Don Cherry had mentioned that Michael Del Zotto’s grandmother had passed away Sunday, and she was a great supporter of Michael’s – never missing a game of his throughout his youth. Clearly his head wasn’t in the game and understandably so. He had three giveaways and was beat pretty badly on the one New Jersey goal. John Tortorella pretty much planted him on the bench after that. These are obviously tough calls to make, but necessary. That it’s a tough blow for Del Zotto goes without saying.


Not to sound cold, but the benching paid off – Del Zotto was allowed back on the ice for a shift with about five minutes left and assisted on Fedotenko’s goal.


Jacob Josefson played a pretty good game, his first career playoff game. He was a plus-1 and at the time of writing this was not credited with an assist on the first goal, but I thought he was in on it. Petr Sykora sat in order to make room.


I don’t think there’s any question that Henrik Lundqvist has been good. But is he the Rangers’ playoff MVP up to this point? Lundqvist hasn’t really stolen games like Smith or Quick have been doing. He’s kept them in all the games, he’s been a star… but stolen games? Maybe a couple… but not to the extent that your typical Conn Smythe winning goaltender would steal. If the Kings win the Cup, nobody would blink an eye if Quick wins the Smythe. Same with the Coyotes and Smith. But if the Rangers win, would you be just as quick to hand it to Lundqvist? I like Girardi, and at this point he could very well get as many Smythe votes. Give me two more huge shutout or one-goal ‘steals’ out of King Henrik and I’ll reconsider.


For the record, Henrik had a 39-save shutout in Game 3 vs. Ottawa, and he stopped 45 of 46 in that triple OT game against the Caps, and in Game 3 against the Devils he stopped all 36. Those were his three ‘steals’. Maybe I’m just used to his greatness and I wanted to see even more of it in the playoffs… and instead I’m seeing the same amount?


So Bryce Salvador has 10 points in the playoffs. Bet you didn’t know that. Six points away from tying his career high… for the regular season. So who picked him in the pool?


Anyone pick Martin Brodeur in their pool that didn’t have goaltending stats? You know, just for his assists? He has four of them now, passing Pavel Datsyuk (three points) in playoff scoring.


Regarding the headshot that Martin Erat received at the Worlds – his agent insists that it did not result in a concussion. That’s not something that you can say definitively a couple of days later. A month later, sure, then you can say it.


Columbus has decided not to offer Petr Straka a contract, so he will go back into the draft. That’s being positioned as a club decision, but I have a feeling that the player made that call, perhaps by not answering his phone whenever it rang and HOWSON, S appeared on the little screen. Not that Straka has been a great prospect, but it’s hard to see why he’s not good enough to at least keep on for a couple more years of development just to see.


The update on Justin Schultz is right here. Yep, there is really no update.


Jamie McBain was signed to a two-year deal by the ‘Canes for $3.6 million. The dollars, to me, just aren’t enough to make me think that he’ll be leaned on heavily. Sometimes, when a player is overpaid – or paid for potential – you then see an increase in ice time and responsibility. The coach, after all, feels some obligation to help out his GM. But this deal was a fair one, and a low one. The Canes also re-signed Bobby Sanguinetti and Nicolas Blanchard – but those were two-way deals.


The Sabres have signed Alexander Sulzer to a one-year, one-way deal. He had eight points in 15 games for the Sabres and seemed to really fit in well. To continue numbers like that, however, an injury or two would need to strike one of the other offensive D-men on the team.


In the world’s worst-kept secret, the Ducks have signed goaltender Viktor Fasth to a one-year contract. Barring a brutal camp, he should be Jonas Hiller’s backup. Justin Goldman profiles him in the 2012 Fantasy Prospects Report, which is out in just 10 days. Yep, you read that right. Time flies.


While I have your attention, in terms of buying stuff, let me tell you about the deals I set up in the new shop. First of all, if you pick up the full package for Frozen Pool and the full package for Goalie Post, you get 10% off. That puts the totals around $16.20, which is .79 less than last year. Most things on these sites are free, but picking up certain tools – such as getting email updates from Goalie Post – will cost $3.99 per year. Each of GP and FP sell three different groups of exclusive tools of  for $3.99 each (for a full year). All three FP tools or all three GP tools can be bought as a package for $8.99. Or get all six tools (i.e. from both sites) for that $16.20 I noted above. Got all that? Good. Now the other thing – spend more than $25 and save another 10% (make that 15% if it’s over $50 – that may come in handy if you like the baseball or football packs too). So getting say the Keeper League Fantasy Pack, plus the GP Pack, plus the FP Pack and the shop will discount 10%.


Oops, did I just let an upcoming announcement slip?


Look at Mike Rupp knock Marty Brodeur (seven second mark):



Gaborik’s elbow hits Zidlicky’s head here:


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sentium said:

... Lundy has been completely lights out. As ynotzz said, the Rags have no business this far in the playoffs without King Henrik.

And as was mentioned in the Sykora/Columbus thread, if it was the player's choice, then the club would've traded his rights for a 7th rounder or something. In every other instance of a player electing not to sign, it's clear as day with statements and whatnot. This was the team's choice, plain and simple.
May 22, 2012
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ynotzz said:

Lundqvist Tempting to ask if you have seen all the matches...sure he hasnt had many games/wins with 35+ saves but that is because of all the blocking. The 18-25 saves he makes every game are pretty much from players in the slot, through on goal etc. They wouldnt have made it past neither Ottawa or Washington if the teams had switched goalies....and that's with Holtby putting on some pretty good performances.
May 22, 2012
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modulok said:

... It wasn't even a grazing elbow, it was absorbed straight on by the helmet/shield. Not worth a suspension or anything, maybe a penalty if the refs saw it.

But it's not anything compared to Staal's lumberjack impersonation on Elias. No idea how that's missed/uncalled, but a interference (pick) from Ponikarovsky was called.
May 22, 2012
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Jammer said:

Zidlicky I wonder if Atomic Wedgy would feel the same way if Zidlicky "love tapped" Gaborik like that...?
May 22, 2012
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Atomic_Wedgy said:

Atomic Wedgy
Zidlicky You go down for that? Really..... That is ridiculous. Yes Gaborik clipped him with his elbow a little bit, but it was a love tap at worst.
May 22, 2012
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