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Here are the Studs and Duds for yesterday's games.


Kris Letang is suffering from concussion symptoms, but is "getting better". At best, another week, in my opinion.


Matt Duchene left last night's contest with a right ankle injury. He had already missed 20 games with a knee issue.


Correction - Joe Pavelski did actually return. I wrote up that part after the first period, and failed to go back and update/ correct it.


Here is a list of AHL clear day rosters, for those who are curious. NHLers of interest include Brayden Schenn, Dmitry Orlov, Stefan Elliott, Andrei Loktionov, Ryan Ellis (but not Roman Josi), Gabriel Bourque, Magnus Paajarvi and David Savard. Not on any lists… Sean Avery.


Joffrey Lupul left last night’s game with a UBI, looked like the shoulder. Historical trends suggested that Lupul would miss at least 10 to 15 games this season and he has been astonishingly healthy. As a stats guy, my world feels a little more right when a player misses time when he’s expected to – but as a human being I feel bad for the guy. Lupul’s comeback season has been beyond his wildest dreams, so hopefully this won’t be anything more than a game or two at the most. It didn’t look serious, but that doesn’t mean anything.


Time to take notice of Jordan Caron in your one-year leagues, if you didn’t notice him Saturday. He has five points and is plus-5 in his last two games. His ice time Monday was a season second-high 14:20. He’s the missing piece to replace Nathan Horton, or so it would seem. As for Horton, speculation is that Nathan Horton could be sidelined until closer to the postseason, to give him the best odds of a healthy playoff run.


Brad Marchand has one point in his last seven games.


Steve Downie was back in the lineup for the Avs, and back on the scoresheet. Still saved some of that new-team adrenalin while he was sidelined.


Jamie McGinn is on fire for the Avs, and he has really good chemistry with Peter Mueller, who has assisted on his last three goals. Primary assists all. If a third-liner is going have great chemistry with someone, having that someone be Peter Mueller is a pretty good situation to be in – especially if he sustains it to start next season.


I think Matt Hackett is a fantastic goaltender, but he’s taking losses due to poor play in front of him these last two starts.


Semyon Varlamov has allowed just five goals in his last six games. Great goaltender, terrible track record in terms of staying healthy. That’s always been the issue with me, I’ve been saying it for two years now.


The Wild went nearly three games without a goal before Setoguchi scored last night. But that was all they got on the evening. How badly do they need Granlund?


Mike Green is pointless in his last 12 games now.


Jiri Tlusty has points in 12 of his last 14 games. Proof that patience in skilled players must be practiced, no matter how grim things look. Give him time.


Jack Johnson has defied the odds and has managed to be plus-4 in his last two games. Yes, a Columbus player and everything. He had three points in those games too.


Also joining the land of the living – Antoine Vermette, who tallied his first point as a Coyote.


Milan Michalek had a natural hat trick for the Sens – with two of them into an empty net, unassisted, just to give his fantasy owners a couple of cheesy points! Oh man, if I had a competitor hot on my tail for first place and they owned Michalek, I’d be pissed. Just sec, let me check. Nope, I’m okay. But man, that would bug me haha.


Mathieu Garon left the game with an injury and Tampa’s playoff hopes could be riding on Old Man Roloson now. But at least he stopped 25…of…30…Tuesday.


Seven goals, and Jason Spezza gets goose-egged.


Eight points in five games for Kevin Shattenkirk. The Blues have found their offense and it’s amazing that one player – Andy McDonald – has made this kind of difference. But that’s all it is. Scoring depth makes a team go from just missing a couple, to scoring on a couple…plus creating a couple more. And scoring depth is often just one player short. The domino effect is Shattenkirk, and several others.


Yeah, that thing I said about Ray Emery yesterday? Yeah, um, forget about that.


Back-to-back two-point efforts for Andrei Kostitsyn. I don’t get why he can’t play on one wing, and the set-up man Sergei on the other wing. Did they not play together much growing up? Put a talented center between them. I’d love to see it. Andrei has four points in three games with his new team. Anyone surprised?


Slava Voynov has points in each of his last three games. Jack who?


In the Cammalleri vs. Bourque “Battle of the Traded”, the winner was Cammalleri by a landslide. He didn’t play (injured). Bourque just plain sucked.


Joe Pavelski left the game last night with an undisclosed injury. Did not return. He returned for the second period.


In his Ottawa debut, Ben Bishop stopped 25 of 28 for the win. Nothing dazzling, but not too bad either. I was hoping for something “lights out” so we could be a little more certain of how long he’ll keep getting starts.


