Here we stand, several games into the postseason. Heroes are rising while some hopes are sadly fading. As we roll into spring embracing the best of the best, this April edition will take a final tally of the freshly finished season.

Before getting into the good stuff, a shout out to the Black Aces over in the forums is well deserved. Having NHL team threads being constantly updated is amazing - a fantastic source of rich conversation among fans and poolies alike.  If you haven’t checked out the coverage section over the course of the season, it is not too late to go share your thoughts on the post-season and beyond. Same can be said about the daily Studs and Duds over the course of the season by a group of well respected writers and posters. Kudos! Thanks for your hard work and dedication through the grind of the season.

That said, DobberHockey is always looking for fresh articles, production and hidden gems. It may not be every day, but fourteen months later, aspiring writers are still getting their cup of coffee. A little dedication goes a long way – look no further than those who made the leap from the forums to the homepage (Steve Laidlaw, Tim Lucarelli, Brendan Ross, Michael Amato, Peter Harling, Ryan Goddard - plus a couple of others who have been brought on as writers of the new website, which is launching soon). The graduates list boasts many familiar names that have become regular DH writers, proving that there is a great avenue for homegrown talent.

If you want to write hockey and have something to say – make yourself heard!  I am always available to bounce ideas and discuss niches or points of interest. The Roto guide is another great place to showcase your articles. So what are you waiting for? Get ‘er done!


Download the April pdf right here.

Enjoy the playoffs!

Check out the DobberHockey First Round Panel and my Breakdown via Fantrax.com, should you be so inclined.


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GMGates said:

... Dobber must have heard you! Check the ramblings :

"It's looking like my Fantasy Prospects List will be up later today, as I'm full throttle into it this morning. Sorry for the delay - a record-setting delay, as I've never been so late. But with the end of the season, the upcoming launch, and then I was away on the weekend... this slipped through the cracks. If I were to guess, I would say 5pm ET."

April 16, 2012
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hazetech said:

... Just to know... There is not top 215 prospect this month ??? Dobber seem tho have mutch to do...
April 16, 2012
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