Angus here - took a look at some of the favourites to land Justin Schultz today. Among them - Edmonton, New York, Vancouver, and Philadelphia. Read on!


Regarding the Dustin Brown hit (below), Mike Smith has a ballpark idea of how long Brown should be suspended for. I believe "forever" was his exact quote.


Next year's Calder Trophy winner - Mikael Granlund - has signed an entry level contract with the Wild. Yes, there are other great candidates, but at this point he is my pick. But hey, I'm the idiot who at this time last year thought that David Rundblad would be the Calder winner this year.

The Kings move on, as expected. It would have been nice if the Coyotes pushed it one more game, but in OT they couldn’t get it done. Mike Smith faced 51 shots in nearly four periods of work – anyone surprised?


Actually, what surprises me is how Pancake Penner gets minimal ice time and is producing. Contract year, right? With two points last night –the OT winner – he has 10 in 14 games. The problem with Dustin Penner is that the expectations were set too high. He was going along just fine as a 45- or 50-point second liner with size. Then he signed that offer sheet that then placed huge expectations on his huge shoulders. He was used as a first liner, which he’s not. He’ll be signed to proper dollars this summer and will be used appropriately going forward. I think he’ll be a 45-point guy.


Antoine Vermette led the Coyotes in playoff scoring with 10 points. He’s a former 65-point player who is in his prime, but is coming off seasons of 37 and 47 points. I would think that 65 is out of reach for him with this team, but he’ll do better than that 47.


With the win, the Conn Smythe race, to me, looks like this:







How do you see it?


Ryan Shannon has signed a three-year deal to play in Switzerland. He was injured too often to get things going in the NHL, and often those injuries would strike at the worst times (i.e. several games into a hot streak, a key player above him on the depth chart gets hurt, etc.).


Carolina goalie Mike Murphy is leaving for Russia. Justin Goldman breaks down this move over at The Goalie Guild, for those curious for more insight than that. Goldman was a fan of his upside.


St. Louis insiders discuss Vladimir Tarasenko and his readiness for the NHL. The consensus seems to be – impact player, immediately in the lineup. But first he has to come over.


Matt Frattin leads the AHL in playoff goals scored with eight. It looks like the Marlies are about to shut down the Barons and move on to the Final against the mighty Norfolk Admirals.


Nashville beatwriter Josh Cooper believes that there will be no sophomore slump for Craig Smith.


I don’t think Brown meant this knee on knee (actually looks like knee on thigh) that took out Rozsival. Do you? To me the problem is more about the lateness.



Milbury vs. Roenick, discussing the hit above:


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angus said:

... Definitely a cult! Thanks for the heads up.
May 23, 2012
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buck0198 said:

Smythe Rangers win it...Girardi
Kings win it...Quick
Devils win it...depends on how the finals go...if Brodeur is good then give it to him...Kovalchuk hasnt done enough for me. The Devils play a good team game so it would really come down to SC finals my opinion.
May 23, 2012
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BlackGold said:

angus certified Another small problem, something on your anguscertified website is getting tagged as "spam or potentially dangerous" by my company's Websense filters.

sexually explicit material
gambling activities
cult-related topics (maybe fantasy hockey is a cult smilies/tongue.gif)

Just thought I'd let you know so that you can get your website out there.
May 23, 2012
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kevinsrangers said:

angus certified hey angus. im on a crappy work computer for staters. but your links to angus certified take me to a blank page with your header. when i go to your website everything looks good until i hit the 'continue reading' then i just get the angus certified header and a blank page, followed by some comments on the article.
anyone else have this problem? is there something I,or angus can do to fix it?
i really enjoy your writing, but i spend most of my computer time on my work computer,which may be the problem itself..very old comp.
any help is appreciated.
May 23, 2012
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uofmehockey said:

... Hit was not late. If in doubt, you need to watch and listen to the clip again. Unfortunately Milbury is simply out there again.
May 23, 2012
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donpaulo said:

... nothing good can happen to a puck carrying player who delays crossing a crowded blueline. Rozi deserves better than what may likely be successful surgery but honestly how many times out of 100 does that kind of hit occur in a game of this magnitude ? especially with a guy like Brown on the ice.
May 23, 2012
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ynotzz said:

... at that being a late hit. Watch the clip again and I'm not even sure the whistle blows before impact at all.
May 23, 2012
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Rollie1967 said:

... Crap- I cant believe Im siding with Milbury. Shouldve been atleast 2 for being late, and as for the knee- it was waay out there, the fact he stuck it past Rozsivals knee doesnt excuse it, he also had time to stick out the elbow too, once again the refs blew it- they try not to call a penalty and influence a game, but do it anyways by not making the call. The fact that they already missed an obvious delay of game call in OT vs the Kings cant sit well. Doughty was lucky to not get a misconduct for his stick swinging tantrum- in the regular season thats an easy call- but once again the rules changed for the playoffs. Phoenix fans are going to be pissed off- and rightly so. But no way was Phoenix getting past LA.. but it couldve very easily gone another game.
May 23, 2012
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