If you are interested in finding the World Championship roster for Team Canada (so far), you can get it here. I get the impression that the team is waiting to add Tyler Seguin if the Bruins lose tonight, or Mike Green/ Brooks Laich if the Caps lose.


Dobber Nation will be delayed for about a week. With all the changes going down, it's been tough to find a mutually workable time for an interview and we would like to have Brendan Ross on to discuss the new site - Dobber Prospects.


How does he do it? How does Martin Brodeur get away with facing so few shots, seemingly every game? If the Devils win the series, next year we won’t be talking about how Brodeur faced 135 shots in 5.5 games, or just 16 shots in a Game 6 that went into overtime. No, we’ll be talking about how Brodeur got the Devils into the second round. Amazing. When you’re a legend, your exploits start writing themselves.


Give Travis Zajac six points in six games after posting just six points in 15 games. That added rest to heal up the Achilles the second time has really worked wonders. Getting back on the first line has helped, too.


With one point in six playoff games, Adam Henrique has 11 in his last 29 overall. Zajac’s great play does have a side effect…


Steve Bernier has really stepped up, too. Despite seeing nine or 10 minutes of ice time per game, he has three points in six contests (he had six in 32 in the season).


Marek Zidlicky – six games, two assists, 24 minutes of average ice time. Peter Harrold – six games, two assists, 14:32 of average ice time.


Kris Versteeg and Sean Bergenheim continue to step it up in the playoffs. Versteeg was only average for the Flyers in the playoffs, but his Blackhawks performance was great, and now he has five points in six games for Florida. While Bergenheim has 12 goals in his 22 playoff games.


Jose Theodore is out with an undisclosed injury and Scott Clemmensen had a chance to eliminate his old team. Clemmensen and the Panthers were outshot 42-16 and still nearly pulled it off.


I saw some spirited arguments over Pacioretty vs. Lupul for the Masterton Trophy on Twitter yesterday. Pretty emotional for a trophy win that will be forgotten in three or four months. It’s great to honor perseverance, but seriously I barely remember Hart winners. For what it’s worth, Lupul’s back injury dragged on for so long and the odds were so against him, I’d lean that way as opposed to Pacioretty’s devastating injury that, while gruesome, only knocked him out for three months or so (remember, he was ready to return in the second round if the Habs got there).


I love the spirit of the GM of the Year award, but I don’t think it can be properly done. You can’t really reward a GM for his work of the past year, but often the true results from it come two years from now. Some of the GM’s you think are terrible now, will be terrible in two years. But some of them will be considered in the Top 10 in two years. Which ones? We don’t know. My point.


Both Nick Grossmann and Andrej Meszaros were back in practice for the Flyers, but neither were taking contact.


The big news – Roberto Luongo said he’d waive his NTC if asked. Why is that big news? Beats me. I think most players would waive their NTC if asked. They just get to pick where they go.


As Bob McKenzie said on TSN last night, although Luongo has 10 years left on his contract, teams won’t be scared off because three of those years are joke years. Really it’s a seven-year contract.


Everyone speculates Tampa Bay. I’m with them. Would Toronto bother? Sharks? Hawks? Whoever it is, they would either move salary, or they will be paying just draft picks or prospects. Nothing major to take on a contract like that.





You can hardly see it from this angle, but 13 seconds in you see Michalek, who is on the ice, swinging his leg back and his skate kicks Dan Girardi in the thigh. Shanahan looked at this, but only gave a “warning”:



Mike Smith a nice sliding save:



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Kevin said:

... Per the controversial goal video, I can't believe, the officials, Toronto and Shanahan missed the spear that Chris Neil gives Lundquist pushing him almost out of the crease. Most obviously seen at 1:21 of the video.
I also don't see how if a puck isn't contacted (by a skate in this instance) how it accelerates. 2:27
April 25, 2012
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Puckhead said:

The Guru's got it! Fantasy Guru, that is exactly the way to look at it, and what I believe is how Gillis will see it as well. I have heard the argument, that moving Schneider makes more sense, because you can get a lot more for him, then you could for Luongo. That may be true, and a big reason for it, is because Schneider isn't making the big money...I think you keep Schneider and use the space to go out and pick up a monster D, or a top 6 forward.
April 25, 2012
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Fantasy Guru said:

Mr. Guru
... Move Luongo for picks and put yourself into position to sign Parise/Suter?

Sounds pretty good
April 25, 2012
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Puckhead said:

Picks, prospects should be enough... Chris, the reason I see Gillis taking picks/prospects is because they have the goalie they want in Schneider, and if they move Luongo, they get cap relief, which they can then go out and address their needs. I don't mind the moving of big contract for big contract, but I don't think Gillis wants to go into next year with Luongo as his backup...and that is why he will take what he can get this summer. It may be a function of the cap, whereby if you want to take on Luongo, you may want to move a high salary guy, but when you are trying to build a winner, you would rather add Luongo, and keep Lecavalier, Nash or Marleau...although, those are three guys who could most definitely be moved this summer whether Luongo is involved or not. If I was a western team, there is little chance I would give Vancouver exactly what they need to get over the top, so look for a deal to the east.

