Marian Hossa was the victim of a dirty hit by Raffi Torres. He was carried off on a stretcher and taken to hospital in an ambulance. The hit was late, targeted the head, left the ice… and it was charging. As a repeat offender, Mr. Torres is probably looking at many many games for this. Clip below. Hossa was later released from hospital and anticipates a “full recovery”.


The Red Wings will probably get eliminated by the Predators and it’s a shame. One of two series that I think would fit better in the second or third round – not the first. These are the third and fourth best teams in the Conference, but seeded as four and five. On the other side, Pittsburgh and Philly are second and third but seeded four and five. It’s just a shame that the GM’s have put together these teams, the coaches have done their job, the teams are deep and talented – but two of them are out in seven or fewer.


The Wings fired 41 shots at Rinne, the Preds fired 17 at Howard. Jimmy Howard has faced 91 shots in the series and stopped 80 of them. It’s not Fleury-bad, but it’s not great either.


Shea Weber and Ryan Suter combined for 62 minutes of ice time in a game that ended in regulation.  Ryan Ellis played just five minutes.


Gustav Nyquist saw just six minutes. Not sure how I feel about that. The Nyquist owner in me wishes he got a chance – would 16 minutes and time on a line with a superstar give the Red Wings another goal or two? Or would they have been worse off, as well as stunt his development?


James Neal got suspended for one game. It was for the hit on Claude Giroux which was the more obvious one, not the hit on Couturier which I thought lacked intent. The Pens will be without Neal, Adams and Asham as well (Arron Asham got four games). I think you’ll see Joe Vitale, Dustin Jeffrey and perhaps Eric Tangradi draw in. Instead of Tangradi, a long shot idea is Steve MacIntyre. Wouldn’t that be something?


Nicklas Lidstrom is not really a shooter, these days averaging about two shots per game. But you can tell he’s really trying to push his team over the top – 10 shots in his last two games.


The Devils take a 3-0 lead, Jose Theodore gets pulled, Scott Clemmensen shuts the door. The Panthers score three to tie it, Martin Brodeur gets pulled, Johan Hedberg lets in one goal… takes the loss. Word is that Brodeur will get the start next game.


Sean Bergenheim, he of nine goals in 16 playoff games last year, has four points in three games this year.


Nothing against Peter Harrold, and this NJ-FLA series admittedly is one of two that I haven’t seen a second of (the Blues-Sharks is the other one), but … is he really the better option right now over Adam Larsson?


Nicklas Backstrom has been suspended for one game. Devastating blow to the Caps.  We’ve seen how well they did without Backstrom in the lineup.


What’s a funnier non-story? Karl Alzner’s crybaby tease on Milan Lucic, Crosby’s “I don’t like them” answer to reporter’s silly question, or Todd Bertuzzi’s (not really) taking a ping-pong table away from the Nashville Predators?


Brad Richardson has miraculously returned already from his appendix removal – and he’ll be back in the lineup for the Kings in place of Andrei Loktionov.


The Flyers have called up their Black Aces, including Erik Gustafsson and as noted yesterday, Michael Leighton.


As I’m sure you’ve heard by now from dozens of media sources, Daniel Sedin is looking quite promising for a return to the lineup for Game 4. It obviously changes the dynamic in a huge way, but is it too late? He’s a “game-time decision”.


Rostislav Klesla picked the right day to become that fourth overall pick that the Blue Jackets wanted in 2000. The former OHL point-per-game defenseman has been solid defensively, but injuries stunted his offensive development at the pro level. But he took a break from all that with three points last night, giving him four in the postseason. He had 13 in 65 regular season games.


Michael Frolik scored his 19th goal in his last 151 games last night. Well done sir.


Mike Smith did indeed play last night, and played well. He stopped 35 of 37 shots for the W.


Fans and media are extremely hard on Brendan Shanahan – and rightfully so, given the crazy inconsistency. But a couple of points need to be made here. One, we knew when he got the job that we would probably, within a few months, hate him and complain about the inconsistent rulings. So don’t act surprised. Two, I don’t think any of us know the politics going on in the background. The behind-the-scenes phone calls from NBC and TSN execs, the Gary Bettman opinion, the gray area where you’re on the fence about a one-game suspension or zero games…and you make the decision, but after sleeping on it you realize your mistake that you can’t take back. It must be hell. Has to be hell. You couldn’t pay me enough to take that job – and if you ever did stupidly offer to pay me enough… then we’d be talking millions and I would basically work one day, pocket a day’s salary, then quit. I just hope that when Shanahan leaves the position, everyone who liked him before he got the job will still like him and respect him after he leaves it.


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Don't forget - as per today's headline story - this site, all my sites, will shut down for about an hour tonight at midnight. For details, read the "Changes Coming" piece.


The Torres hit on Hossa:




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Spooky said:

So what have we learned...? That Neal was NOT suspended for taking a run at a defenseless player (and leaving his feet to do so), targeting his head.
However, he was suspended for TRYING to knock Giroux's block off.
In other words, it is not OK to go after star players like G, but it is open season on role players like Coots.smilies/cry.gif
April 18, 2012
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Santo Manna aka Ross10019 said:

Shanahan Agree with you Dobber, Shanahan's got a "no-win" situation most of the time with these rulings. But his ruling on Weber/Zetterberg was absolutely unforgivable, no matter the politics involved, no matter what league or planet you are on, that deserved at least 1 game. Shanahan is known for his integrity, right? So, in his shoes, I would have said 1 game to Weber and, if I had pressure from anyone, especially little dracula Bettman, I would have threatened to resign right then and there. The Weber ruling is a complete embarassment to the NHL, and to Shanahan.
April 18, 2012
Votes: +1

