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A couple of goaltending notes (and you can get more than your fill over at Goalie Post) - Dwayne Roloson will get the start Thursday. Also, Jimmy Howard tweeked his groin, thus the Conklin recall. I doubt Yzerman screws over his buddies in Detroit.


Sebastien Caron has cleared waivers, but interestingly enough - Ty Conklin is on re-entry waivers now. If I'm the Lightning, I go after Conklin, who is probably an upgrade to Caron... but since they'd end up with both they can see that for themselves. Then again, would Stevie Y want to screw his old buddies? Or did his old buddies do him a favor and make this move for him?


My THN column from yesterday - here.


Don't buy that Alexander Radulov is coming to the NHL yet? How about a picture of him on the plane to New York?


Scott Wedgewood, one of the three prospect goaltenders I mused about last week (I listed three prospects I was interested in owning in my keeper last Monday), has signed an ELC with the Devils. The Devils' system makes a bad goalie good, an average goalie great, a good goalie a superstar and a great goalie a legend. It's just a matter of being the lucky guy and if Martin Brodeur does not return and they do not sign a free agent, then they'll be looking at either Johan Hedberg as a stopgap, or they'll look at Wedgewood, Frazee or Kinkaid.


Here's a Rich Peverley (knee) update. It is looking as though he could be back in as little as three games.


This morning's Studs and Duds are here.


Ryane Clowe snapped out of his drought with a three point effort. I hinted on Puck Daddy that I figured he would get going now that Havlat was back. The Sharks lost the game, and suddenly are not so much the favorites for that eight spot in the West.


Kyle Palmieri picked up two points. That's his second two-point effort in four games, and he was plus-3 in each of them. He's figuring it out at this level, watch out!


A busy and exciting morning yesterday had me overlook something that I meant to track and then note here – Los Angeles prospect Tyler Toffoli tallied his 100th OHL point but lost the scoring title on the final day to Colorado prospect Michael Sgarbossa, who finished with 102 points. Toffoli had a strong training camp for the Kings in the fall, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he got a long look again this coming September. Sgarbossa will almost certainly need a season in the AHL next year, but he’ll get a cup of coffee at some point.


Chicago has signed undrafted prospect Terry Broadhurst, who had 36 points in 38 games for U of Nebraska- Omaha. I wouldn’t expect to see him on an NHL scoring line anytime soon.


Johan Franzen’s back spasms kept him out of action again last night, but it allowed us another look at Gustav Nyquist. Man I like this guy – another point for him gives him four in nine games, but three in the last four. This with minimal ice time and zero PP time. I don’t think he makes a big splash next year, but within two or three years I think he could be a star.


Darren Helm is out 4-6 weeks with a sprained MCL.


Hey, look at Ian White’s pristine plus/minus number drop steadily as Nicklas Lidstrom remains sidelined. I like White a lot, but he hit a wall at the midpoint and could use another year under Lidstrom’s wing before going off on his own. So if Lidstrom retires, I’m not sure I’d keep White in the league that I own him in.


Braden Holtby got his first win of the season in what was his second start. I like him to make the jump next year, but that depends on what Washington does in the summer in terms of goalie signings, or trades. But to me his upside is higher than Neuvirth’s and I would probably rather own him in a keeper.


Jimmy Howard needs to find his rhythm soon. Winless in three, giving up 11 goals in three games on just 82 shots is not good. But they’ll keep throwing him out there to give him a chance to get back into the zone in time for the playoffs.


So who do I cheer for in this almost guaranteed postseason matchup – Detroit, or Nashville? In my one keeper that counts the playoffs as a separate battle, I own Franzen, White, Kronwall and Hudler… and Kostitsyn I, Kostitsyn II, Hornqvist and Craig Smith.


A ton of goals last night, if it wasn’t for Minnesota’s 2-0 win over Vancouver it would have been a night that pushed the average league-wide goals per game up on its own! Boston scored eight and Buffalo scored seven to lead the way. The Leafs, of course, gave up eight the day after I rush to the defense of their GM.


In the case of Tampa, Dustin Tokarski got the start and gave up four goals on 15 shots. Dwayne Roloson gave up three goals on 23 shots. Yes, I think they put Sebastien Caron in as soon as he gets there. Caron still has to clear waivers.


Steven Stamkos getting shut out for the second straight game hurts the ol’ Art Ross chances. But never count out these three players – he, Evgeni Malkin and Claude Giroux can blow this thing wide open with a couple of three-point nights EASILY. But as it stands now, Malkin has a four-point lead and a game in hand.


I take back what I said about Marek Zidlicky. He seems to have adapted to NJ’s system now and has six points in his last seven games (and even plus/minus).


Mats Zuccarello has three points in five games since returning to the NHL. Consistent play is what is needed down the stretch here, if he’s going to stick next year. He’s boom or bust for next season, either he sticks and scores or he won’t stick.


Carl Hagelin had his third multi-point effort in four games last night.


Jack Campbell has been assigned to the Texas Stars now that his OHL season has ended. Since Andrew Raycroft and Tyler Beskorowany have been underperforming, I would think that Campbell will get a start there soon.


Marcus Foligno with another pair of goals. He is clicking with the white-hot Tyler Ennis. I recommended him as a waiver pickup in my Puck Daddy article yesterday.


When David Backes left the game Saturday, TJ Oshie was moved to center. It looks like the Blues will keep him there for the next game or two that Backes misses.


