up on salary vs. production, but fail to look at contracts in proper context. Many teams are required to overpay free agents based on the size of the market, or competitive cycle of the team. Many players are overpaid due to the lack of any trade clauses. Sometimes they work out, more often they don't.

Colorado had a few options here, and resigning Jones means that they don't have to take the risk of missing out on a comparable player in free agency, overpaying a lesser player - or missing out entirely.

The average contract in the league should be somewhere around $3.5 (70mil/20 man roster), with better than half your team likely earning significantly less. Jones' contract put him squarely in the upper half of the teams salary structure in a 2nd line role. With a flexible contract (and some serious cap flexibility in Colorado), I don't see why anyone should target this contract as one that is a real problem.
June 11, 2012
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Dobber said:

... Immortal - most owners are losing money, and the other sports have conceded the 50-50 split. And would think that a 50-50 split should have been the arrangement to begin with.

Woodrow - Not having a prospect in the FPR does not mean that he is a bad prospect or that his stock has fallen, or an oversight. It's a combination of how much time we have, how many players are done for each team (if Team A has 14 players done and Team B only has 10 players profiled...then chances are we won't be adding a prospect to Team A's section). Sproul is on the cusp of being added, but only if time permits.

Blueman - too many different types of keeper leagues, I would make more readers unhappy than happy if I were to do that.
And Schultz won't be the answer for Detroit because they don't rush prospects. If Smith couldn't get full time last year, what makes you think Schultz will get full time this year? They don't do it that way
June 11, 2012
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Brady19 said:

Sproul I don't think his omission has to do with his stock falling, simply that there are a LOT of prospects out there, and he's still likely many years from NHL action.

There is a piece that is less than a week old on Ryan Sproul at that updates you as much as the prospect guide could hope to.

In short he had a strong year on a bad OHL team, and both his offense and defense have continued to grow. I am still quite high on Sproul myself, I think he's Detroit's top defensive prospect once Smith graduates.
June 11, 2012
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immortal_leafs said:

owners "The owners need to get that 57-43 revenue share closer to a 50-50 split (among other issues), but they may have to concede a little higher than that."

Just curious, why do they NEED to go 50-50? Are the owners not making money?
June 11, 2012
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woodrow said:

... Will the Prospect's Report have an update on Wings prospect Ryan Sproul? I seem to remember him being a pretty good prospect last year, yet there was nothing on him in this latest edition... perhaps an oversight or has his stock just fallen that far?
June 11, 2012
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Blueman said:

... Maybe the wings will bring in Schultz if they don't get Suter.

Also - for the prospects report, I would see some value in a keeper league draft results (ie. not a mock for the NHL teams, but for your fantasy team). This would provide a nice view on the fantasy value of the prospects in the draft.
June 11, 2012
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UKflames said:

Logic 101
Logic 101: if your team sucks, and you bring back every player on your team, then your team will continue to suck.

Sorry, when I read this I thought you were talking about the Flames for a minute, my mistake.
June 11, 2012
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