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Montreal has hired former player Marc Bergevin to be their new GM. His six years as a scout and two years as an assistant GM more than qualifies him... Hey, this was on a silver platter for him, after all - the competition was Pierre McGuire!


I hate re-hashing themes that have been done to death already, and with the Internet age that usually means talking about it an hour too late. But obviously the big theme of the last 24 hours is Russian and Russian-area hockey players. The KHL struck blow after blow on the NHL yesterday. Sure, they were glancing blows off a suit of plate armor with a wooden stick but still – the biggest 24 hour damage since Alexander Radulov ignored his NHL contract to sign in the KHL a few years back.


Evgeni Kuznetsov signed a two-year deal with Traktor of the KHL. The damage? The KHL keeps one of the three best hockey players in the world not in the NHL. And if he’s there for two years, and his wife is happy, then he’ll stay. Dmitry Chesnokov also opines that the Olympics is another reason for the decision.


Within the 24 hour window I speak of, Alex Ovechkin gets 13 minutes of ice time. He got the goal, his team won, he’s buying in. That being said, he’s buddies with Kuznetsov. So what would he say to Kuznetsov if he called him up and asked what it’s like to play in Washington? I’d like to make a guess here. I’m guessing he said “stay there until Hunter’s gone!”


Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn are suspended by the team (Nashville) for violating team rules. Rumor is that they were out Saturday night past curfew. Probably drinking something stronger than milk. And Radulov played like crap Sunday. Kudos to the team for holding the line on this issue. That being said, both A.K. and Rads are without a contract in the summer – and I’m think the KHL will let them party and stay out all they want, while paying them millions to do so.


There is a rumor out there that Alexander Burmistrov has been offered a contract by a KHL team. His agent denies it, but something to keep an eye on.


Ilya Kovalchuk missed Tuesday’s contest with a back injury. This doesn’t help the KHL at all, it’s just another big piece of news about a Russian player.


So Kovy’s lower body injury was his back. So now I’ve narrowed down NHL injuries and what they mean, and I’d like to share it with you – “Lower Body Injury” means from the neck down. “Upper Body Injury” means it’s his head.


The legend continues to write itself. Martin Brodeur gets another 20-shot win. Six out of his nine playoff games he has faced 26 or fewer shots.


Adam Larsson got into his first NHL game and scored a goal. He was also a plus-2.


James van Riemsdyk and Daniel Briere were each minus-3.


The Flyers have played eight games now and the team who scored first in seven of those games, wound up losing.


PK Subban’s knee injury will cause him to miss the World Championship and he is heading home. He’s out just two weeks, so won’t impact next season.


I’m calling it now – Nashville wins without Radulov, and Craig Smith gets into the lineup with some PP time and tallies three points. If not Smith, than some other unsung hero. Mark it!


The nice tic-tac-toe that led to the Knuble goal:



No Words. I just love this one, wanted to play it again



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Steffen said:

Radulov I love your call of Predators winning the Cup.

And I love the team's suspension of Rads and AK. This team DID get to where they are without them, and the message sent by this is inspirational, to all involved (hopefully).

Congrats on the upgrade/expansion. I remain a loyal subscriber/money-thrower.
May 02, 2012
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Dobber said:

pattywins Yes, that is why I said "Russian area". That wording also saved me looking up exactly where Burmistrov is from
May 02, 2012
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Rollie1967 said:

13hours is NOT enough Its not like they show up an hour before the game, put on their skates and go for a skate. They would be at the rink HOURS before the game, even if they werent drinking (doubtful) the message this sends to your teammates, your fans, your employer is horrible. After the way they played in game 2- they wouldnt be missed in game 3. Hopefully the rest of the team (especially the 2 players that draw in for them) play well. Even if this event doesnt affect the outcome of the series, it will affect both players future offers. Its not like they were saints before this, I for one wouldnt want either of these morons on my team.
May 02, 2012
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badbehavior said:

... pookguy - if you didn't watch them game, then you obviously don't know what you taking about. Rads defensive play sucked and his mistakes were costly. The Kostisyn brothers have a long history of bad behavior. I have no problem with Trotz suspending/embarrassing them. They're getting paid millions... I have no sympathy for that kind of behavior.

KHL is a 2nd rate league that pays well. Everyone knows the NHL is the best league in the world and if you want to play with the best you come here and play through an entry level contract like everyone else. I say let the whiners and losers stay in the KHL. Maybe the NHL should made an example of players that don't honor their contracts by banning them from reentering the NHL. Young kids taking the system for granted... it's the fans that pay $$$ for this. Lots of good players out there, NHL without Rads and AK will be fine.
May 02, 2012
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Bender said:

RE: pookguy Do you think that professional hockey players making tons of money should be out until 4 am, and then get to sleep all day and then just show up to the rink an hour before their playoff game? Do you think that the owners paying their salary would want their players hungover when winning means more money in their pockets? This is not some bush league hockey, NHL players are supposed to practice, watch tapes, learn systems, work out, etc.
May 02, 2012
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pattywins said:

... Can I assume by Russian area players you are acknowledging that AK is from Belarus?
Most of the talking heads yesterday were calling him Russian.
Small difference I know, but its like calling Canadians Americans.
May 02, 2012
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pookguy88 said:

rads and AK why is everyone getting their panties in a was over this? I didn't see the Sat. game and everyone is saying Rads played bad but what about AK? Did he play bad too? What if they didn't?

Point is, as Rollie mentioned, it was 13 hrs before puck drop, that's plenty of time to sleep. Some guys don't need that much sleep, I mean how many NFLers party it up on the night of the Superbowl? hint, the answer isn't none. So I understand if they get suspended because of a team rule (i.e. curfew) but they could've just as easily played well, which I'm not sure AK did or not, then what we say? Suspend them anyway because of a technicality?
May 02, 2012 | url
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UKflames said:

Radulov He is only playing to kill that final year of his contract then he can get out of NSH, but this type of behaviour isn't going to help with contract negotiations in the summer if he wants to stay in the NHL.
May 02, 2012
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Rollie1967 said:

... Radulov and Andrei K were out 'partying' till 4am... thats only 13hours from the puck drop for game 2. no suprise that Radulov stunk. they wont be missed for 1 game. this after Weber,Suter,Legwand etc. stood up for Radulov, saying they wanted him back. You would think Sergei mustve had some input into his brother joining them as well- and this is how theyre paid back? ugh. Somehow I dont think Andrei is back with the Preds next year. Radulov....nothing will surprise me. It sux that the Preds are already down by 2 games, hate to see them lose because of these two clowns. Time for those prima donnas to put on the big hockey pants and play like men.
May 02, 2012
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