Dobber - Thanks Chris! Hope to see you back next year. For now, Sundays will bounce around between writers, including myself and Angus, but Ryan Ma will take a stab at a couple as well.

This week, I hope to relaunch the Dobber sites and introduce to you a new website. While that is being done, I am addressing some security issues (just some idiots planting harmless but annoying spam on some pages). I’ll also be addressing recent issues that have come up with regards to accessing the site via mobile phone. For what I figure has been about 10 days now, some of you have been unable to access DobberHockey. For now, give a try.


Regardless if the Caps get eliminated, I’m adamant in my belief that Braden Holtby should battle Michal Neuvirth for the starting job next year. Goaltending is not the problem with this team – and Holtby is their best goaltender.


Alex Semin led the Caps with five shots, Thornton led the Bruins with five shots. Semin played 29 minutes, Thornton played eight.


A couple of quick thoughts on the games overall – I thought the Matt Carkner thing (clip added to bottom) spurred the Sens. Boyle punched Karlsson, so Carkner punched Boyle. I also thought the Shaw hit on Mike Smith rattled the goaltender enough to make a difference. Dirty plays that got the players into hot water – but won the game and in the case of Chicago may eventually win the series. This is looking as though teams need to do this… or have this done to them. Let’s say Phoenix sends out a non-star to take liberties on Jonathan Toews and that non-star gets suspended – if Phoenix gets momentum back if Toews is put out of the lineup, it will have been worth it, no? My point – teams may be starting to think that way. Vigilante justice. Unless the league and the refs seize control back. Brandon Dubinsky was kicked out for being the third man in on that Boyle fight.


The Rangers could be in trouble is Ryan McDonagh is out. He blocked a wicked shot from the point off the inside of his ankle.


Carl Hagelin also hit Daniel Alfredsson with an oustretched elbow to the side of his head. Guaranteed suspension there, and Hagelin out of the lineup could mean Chris Kreider – in.


Alfredsson left the game. No word on the severity.


Jaroslav Halak also left the game with a lower body injury, and Brian Elliott came in and shut the door. I’d have to think that they ride Elliott until he falters, whether Halak is healthy or not.


Do yourself a favor, if you missed the Sharks/Blues game. Scroll through the scoring summary – penalty section. It’ll take awhile. After the buzzer there were five misconduct penalties handed out. Fifteen players in that game had four minutes in penalties or more.


Yes, the theme of my little ramble today is – vigilante justice. Let’s see if that continues throughout the first round. It hid some of the exciting things, such as all the OT games, or the Patrick Sharp tying goal with six seconds left, etc.


Antoine Vermette scored twice – but was a minus-3!


Youtube clips added to the bottom here.


A week from now, you’ll be able to find me (although not if I can help it) near Pebble Beach on a weeklong working vacation. Ocean view. Room service. Can. Not. Wait.


But, this will be my last Ramblings here at DH... at least for awhile. The invite has been extended to return and chances are excellent that will happen in October for next season, unless the NHL and its players are incomprehensibly embroiled in a lockout/strike.


I actually could have stayed on now for the normal Sunday Ramblings schedule through next season, but if you know me then you know once the regular season is over those weekends sans work are like gold. Can’t put a price on that.


The past six months or so have been quite a lot of fun here. I was fairly apprehensive about taking on Ramblings in the first place when Darryl made contact last fall - strictly due to concerns about fitting it in on top of the normal Saturday night gong show writing schedule - but he and everyone here at DH have been incredibly friendly and it turns out I actually CAN do 12 things at once.


Don’t let my wife know. The summer chore schedule will be hell if she finds out.


The whole DH community, starting with Darryl (class act, intelligent businessman and a nice guy to boot) and flowing through the entire staff here and out to the readership, have helped to create a tremendously positive experience. That includes those of you from my following who have been closet DH patrons. I know who you are now. Cyber Scarlett Letter applied. ;)


But seriously, if I could leave you with one thought it’d be this:


Your backing makes a tangible difference in the lives of those of the few of us who are fortunate enough to do this sort of thing – and this alone - for a living. Truly.


If you enjoy my blogs, be it Hockey Hearsay (every weekday, 12 months of the year) or the Live NHL Recaps (regular season)... or if you peruse ANY of the vast array of columns from the numerous authors here at DH... then support the content so it continues to stay around year after year.


For my subject matter, it’s virtually 100 percent about the page views, whether via the web or smartphone. Positive comments under the blogs are always encouraged and Twitter followers serve a purpose too, but hits are the prime currency.


Read HH in the playoffs. And the summer. Visit often during the season.


Buy the guides when they come out here at DH. They’re only a few bucks here and there and it’s one way you can show your encouragement for the work that goes on at this site. Read the articles. Come back for fresh Ramblings updates. Hits are extremely important at DH as well, as with any internet-based content.


You don’t have to agree with everything that’s ever written here. That’s not the point. It’s about supporting the concept of having a poolie-friendly haven where we of the fantasy brethren can gather.


Thank-you – sincerely – for your support of my work both here and at SN. It means a lot.


Enjoy the playoffs.


Should you be so inclined, follow me on Twitter for NHL and fantasy info as a safe mobile notifications options with minimal self-involved dreck in 140-character spurts.




Ross... FYI & FWIW, here's the deal so you and anyone else who was thinking the same thing knows:

Per my initial agreement with the site, last Sunday was going to be my finale Ramblings to coincide with the end of the regular season. I had planned to tack this "farewell" sentiment onto the end of that evening's work.

