Dobber Sports announces the latest addition to the Dobber fantasy sports brand.


Darryl Dobbs, founder of Dobber Sports and the Dobber Sports Network, has launched a new website. DobberFootball.com, another free offering, is live and available to the public as of June 04, 2012.


 “DobberFootball is easily the most requested site from my readers.” said Dobbs. “I don’t mean just for this year, either. I mean over the course of the last several years I’m asked about this. I’ve always balked. Fantasy Football is a competitive industry and I wanted nothing to do with it unless I had the perfect guy to run things.”

That ‘perfect guy’ turned out to be David Cushard, a fantasy football enthusiast who has won over $20,000 over 17 years of playing fantasy football. He won three televisions via competitions via ESPN, and is a two-time finalist in the National Fantasy Football Championship where the top prize was $100,000.  The 40-year-old was an ESPN champion in 2001, and finished second in 2004.

Adding to the appeal is his combination of free time and passion. “The passion is clearly there.” Adds Dobbs. “And I’m happy that he has the free time to invest – because this certainly will take a lot.”

DobberHockey.com, the first website launched under the Dobber banner, has become a multi-million page views per month website in just six-and-a-half years of existence.

“I've been using DobberHockey to win leagues for years.” Cushard explained. “I've gotten used to the concise format. I know when to purchase the guides. I know I'll pull out tidbits that I can't find on any other site. Like a lot of people – sometimes a week flips by and I realize I only have a few minutes to manage my squad. The reference I always keep track of is the Dobber ramblings. Even though fantasy football is covered by hundreds of sites, I didn't have a 'go to' source. I didn't have someone I knew I could trust to stick his neck out. I found websites who put in a footnote on a player page - 'possible breakout' - and then bragged later when two of the 73 'breakout' players actually did. I got tired of trying to decipher a mainstream media talking head's version of something they didn't play...  and realized what I really wanted was a straight-talking website.”

So how will this site differ from a million other fantasy football sites?

“Three major ways.” Cushard explained. “One, we’re going to focus a special guide – as an extra option - for the casual fan. Two, the writers and staff that I’ve gathered are top notch. And thirdly, we’ll be listening on the forums. The interaction we’ll have with the readers will help mold the site into something as special as the other Dobber sites.”

“We're not developing our rankings based on last two year's performance and averaging out stats. We're truly forecasting situations -offense, coaching changes, weather, defense matchups, injuries to personnel around your player, historical performances against teams and how a given player does in a night game vs. a day game or coming off a bye week, etc. and  how that will hurt... or possibly help your player.”


Get a pdf copy of the press release here. Follow DobberFootball on Twitter here.






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Dobber said:

... Thanks everyone! Mr. Guru, you are correct. But this was brought to me on a silver platter - Cushard is perfect for this. You'll see smilies/wink.gif
June 06, 2012
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austeane said:

Congrats The dobber brand has really been expanding.. Good job to everyone here and especially Dobbs. Fantasy Football is saturated, but everything is pretty much the same and anything that is interesting is invariably available on a paid basis... I have no doubt that this will continue the Dobber tradition of excellence and that it will be a top site very soon. Can't wait to use it, and if you need someone to do a tiny bit of Seahawks-centric writing, I certainly could.
June 05, 2012
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Mr. Guru said:

Mr. Guru
??? I thought you never wanted to open up a football site because it was such a saturated market?
June 05, 2012 | url
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teh_n00berer said:

I think I dreamed this I was literally thinking yesterday as I was putting my draft board together "I wish dobber had a football section" and then today I go to check hockey stuff and there is one. I'm going to say that I manifested this section with my mind. Way to go!
June 05, 2012 | url
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