Mabus said:

Rulings If I swing at your head with a bat and miss, the penalty is much different than if I connect and knock you out. It's probably no penalty for missing you. If I hit you and knock you out, it's assault. If I kill you, it's manslaughter or murder. The fact is that many items in our society are based on a combination of intent and result. It frustrates me as well, but I'm coming to accept that it's just the way things are.
April 18, 2012
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Hek said:

Discipline CSI style Ok Ok I have the perfect solution. As much as I hate computers it's ideal. The league punches all the stuff they don't want into the game into the program. The program is then given standards for how long of a suspension according to the infraction. After a controversy hit or in the case of this years playoffs every hit every game the computer then runs its comparison of the hit to it's data base. Voila, we get a wicked video of the computer performing a CSI style explanation of why Neal is suspended for 10 games. Explanation: Neal followed the same pattern as this other player who also targeted an unsuspecting player who hadn't touched the puck. Problem solved. No one has to hate on Shanny for being a political b*tch anymore and he can go back to being the nice guy he was instead of the blind guy who doesn't stay true to his word. The computer takes the blame and doesn't have any issues with it because it's a computer.

We now have a standard operating procedure that doesn't take into account "he said he didn't mean it" even though we all know he did. Or "I tried to slow down but I just couldn't help myself, I had to run him as hard as I could. What do you expect, he's shut down the scoring champ all series, someone had to take him out". Simple black and white discipline, the way it should be.
April 18, 2012
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CommittedToTheIndian said:

@hannuemen You won't be waiting as long as I will. One or two nasty series can be entertaining, but the garbage in these playoffs has indeed spiraled out of control. Best team sport in the world when the focus is on skill, but if this crap is the product Bettman, Shanahan, et al want, then I'll get my hockey fix from college and the Olympics, which are physical enough for me. The NHL has lost a fan.
April 18, 2012
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mike hess said:

Suspensions Sorry guys...Shannahan has a no win job, but, I blame the refs more than anything...if they stand-up and do their job and control the game as they are supposed to do you will see a lot less of these hits, these behaviors and a lot fewer comments about Shannahan's inconsistency....Throwing a few of the abusers out of the game right off would chill out the others quickly...
April 18, 2012
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mike hess said:

Frolik Dobbs...I assume your Frolik comment is tongue-in-cheek...but, why is he ranked so high on the top 300...204...time to rethink 19 goals in 151 games makes him somewhat irrelevant in fantasy hockey smilies/grin.gif
April 18, 2012
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Nate said:

Suspensions I'll agree with you that Shannahan is in a tough spot, and that he has a difficult job. That said, I think the fans hockey adoration of him are clouding their ability to judge his performance unbiasedly.

Personally, I think he's done a decent job, especially considering how much scrutiny he's been under. But he's also made his share of mistakes, and he's not in a position to make too many mistakes.

The rules need to be clearly defined, intent needs to be the determining factor in handing out suspensions, and the length of the suspensions all need to be laid out beforehand according to the violation. Ie; A hit to the head with intent = 7 games, or whatever it is. Repeat offenders automatically have their suspension total doubled. Etc.

But at the same time, you have to be wary of making players too scared of getting suspended to be physical. They need to understand that if they play the game the "right way" and don't go out there with intent to hit from behind, or to the head, than they will be fine.

The real problem, is how do you deem what was "intended" without actually being in that players head at the time?
April 18, 2012 | url
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GB said:

Shanny I agree its a very tough job, there have been alot of improvements from what Colin Campbell did and there are political issues galore, but fundamentally its wrong to judge punishment on the end result i.e. how hurt the player is.

So, if Zetterberg gets a concussion and misses games, Weber would have been suspended, but because Zetterberg was ok Weber gets fined $2,500 instead. NO! Weber purposefully rammed Zetterberg's head into the glass after punching him in the back of the head 2 sec. before. That is wrong REGARDLESS and Weber should have been suspended. It should not be based on the end result/injury; it should be based on what the player actually DID. If a player leads with his elbow to the head or jumps into another player targeting the head, that is suspendable regardless.

His other rulings have been wildly inconsistent; for example only 1 game for Neal even though there were two separate incidents AND Neal had been warned earlier in the season. The Giroux hit he clearly was going for the head and I do not see much difference between his hit on Couturier and the Torres hit on Hossa last night. Both left their feet, both hit the player after he no longer had the puck, both hit him squarely in the head etc. The major difference is Torres is a role player while Neal is a star and it certainly appears as if the star is being let off easy in this case.

Shanny said in his explanation that he accepted Neal's assertion he jumped to avoid the collision on the Couturier hit??!! Anyone who watched the video sees Neal made an absolute beeline for Couturier and made no effort to aviod anything but clocking him cold...what a joke.

April 18, 2012
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KJ said:

Big Kjell
Brendan Shanahan Well said, Dobber, on Brendan Shanahan. It's a no-win position for him and maybe the only thing he can be blamed for is accepting the position. But then again, maybe he felt he could do slightly better than the other guy and felt it a service to the league he respects so much.
April 18, 2012
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hannuemen said:

Torres Hit It's unfortunate because if he would have stayed on his feet and drove his shoulder into Hossa's chest, it could have been a beautiful hit. Maybe a tad late but I don't think it was horrendous. He made a conscious decision to leave his feet and take out the head so my guess would be 7 games.
I'm really getting sick of all this garbage in the playoffs this year. Ended up watching baseball over hockey playoffs last night. I'll wait off another couple weeks when we get down to real playoff hockey.
April 18, 2012
Votes: +1
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