Ross, this summer is a very tricky time to move contracts because the league is heading into CBA negotiations. I have to believe that one of the pressing issues will be the buyout, and burying of contracts...it gives the spending teams a definite leg up, and if parity is where they want the league to be, that will be a hot button subject, because there are a lot more teams that don't have the option.

April 25, 2012
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Chris said:

Luongo I disagree that Tampa is the best fit for Loungo. I also disagree with Dreger, McKenzie and Dobber that Gillis will be interested in picks and prospects in return...

The Canucks have been a post season disappointment for a few years now, and their window to win is shrinking. I dont see Gillis trading either goalie for anything other than a top 6 forward and/or top 4 dman. Picks and prospects do nothing to help the team today, and im positive that the priority is to win now...

Taking that into consideration, TB isnt a great fit. Yzerman has lots of draft picks to move, but not really any players that are signed to similar loungo-type deals.. Vinny maybe, but the Canucks dont need a center and his cap hit would be a bit trickier to fit in. Hedman isnt going anywhere.

TO also isnt a great fit. Schenn and Kadri would be a decent package, but doesnt fit the help-us-win-now criteria... FLA has no players of interest. NJ needs a successor to Brodeur but i dont see a player that fits Van's requirements there either. As for CHI and SJ - unlikely that Lou gets traded to a western conference team. Having said that, a Lou for Marleau trade would make sense for both teams... CHI seems especially unlikely due to the rivalry and Gillis not wanting to face Lou down the road, but CHI does have several players that fit the criteria of instant help and salary/term coming back... (Seabrook, Sharp or Hossa?)

The best fit IMO is with Columbus. I heard they have a star winger who wants out. He is signed to a big long term deal as well, and CBJ could definitely use a goalie. Yes the cap hit is tricky again, but to add a sniper like Nash, im sure Gillis can find a way to make it work.Send Raymond with Lou and next years cap hit is identical. not resigning Salo frees up the money needed for Schneider... Problem solved... So why is nobody talking about Luongo and Raymond for Nash? I would be calling Howson right now if I was Gillis. Columbus is fairly close to FLA, and there would be no pressure, which is an environment Lou would likely thrive in.

I dont like the Canucks and ill be terrified of their potential after they move a goalie, but i disagree 100% with the pundits who suggest that Vancouver is looking for picks and prospects... its time to win, and Nash, Marleau or Lecavalier feel (to me) like much more likely targets for Gillis.
April 25, 2012
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Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Luongo 7 vs 10 years Jeremy,
The reason why GMs can look at his contract as being 7 years is because it was front loaded. So they could buy out the remainder of his contract for cheap after 7 years. Of course he is going to get every penny of that contract if he wants it, who wouldn't? So 7 vs 10 years makes a big difference, because then the team can take him off of their salary for the remaining 3 years for much less then what his cap hit is.
April 25, 2012
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Pavel Nikiforovitch said:

An interesting pattern! Just noticed something. Out of all teams that have won the Cup in 1976-2011, NONE have made it to the second round of 2012 playoffs yet! Boston, New Jersey and the Rangers are still fighting, and everyone else has ever been eliminated or not made it to the playoffs at all!

Out of the five teams that have made it to the second round, only Philadelphia has won the Cup before, while St. Louis, Nashville, Phoenix and Los Angeles have never done it!
April 25, 2012
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Puckhead said:

Luongo...TBay bound... Its so obvious, provided Stevie Y wants Luongo...They are a team with loads of talent, an improving D corps, a good young coach, and a great young GM. The only thing they don't have...YEP! a big time Keeper...enter Luongo!! He would be the man, (as Dustin Tokarski is not the answer) his Wife's family is from south Florida, and he remains on a competitive team that can challenge for the cup. I can't believe it wouldn't happen this summer!

All I heard on sports radio yesterday was Florida, Chicago, maybe Toronto...WTF? Even to try and draw a parallel between the media circus he deals with in Van City, and that would be an easy transition to T.O...forgetting the fact that T,O is still a ways off from competing for the Cup.

Florida? Why would Luongo want another up and coming young stud in Markstrom breathing down his neck? Not a fit.

Chicago, could make sense, and he would get the opportunity to stick it to Vancouver, but seriously, the west is a lot tougher, so that is why I say Tampa!

The stars are aligning, and it could be a marriage made in heaven!!! Here's hoping it happens, as I think he got a raw deal in Vancouver, and at his age, he still has a lot of great years left!

April 25, 2012
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Jeremy Wark said:

Luongo ..nobody knows how these retirement contracts will pan out. 7 vs. 10 years makes it better? For a soon to be 33 y/o goaltender? There is nothing stopping Roberto Luongo from collecting every penny of that contract, he's got all to control.
April 25, 2012
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