Sometime during the week before that finale Sunday, Darryl asked if I could do one extra week. With some of the things he alluded to off the top of his Ramblings today, he's been really busy of late and needed a little extra time so he and I could talk about our possibilities going forward.

I said sure, for him I'd be happy to do an extra week. Then, early this week, it turned out that he caught up with everything. We had a chance to map out what we might do together for the fall. He also said he'd be able to have this Sunday covered, so I didn't need to worry about it anymore.

So I made other plans. Then Thursday, he let me know it turned out he couldn't get coverage for today's Ramblings after all. I told him I knew at that point I wouldn't be watching any of Saturday's games (although I caught overtime of the BOS/WAS game, hence my tweet wondering why Caps players would be jumping into Nicklas Backstrom in the boards after he scoring the winner when the guy is coming off half-a-season of lost games from a concussion) and also wouldn't have time to write something... but said I could pen the farewell tidbit I had initially planned to do last weekend, if that would help.

Perfect, he said. Then people won't wonder where you went. He would then tack on some game notes on Sunday when he had a chance, but wouldn't have to worry about writing anything Saturday night. Win-win.

So... that's the scoop, as it unfolded. Hence the "improper ramblin'". I thought about mentioning the highlights of this when I wrote this Ramblings message out Friday in the first place, but didn't figure it was necessary. Apparently it was.

- Chris




Matt Carkner jumps Brian Boyle and gives him a message – “no punching Karlsson”. Later in the clip, Dubinsky makes his entry into the Gatorade bucket toss contest:



Shaw hammering Mike Smith, who was down and out – but returned.




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lusshouse said:

Goc 2 more points for Goc. If my notes are OK, he's 28 in 42 since coming back from his injury, which is a pace for 55 points.
April 15, 2012
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Wink said:

... Chris,
Really enjoyed your writing.
You really sprayed to all fields... lots of coverage of lots of teams. Much appreciated.
Hope to see you back next season.

Curious to hear from those who have been watching the Dogs/Hawks series. Mike Smith has been initiating contact in both games, and flopping around like a salmon on a river bank any time anyone comes close to him. He's aggressively playing the puck, and roaming out of his crease trying to make 100+ foot passes.

Fine. But anybody watching games 1 and 2 could see that it was going to be impossible to avoid some controversy regarding contact with him. Then he draws the penalty on Toews early in game 2, and PHX scores. He takes the game up a notch in the aggressiveness area.

The league needs to punish head shots- the concussion conundrum is serious- but they also need to take a good hard look at placing fines and suspensions when video evidence shows that somebody is clearly feigning the seriousness of the results of a hit to try to gain a competitive advantage.

All this in the dust of the Weber situation Thursday...
April 15, 2012
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Seth said:

Fast Tony DeNiro
.... Thank you Chris and I hope you come back to write in the fall.

As for the Rangers/Sens thing.....well played by both sides. Carkner backed up his teammate, as did Dubinsky. Ya Boyle is like 6'6" 250lbs, but that wasn't a fight it was an attack where Carkner got 7 or 8 clean punches in to Boyle's 0. I'm sure Boyle got his hands up since he wasn't bloody or anything, but Dubinsky still has to support him there. The penalty he got was correct as he was the 3rd man in, but it was a penalty that any coach at any level of hockey would be ok with.
April 15, 2012
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Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Word Up Chris! My earlier comment wasn't intended to be a slight at you. The beauty of the ramblings (for me at least) is that it has become part of my morning ritual. I appreciate everything you've done, and believe me, I certainly took notice to the amount of work you put into what you write. I am a hockey junky, so when I didn't get my morning fix I became crabby.

Thanks for all your hard work! I look forward to reading your work in the future smilies/smiley.gif
April 15, 2012
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TheRook said:

... Great stuff Chris, loved reading your ramblings.

Create a thread when you write a new article somewhere and that will help you get hits. I know it would help me find your stuff.
April 15, 2012
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Renaldo? said:

Teh Doktor
Carkner/Boyle MSG Wow. I watched that clip with Carkner and Boyle. WHO is the Rangers broadcast guy? He's awful.

I get it. Carkner came over across the ice. I understand... yes. Yes, you said. He comes all the way across the ice to punch Boyle.

Holy crap. I'd shoot myself if I had to listen to this idiot for a season.

Dubinsky had to get in there to help Boyle!? I'm not looking it up, but isn't Boyle like 6'6"? I know he wasn't in a "fight", but he's a big boy and can take care of himself and by this point in his career knows that if he's going to take liberties on top line players that there is probably going to be a bell to answer.

"You have heard the tune... and now it is time to pay the piper."

And where's the outrage about a third liner taking liberties on who was arguably the best defenseman in the league this year?

April 15, 2012
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Jeff Angus said:

... Enjoyed the ramblings Chris - thanks for the great work this season.
April 15, 2012
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Ross The Boss Palmer said:

Ross The Boss Palmer
Thanks Dobber Thanks for adding some substance Dobber! Not to say what was written was bad, but in the heat of the playoffs there needs to be proper ramblin'. Actually put me in a bad mood this morning as I was looking for discussion from everything that happened yesterday.
April 15, 2012
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chimp82x said:

... Thanks for the ramblings this season, Chris. I really enjoyed them. Hope you have a great summer. Cheers.
April 15, 2012
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David said:

thanks Thanks for all the Sunday posts, Chris. Looking forward to having you back.
April 14, 2012
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