This past week featured some truly epic matchups in the Cage Match Tournament. The Elite Eight also happened to feature the top eight seeds, which meant fireworks all around. Not all of the results were close but the debates in the comments were easily the most heated yet.


Before we get to the results, let’s first see how we got here:



Introducing the Bracket

Howe Bracket: Round One

Richard Bracket: Round One

Gretzky Bracket: Round One

Lemieux Bracket: Round One

Sweet Sixteen: Part One

Sweet Sixteen: Part Two

Elite Eight


And now let’s see who moves on to the Final Four.


#1 Evgeni Malkin over #2 Claude Giroux – 151 votes to 25 votes

I’m really not sure why 25 voters were so afraid of Malkin’s knee surgeries. It’s true that getting metal legs was a risky operation but it was totally worth it. Now he’s achieved cyborg status and is here to rule us all. Adios turd nuggets. Peoo! Peoo! Peoo!


#2 Sidney Crosby over #1 Alexander Ovechkin – 134 votes to 45 votes ***UPSET***

I think the wonderful people of Winnipeg said it best so I’ll hand it over to them.


#2 Daniel Sedin over #1 Henrik Sedin – 91 votes to 79 votes ***UPSET… I guess***

Okay, be honest, how many of you flipped a coin?


#1 Steven Stamkos over #2 John Tavares – 144 votes to 30 votes

According to many commenters if Tavares had more help this could have been closer. While it’s true that Marty St. Louis is as good a sidekick as anyone can have, it isn’t like Matt Moulson and his three straight 30-goal seasons are chopped liver. In any case, I suspect this is one matchup we will be seeing in this tournament for years to come.




So now it’s the Final Four. I always find the Final Four somewhat anticlimactic in the grand scheme of the whole tournament. The opening rounds offer a great deal of possibility and an array of matchups with which to quench one’s thirst. The Final Four offers finality but with only two matchups to vote on it is easy to be left wanting more. With that in mind make these next two votes count because you only have one left!


#1 Evgeni Malkin vs. #2 Sidney Crosby

My favourite wrinkle in this tournament is the possibility for teammates to face off against one another. Which one of these two is in the driver’s seat, and which one is riding shotgun?


#1 Steven Stamkos vs. #2 Daniel Sedin

Judging by the comments, no one is giving Sedin a chance but people have been underestimating gingers for years so I won’t count him out.


Remember to follow those links, cast your votes and make your voice heard!




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Stephen Kostoff said:

... Hey boys, any thoughts of doing a multi-cat one?? just a simple one including standard stats shots,PIMS etc would be interesting to see how people value some of the other stats.
March 26, 2012
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Bob Fisher said:

... Mad props for the Grandma's Boy reference!
March 26, 2012
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