Over the next few days, some massive changes are coming. All of them will impact you, the reader. In a positive way, of course.


One Domain, One Login


First on the docket, all of the Dobber sites will go under one login and one domain. Although DobberHockey.com will still take you to the same place, it will technically become hockey.dobbersports.com.


What this will mean to you:

1. All websites will be down from midnight ET on April 18 until 1am ET one hour later (April 19).

2. When you are logged in at DobberHockey, you can post in the forum and then go to the DobberBaseball forum and post there - still logged in. This means that the user names become one. If you have two user names, you will lose the baseball one and post as your DobberHockey handle. If you have an issue with that, I'll take it case-by-case. If you have a DobberBaseball account and not a DobberHockey account, I am having people add it manually to the DobberHockey database.

3. This may mean that for a day or so, you won't have access to your DobberBaseball purchases.


A New Website

A new Dobber website is on the way, scheduled to launch Thursday evening. This website will turn the fantasy hockey world on its ear.


A New Shop

This is scheduled to go live on the weekend. The idea of the new shop is better customization of the products that you want, rather than be forced to pick and choose from packages that are not quite right for you. It also has greater flexibility in terms of coupons and discounts. This will also involve transferring over the sales database and may also include a temporary disruption in your access to prior purchases. Re-download and save them, and this won't be a problem.


Another New Website

Another new website will be announced within the next week. Just making another splash in the fantasy sports world.


The Keeper League Fantasy Pack

Everybody's favorite package will be up for sale when the new shop is live. This includes the 2012 Fantasy Prospects Report and the 2012-13 Fantasy Guide.


DobberHockey Event

We can't very well have all of this happening without an event to celebrate, can we? Within the next month, in Toronto, I'll set something up at the Sportscenter Cafe.


Mobile Access

It has come to my attention that some people are suddenly having trouble accessing the site via their smart phone. Hopefully these changes fix that. If not, we will investigate next week and then work on a solution. Just know that we are aware of the issue.


Now sit back and enjoy!


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Julien said:

Le Jule
Good work ! Nice work to update your server !
April 18, 2012
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Kenneth Holloman said:

... Sounds great Dobbs!!smilies/cheesy.gif
April 18, 2012
Votes: +2

paul said:

... growth is a good sorta change
kudos D
April 18, 2012
Votes: +1
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