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Ryan Getzlaf was in a bit of a scuffle outside a Finnish nightclub on the weekend. Not fantasy relevant but just some interesting news that may or may not catch on with the English media. (s/t to Kuisma Aalto)


I feel good about this week. A normal week, could it be? In the last two weeks I’ve launched Dobber Prospects, combined the sites/forum into one login, launched the shop, and fought off an attack from hackers that slowed DobberHockey down to a crawl Friday. This week? Back to normal! I do still have an announcement (and those who like Dobber Sports on Facebook already know what it is), and I do have a few odds and ends to clean up with regards to the forum changes, and the shop. But otherwise, a nice normal week. Pretty excited about that.


Since returning from his concussion/ knee, Alex Pietrangelo was a minus-4 in two games. I’m not saying that the concussion impacted his play or his mindset, but… okay actually I am. And I know that the official word is a ‘knee injury’, but let’s go over the timeline here – he was hit from behind on April 28. On April 29, news sites were calling it a “possible concussion”. On April 29 Ken Hitchcock was quoted by reporters as calling the injury an “upper body injury”. On April 30, the injury became “undisclosed”. On May 2 it was a “lower body”. By May 3 it was the knee. It’s one of those concussions that slowly migrate down the body. Regardless, he wasn’t himself after the hit.


Only once over the course of three games (this season) did Brian Elliott give up 11 goals. That one time was… last week. Not the greatest timing for that. Not that the offense was picking up the slack. Still, we’re just eight months removed from thinking that Elliott sucks. Is this just that suckiness shining through? Regardless, if Halak can’t stay healthy then this 1A vs. 1B battle won’t be resolved.


It took 21 regular season games for Dustin Penner to notch his seventh point, but just nine postseason games. Somebody wants another big contract…


With this monster postseason, Dustin Brown has 36 points in his last 32 games. The addition of Jeff Carter has really opened up the ice for the other players, even though Carter’s numbers have been ho hum. Brown is sure looking a like he’ll have a career year next season.


So that’s the season in the books for Chris Stewart. So that’s 86 games, 32 points, two healthy scratches and a three-game suspension. Even Jonathan Cheechoo declined slower than that.


It was promising to see Patrik Berglund second on the team in playoff scoring (seven points in nine games). He’s someone who can and will bounce back on this team. Stewart would probably need a new team/new system.


The Devils have done an effective job of shutting down Claude Giroux – he’s a minus-1 in each game of the series so far and other than a two-minute span last night in which he tallied two points, he has just a point all series. So he got loose for a couple minutes.


As long as the Devils play like this, it will continue to hide Martin Brodeur’s eroding skills. Another 22-shots-on-goal win for Marty. Then again, the Devils were on the PP all game. Happy 40th Birthday Marty.


There was some speculation that Andrej Meszaros could have returned last night, but he did not. Look for him in Game 5.


Sean Couturier did get into the lineup, but played just 7:08.


David Clarkson has two penalty minutes in four games against the Flyers as the Devils have implemented a pretty strict ‘stay disciplined’ mantra. If this mantra continues to see them win games, look for it to bleed into next season. That is to say, Clarkson’s PIM total will be closer to 100 than 150.


ME Vlasic sustained a sprain MCL at the Worlds. It won’t need surgery, but he’s done for the tourney.


Lauri Korpikoski has an undisclosed injury and he’s doubtful for Game 5. Rusty Klesla will also miss Game 5 – suspended for his hit on Matt Halischuk.


Giroux could be in suspension trouble, what do you think? I say one game:



Look at this fight – Stewart vs. Nolan (Shhhhhh…):



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Who Dat said:

