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It’s quite the long shot, but Steven Stamkos nabbing that empty netter with two seconds left gave him 95 points on the year and is now nine points back of Evgeni Malkin with three games to go. A very long shot, but getting three points keeps that tiny thread of hope.


Teddy Purcell has 40 points in his last 36 games. Now that he’s proven himself to be a highly-skilled top sixer, he’ll have that expectation on him for next year. Generally, if the coach expects that of a player, he’ll play him accordingly – which in turn serves to boost the ol’ point totals. I think this year’s 62 (and counting) points is just the tip of the iceberg.


Mathieu Perreault has eight points in his last 12 games despite modest ice time. And that’s the sort of production that I expect from Perreault next season (just under 55 points) provided there is no coaching change.


John Carlson’s ice time was down to 12:50 last night and he’s been around that number several times over the last 10 games. Meanwhile, Mike Green saw nearly 26 minutes and was still horrible. Carlson doesn’t have Green’s shot, but his hockey sense is out of Green’s league. And despite what the minus-16 says, Carlson can play D. I haven’t seen more than one Caps game over the last six weeks or so, so perhaps a Washington fan can enlighten me, but from where I’m sitting Hunter should be playing the hell out of Carlson and giving Green the 12-minute treatment. Hunter should know this though, given that he coached Carlson in London.


Brooks Laich, normally a second half wizard, is pointless in his last five.  Washington, what a train wreck. The best thing that could happen for Caps fans is that they miss the playoffs, Dale Hunter returns to London, and they bring in a coach who re-introduces the run-and-gun that worked so well for them three years ago. Alex Ovechkin is your team – act accordingly.


Just a quick note on the hyperlinks – I prefer my hyperlinks to open in another window. However, this program that we use that auto-links all the player names does it in Word. When we paste it from Word to the website, the “new window” thing doesn’t paste along with it. So to put them in a new window would mean going through one by one to set each link up manually to go to a new window. Anyway, I wanted to explain, for those who wondered. You can right click hyperlinks and select “open in a new window” – that’s actually how I do it on all sites anyway.


College star and 2010 second-round draft pick Jason Zucker has been showing that he belongs. I would have thought that he was a couple of years away, but he’s pushing himself in the mix in Minnesota. Perhaps at the expense of Charlie Coyle? I don’t think Mikael Granlund is in any danger of not making the team. Anyway, Zucker has two points in three games and has seen about 12 minutes per game.


Kyle Quincey got suspended for one game, which opens the door for Brendan Smith to get called up again.


My column for Puck Daddy – The Top 10 Fantasy MVPs of the season.


This Daniel Briere “back contusion” news is concerning. Briere is a playoff stud, stepping up his numbers in Philly when they reach the dance. Earlier this year, when he missed six games, Brayden Schenn stepped up with four points in six games.


The update on Jeff Carterno structural damage to his ankle and he is day-to-day.


The AHL goalie of the month for March? Toronto’s Ben Scrivens. Who says the Leafs don’t have any goaltending? ;)


It’s looking more and more like the Devils won’t be putting Adam Larsson into the lineup anytime soon. Peter Harrold continues to play in his place, while the rookie gets scratched again and again.

My Hockey News column from yesterday – 10 players who I think will decline next year.


Best plays of the past week…



The dumb Quincey hit (skates left the ice, elbow up):



Leaf fans – look how uncomfortable some Leafs are to these questions (second half of video):



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Patrick Hall said:

... Crawford ... the guy who did not know enough to have Gretzky in a shoot out? I am sure he would do wonders. At least we would not have to listen to him on TV anymore. That is the only reason to give that guy a coaching job.
April 03, 2012
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david said:

Fantasy look: players to improve Dobber.. I saw your article for players to decline but I cant seem to find the article about players to improve next season. Can you please post the link for it???

April 03, 2012
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gfhyde said:

MORE on hyperlinks! Another tip for hyperlinks - if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel you can use it to open the link in a new tab (assuming you have an internet browser that uses tabs). Just hover over the link and press down on the mouse wheel as if it were another button.

Maybe most of you know that, maybe not smilies/smiley.gif
April 03, 2012
Votes: +3

JD said:

The Leafs Video Not to sound to much like a homer but that reporter was a douche bag!! The Leafs players don't make the ticket prices and I am sure for the most part these guys are pros and are trying their best! To attack them the way he did and put them on the spot with his ridicules questions is classless and hope that Schenn or Phaneuf run into the guy one day when he doesn't have his camera in their face!!!
April 03, 2012
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Bender said:

Stamkos Curious, how many Rocket Richard trophies does he need before being considered with the big 3? Haha, thought I'd stir the pot a little this morning. On seeing a note here on Dobber before the season, I went and bet $50 on Malkin winning the art ross. So Stamkos better settle down a bit, but barring a huge comeback "It's gold, Jerry".
April 03, 2012
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Pengwin7 said:

If it makes you feel any better... ...I don't understand the Capitals either.
Can not peg them for the life of me.
Under 3 minutes left, game tied, need a POINT for overtime more than anything.
Do one thing - don't let Stamkos shoot the puck.

April 03, 2012
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tonyunclejohnny said:

Puck Daddy articles Hey Dobber, great stuff thanks for a great season. I think DBS is great and I will continue to support it. But seriously man your Puck Daddy articles should be named 'shameless plug for Frozen pool' give it up every week you start the article with a picture from your web site. 'Courtesy of Frozen pool' lol...
April 03, 2012
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Anze said:

Crawford ? I don't really know the junior coaches that could take the coaching job in Washington, but what about Marc Crawford ? His style might suit this team.
April 03, 2012
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DuklaNation said:

... Hunter has been a disaster. McPhee has to go as well. What a mess. But its fixable. Green actually hasnt played that poorly. Carlson just doesnt have his head in the game these days and thats why you see the low ice time. Then again, Hunter is all over the place with ice time. Note: Green has seen very little 1st PP duty.
April 03, 2012
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