Fantasy Impact: The Pittsburgh Penguins have acquired veteran goaltender Tomas Vokoun from the Washington Capitals for a seventh round draft pick. They then signed Vokoun to a two year deal worth $4 million.



The Penguins get: stability between the pipes. Talk about a move coming out of left field. It's not often that a solid goaltender with a great track record recognizes the market and accepts a backup role when most in his position would hold out to become a starter. Who could the Penguins turn to when beach balls were going past Marc-Andre Fleury in the first round of the postseason? Nobody. Looks like they won't let that happen again.



The Capitals get: to help out their good friends in Pittsburgh (tongue-in-cheek). It's nice to get an asset for something you were going to lose anyway, but this is doing a favor for rivals, and I don't fully understand it. I guess a favor in the pocket - an IOU  to be cashed in later - is nice to have.



Fantasy Players Impacted: Obviously Fleury's starts will be heavily impacted. No more 67 games. Nope, 60 at best. And if I were a betting man I'd bet on something closer to 55. Vokoun holds no fantasy value, other than the off chance that he steals the starting job. But that would require an unprecedented breakdown on the part of Fleury - beyond the four games that he was rocked by the Flyers in April.



The move also hints at the Capitals' strong desire to roll with Brayden Holtby and Michal Neuvirth next season, something we suspected anyway.



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Holtby



Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Fleury

2. Vokoun




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Isle B. said:

Isle B.
... Vokoun was a total bust for the Caps. However, I don't see why moving to Pittsburgh hurts his value at all. Fleury is coming off one of the worst playoff performances for a goalie in league history, while Holtby outplayed Tim Thomas and went toe-to-toe with Lundqvist. Plus the Caps still have Neuvirth. I would say a team with one other legit NHL goalie coming off a terrible playoff provides more opportunity for Vokoun than a team with two other legit NHL goalies, one of whom is coming off a phenomenal playoff performance.
June 05, 2012
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robmyatt said:

Helps Fleury My money is on this signing helping Fleury. He may lose a few W's based on the fact that he'll start less games, but the extra competition is exactly what he needs to take his game to the level it should be at. Furthermore, I can see MAF being more rested and focused when the playoffs roll around.
June 05, 2012
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Disco Stu said:

Disco Stu
... Dobber,

From what we're hearing here in Pittsburgh, Vokoun has the same agent as Fleury and wanted to come to Pittsburgh. His agent made it known that if anyone else traded for him, he would not sign a new deal with them, and they would essentially be giving away a draft pick for nothing kind of like the Penguins did when they traded for Hamhuis pre-deadline a couple of years ago. I'm sure the Caps weren't thrilled about helping out the Penguins, but getting something, even a 7th round pick, was better than just letting Vokoun walk for nothing and having sign with Pittsburgh on July 1 anyway.
June 05, 2012
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Knuckles said:

10th rounder
... I'm having a tough time accepting the idea that the Capitals start the season with a couple goalies who have a combined 130 regular season games between them with the vast of those game attributed to Neuvy.

Not to say Vokun was the answer but there must be something more to this situation.
June 04, 2012
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The lying Frenchman said:

The lying Frenchman
... Wouldn't you say that it helps Neuvirth in some way? Being 2nd on the depth chart has to be better than being 3rd, right?
June 04, 2012
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shingy said:

June 04, 2012
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LuckyLuke said:

Voukoun starter by X-mas Interesting... I bet by Christmas, Fleury is warming the bench. Vokoun even in his age is still better starter than MAF.
June 04, 2012
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letangerang58 said:

... I'm surprised you didn't mention Theissen as someone this move hurts. Not that I think he would have been a good backup anyway.
June 04, 2012
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JHM said:

Good move Pens Nice move by the Pens. An extra million or so, being invested towards their nets (in comparison to this season gone by). An awesome plan, and even better when they suspect the cap is going to rise. Fleury/Vokoun is as impressive as any duo sported anywhere in the NHL.
June 04, 2012
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austeane said:

... Helps:
1: Gillis
2: Holtby

1: Fleury
2: Burke
3: Vokoun
4: Yzerman
June 04, 2012
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