Who Dat
Big Announcement Just want to say a big THANK YOU. Been looking for a site for this similar to the hockey forum, and nothing's come close to comparing. Looking forward to seeing in up and running!
May 07, 2012
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steve_oshp said:

no quiet room? Not saying the hit was clean, but when a player is hit in the head hard enough to supposedly leave him lying on the ice and struggling to get to the bench, isn't he supposed to automatically get sent to the quiet room? who decides when the player goes? Either the devils staff should be taken to task over letting him play right away after this 'vicious' head shot, or they should come clean and admit Zubrus told them he was embellishing the hell out of the effect it had on him.
I think one game suspension is plenty. first time offender, clearly zubrus wasn't hurt. but giroux deserves a game for losing his cool and being a bit of a baby over what he thought was a non-call.
May 07, 2012
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Rollie1967 said:

login issue thanks for fixing this....although my previous persona here is no more smilies/cry.gif please, no tears...
Nolan bit off more than he could chew, although the 'shh' crap from Stewart was bit much for a team facing elimination.
Im thinking Giroux gets a game or two, im not 100% certain he targeted the head vs making a big hit on a bigger player, but much like a high sticking call- he only hit Zubrus' head. Maybe next time he just 'SheWebers' his head into the boards (Shanahan should admit he blew that one).
May 07, 2012
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Kevin9 said:

Ovechkin Check Is the check on Girardi any different from this one? http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=151827
May 07, 2012
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bullwinkle said:

Giroux = Bobby Clarke Both are dirty players. Let's hope Shanny gives him at least one.
May 07, 2012
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Username said:

... There's zero chance Shanny suspends Roo for an elimination game. $2500 fine, tops.
May 07, 2012
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FantasyGuru said:

Mr. Guru
Berglund Berglund was held pointless vs the Kings.

When the checking gets tough, Berglund does his best Chris Angel disappearing act.
May 07, 2012 | url
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87Flyer said:

Give me a Break Give me a break. Did his arm come up a bit, sure. Did the acting job by Zubrus make it oh so much more devastating, your dam right it did. What a puke. It's chumps like him that make it difficult on the refs and the rest of the league to be sure what is and what isn't a terrible hit. What a piece of sh*t. He sure had no problem going out and playing his next shift and the rest of the game eh.

And once again. Tell me, where were all you clowns when Malkin AND Kennedy dropped BLATANT elbows on Grossman and ACTUALLY concussed him? Ah yes, Malkin lovers. Get a brain man. If that's a suspension then both Malkin and Kennedy should have been given 5 games. If anything Giroux should receive the same treatment as other star players, NOTHING or at worst a $2500 fine. THAT'S the way the NHL's disciplinary system works, PERIOD.
May 07, 2012
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Nate said:

Giroux Giroux WILL get a suspension. And that ref was an idiot for not making the calls that lead to Giroux getting pissed off.
May 07, 2012
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Guinnies_Moustache said:

Mr Zizzla
#boohooGiroux 1 game, he has to get that much at this point. Shanny should step down if he gives him $2,500 or less.

He was being a big baby because the refs gave Brodeur the call near the trapezoid so he threw a huge temper tantrum and threw an illegal hit, directly to the head. Not as ugly as Weber but he was reacting to something on the ice and the iso-cam of him shows him target Zubrus and attack.

look who is unraveling now! #boohooGiroux

and yes, i am a bitter Pens fan smilies/smiley.gif
May 07, 2012
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pittshamblyuins said:

Giroux Shanny and the NHL are starting to become a joke. They say they want to eliminate head shots and concussions...but they are unwilling to do what is necessary. If Giroux is not suspended for this...we may just as well get rid of the review on head contact all together. Giroux's ONLY point of contact on Zubrus is the head. On top of that, he was acting in a vigilante type of way as he didn't get his way on a call...so he was going to try and create his own form of justice.

Guys are going to continue to get concussions and continue to get hurt until this is removed from the game. The book needs to be thrown at players doing this...regardless of whether their name is Weber or Giroux.
May 07, 2012
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shingy said:

Dobber, do you think expectations on Brown (and others like him) will have to be drawn back if the Kings continue this run and play for another month?

I'd like to see some stats on good point producers before a long cup run and their point totals for the season after.

Thanks for the ramblings.
May 07, 2012
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Kevin9 said:

Giroux That hit was nothing compared to the Neil hit on Boyle or the Ovechkin hit on Girardi. Shanahan won't suspend the stars and is a huge hypocrite.
May 07, 2012
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Shoeless said:

Giroux Well if Giroux doesn't get a suspension for that, I will ignore anything the NHL has to say about trying to eliminate head shots.
May 07, 2012
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