The Dallas Stars have signed prospect Austin Smith to an ELC. Smith ranks 121 on my prospects list, but moves up with this news. He is still a full AHL season away from full time duty.


Mason Raymond was a healthy scratch. He just hasn’t got it going at all. Maybe Angus can give us some insight as to why when he takes over later in the week.


Alexander Radulov is probably going to go back to the KHL next year for one more season. So says Dmitry Chesnokov, and his logic makes sense. The Preds would have to offer him in access of $7 million per season, in my opinion. And they won’t do that unless he leads the NHL in playoff scoring (and you know what that would imply…)


The Lightning signed prospect Alex Killorn to a contract. He had 46 points in 34 games with Harvard as a senior. He is ranked 175 on my Fantasy Prospects List and moves up a little with this news.


Andrej Meszaros is out until at least the second round of the playoffs after back surgery.


Brawl! Devils vs. Rangers to kick off the game. :



Watch Viktor Stalberg here, and how he blows past Orlov…



Lucic hhhhhhhammers Komisarek:



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derek said:

SJ Sharks They need to give the reigns to Greiss...
March 20, 2012
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lcbtd said:

Jack Edwards = Tool Even Bruins fans can't possibly stand Jack Edwards' ridiculous homerism, can they?

This fight notwithstanding (a clear and dominant win for Lucic) his bias makes me want to puke.
March 20, 2012
Votes: +0

Randall said:

The Hockey Hitman
Killorn I'll simply say this: Killorn projects as a legit, top six forward. Hes one to keep an eye on for next season and beyond.
March 20, 2012 | url
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Dobber said:

... I don't know where you read that report Chappell, but he's playing in the playoffs. Otherwise, the Preds wouldn't need him and wouldn't allow him to burn a year of his contract for playing nine games.
March 20, 2012
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D. Chappell said:

... Previously it was reported that Radulov would only be able to play in regular league games but not playoffs, that said why is it written today "And they won’t do that unless he leads the NHL in playoff scoring (and you know what that would imply…)" ??
March 20, 2012
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Pavel Nikiforovitch said:

... Thanks for the Radulov's tweet. Replied to him, asking him to PLEASE PLAY WELL, since I'm about to pick him (I have No. 1 waivers priority) :-)
March 20, 2012
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james said:

NYR/NJ fights I'm probably in the minority with this opinion, but I'm SOOOO tired of the Rangers and Devils games starting with fights at the opening puck drop. I wish the NHL would suspend the 6 guys involved to stop this faceoff crap. Fighting in hockey is for making 'right' wrongs...these opening fights for these 2 teams happen EVERY time they get together, and it's just getting old. I wouldn't mind if this happened 5 minutes later after someone cheap shots someone (and I don't mean that I am FOR cheapshots -- I'm giving a reasonable reason)...but doing it at the start makes it all look staged and there is no reason for it other than hate, or acting....I don't care for either, it's not very sportsman-like smilies/smiley.gif
March 20, 2012 | url
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bitterwingsfan said:

@UKflames Concerning Radulov.. his return now is a win/win scenario for him. Playing in this NHL season, even though it will only be 8 or 9 games, burns the last year of his RFA contract that he still owes to Nashville. He would owe the Preds a season whenever he wanted to return to the NHL so by doing it now he gets it out of the way in a shortened amount of games. He'll now be an RFA under the current CBA.

He'll return to the KHL next year for a few reasons..
1) It was the only way he was going to be allowed to come to the NHL for this season based on the sound of the negotiations with his KHL club (he would otherwise need to buy out his whole contract with Ufa next season).
2) It protects him from any potential lock out the NHL could have next season and he'll be able to continue to make bank for another year overseas until his contract there is up in 2013.
3) The new CBA could potentially allow him to become an unrestricted FA after his final season in the KHL. He'll be 27 after next season which I believe gets him to UFA status now. for when he wants to come back to the NHL which leaves him up for grabs to the highest bidder in both leagues. If not after next year, then he can bide his time until whenever he does become a UFA in the eyes of the NHL before returning.

Puck Daddy broke this down pretty nicely as well. Win/win for Radulov no matter how you look at it.
March 20, 2012
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littleranger said:

Fantasy Five-Hole This article discusses different viewpoints of the Radulov return, some playoff sleepers and some late season potential pickups:
March 20, 2012
Votes: -2

sentium said:

March 20, 2012
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UKflames said:

Radulov - confused So if Radulov is going back to the KHL for another season next year, why is he coming over now to play for NSH?
Is this purely to burn time on his contract or was Chesnokovs' article posted before the news that Rads was on his way?

I just don't get it.
March 20, 2012
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shaun b said:

Lucic Fight
You gotta go to the 15-20 second mark and check out the older guy to the right shadow boxing. He lets go of a few lefts and then starts to work the body with a nice combo. Funny stuff.
March 20, 2012
Votes: +0

Seth said:

Fast Tony DeNiro
Rangers/Devils What did I miss? Did something big happen in their last game or was that just general NJ/NY dislike?

And man do I really like Stalberg. 6'3" and one of the fastest players in the league. He's learning how to score and if he can keep it up he's gonna be damn good.
March 20, 2012
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Atomic Wedgy said:

Atomic Wedgy
Lucic fight Great body shot/uppercut combo at the 30 second mark of that video.
March 20, 2012
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James said:

STALBERG Jeeeesus he's fast
March 19, 2012
Votes: +1
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