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Dobber Sports announces the latest addition to the Dobber fantasy sports brand.


Darryl Dobbs, founder of Dobber Sports and the Dobber Sports Network, has launched a new website., another free offering, is live and available to the public as of April 19, 2012.


The website was created to fulfill a growing hunger of fantasy hockey owners – and hockey fans in general – to have more prospects information. “The buzz that the DobberHockey Fantasy Prospects Report generates each year is astounding.” said Dobbs. “It became pretty clear to me that I could create an entire website on the concept that would complement the Prospects Report, and it would have the potential to become something special.”


“The demand for prospect information is endless.” added Jeff Angus, manager for DobberHockey. “Trying to peg upsides and projections based on a scouting report is often times frustrating.”, the first website launched under the Dobber banner, has become a multi-million page views per month website in just six-and-a-half years of existence. The sixth edition of the Fantasy Prospects Report is scheduled for release on June 1, 2012, so the timing of the new site launch couldn’t have been better.


“Anticipation of the DobberProspects launch has been almost unbearable.” said Brendan Ross, manager for the new site. “DobberProspects will provide the fantasy hockey world with a resource bank full of up-to-date prospect profiles, an element that is often neglected on many sites, on players relevant to fantasy owners everywhere. The on-going updates from our team will provide our readers with the edge on their opponents.”


According to Dobbs, the focus will be on the young players, as opposed to feature pieces. Keeping the profiles updated with injury information, hot streaks, award s and signings is a big job. But at the same time, there will be an area for general hockey prospect musings. “Right where the Ramblings can be found on DobberHockey and DobberBaseball.”


“I think the most exciting aspect of the site is the relevancy of it.” said Angus. “Our player profiles will constantly be updated.”


“It will be my responsibility to provide the readers with honest opinions.” said Ross before giving us a final note. “Let’s enjoy the ride!”


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Ron said:

awesome! Awesome, awesome, awesome idea!

Did I already mention I think it is an awesome idea?
April 20, 2012
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Wc17 said:

... Great stuff. Very good idea! One suggestion after perusing the site would be to somehow link purchases of the prospect report to the login so that users who have purchased PRs within the last 18 months would see that info in the profiles for each prospect. I know that might be hard to do but if that was possible it would e awesome as you could essentially access the information in the PRs from anywhere.
April 20, 2012
Votes: +1

praba said:

... will our logon for this site work for the new one?
April 19, 2012
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Rob Myatt said:

No you didn't!!!! woop woop woop.
This did turn me on my ear.
Well done Dobber gang. Looking forward to the event at SportsCentre Cafe.
We should all wear "hello my name is" tags with our forum handles written in there. There's a few I'd like to smack and a few I'd like to buy a beer for. Way better than rep.
April 19, 2012
Votes: +2
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