Over the next few months, the Roto PDF will undergo another makeover on route to Volume 3.0. Meanwhile, the May Edition hits reset, restoring all players to their factory settings (injuries and such). Also included this month is a four part piece by Tim Graveline (@tsgraveline) on the NHL’s “Titans” in the wake of their unfortunate first round playoff exits. 


Regarding the PDF, its focus has and always will be to put out a simple, clean, yet effective product. A few aspects that will be tackled this upcoming season will be some long overdue player profiles, especially those who have jumped up or slid down the Roto list. The beauty of it all is that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Being excited is an understatement regarding my new role at Dobber Sports. The title brings about new challenges and plenty of opportunities to grow. The iceberg reference above is but one of those goals. As Dobber Sports grows, so will the PDF and everything else with it.  There are plenty of blueprints and ideas in the works. As always, stay tuned – you will not be disappointed.     



Pick up the May pdf here

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