Curtis Glencross has points in five straight. He is plus-3 with seven PIM in that span.


Kronwall HHHHHHHAMMERS Voracek. Wow. Voracek left the game, and I’d be shocked if we see him back this week. I’m sorry, I don’t have a problem with this hit – Kronwall planted himself and Voracek skated full steam into him. If Voracek looked up, he could have just changed direction and missed altogether:



Keith Aulie vs. Colin Greening. Did Greening pick this fight on purpose? He already had a goal and an assist, he had to have been looking for the Gordie Howe hat trick:



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Mabus said:

Kronwall It will be interesting to see what is decided here. I believe that any injury would be caused by hitting his head on the ice rather than the initial impact - whether or not that initial impact was to the head. I guess I'm a traditionalist and I'd prefer to see these types of hits stay in the game, but it seems like I'm becoming more and more in the minority.

I've always thought it would be funny to see someone (Avery would do something like this) bend at the waist and skate full speed ahead down the ice with his head down knowing that nobody could hit him head on since they would be forced to contact him in the head. I wonder if if we'll ever get to the place where there is no penalty for skating with your head down.

Football's changed their rules enough that there is no longer any danger with throwing the ball over the middle. This rule change has fundamentally changed the way football is played. If a hockey player has no reason to keep his head up, it will also fundamentally change the way the game is played.

Interesting times.

March 07, 2012
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Larry said:

Kronwall Im mixed on this hit as well, the principal contact was with the head, although to his credit Kronwall didnt leave his feet (not always the case).Im no longer a fan of these back-turned style hits that Kronwall and Subban are known for- they seem more intent on hurting the player than separating them from the puck.
Im kinda surprised the refs didnt blow the whistle right away, short of being mid-shot, they shouldve blown the play dead when a player is in serious distress like that. scary.
March 07, 2012
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Jason Marcewicz said:

Kronwall'd As a Flyer fan I have mixed feelings about that hit.
Voracek no doubt should've had his head up...I saw that hit coming seconds b4 it happened and literally braced myself for it!
Problem is...it WAS a hit to the head. Say what you like about the arms being tucked in etc (they were) but Kronwall shouldered him right in the face. Isn't the NHL party-line that these types of things are not to be tolerated?
And as someone else alluded to: What if Pronger made that hit? I have no doubt in my mind that Prongs would have gotten the boot and a suspension as well.
No sour grapes here...just looking for consistancy.
March 07, 2012
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Maximus said:

Mr Zizzla
Kronwall'd @Marc
i have to agree with you. i have noticed him throwing 'back' checks this season as well. There is no doubt that when Kronwall hits, he hits HARD and CLEAN. his arm was tucked in and he held his defensive position.

I do agree that someone should've went after him with a few solid hits (didn't watch the game so i'm not sure if anyone actually did). Would this have gone over so smoothly if Chris Pronger was healthy? i doubt it. Pronger would've killed Zetterberg or Franzen in the corners.

the scary thing about that his is the reaction of vorcaek once he hit the ice. his arms went straight out and he flopped like a fish out of water for a moment, man he probably thought he just ran into a bus.

I am glad though that a line brawl didn't break out over this hit. i hate it when that happens.
March 07, 2012
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Ballsakic said:

Jamie Benn last night He could have had 4 or 5 goals or assists.
Ott plays well beside him but Burish is just terrible. He had 3 chances to put it in with a wide open net and he fanned or missed.
March 07, 2012
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Martin said:

McGinn McGinn only plays with Mueller on the PP, as Mueller plays the point. Even Strength Mueller was playing with Duchene and Olver, while McGinn was with Stastny and Jones. With Duchene's injury last night, Hejduk will most likely move up with Olver (who will move to C) and Mueller.
March 07, 2012
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Hybrid said:

Spezza pointless..... He may have been shut out....but he was +4 .

Thats definately not irrelevant.
March 07, 2012
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John Suggitt said:

Clean hit Totally clean hit. I agree he could hit a little more "sideways", but if you watch he's catching these guys starting from out to the right, then backing up, then hard backwards-crossovers ... he's not "moving forward" or skating forward when he hits them ... pretty hard to hit them face on when skating like this...
March 07, 2012
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Christian said:

... Pavelski came back ...
March 07, 2012
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DuklaNation said:

... Clean hit by Kronwall. Im surprised he hasnt been labelled himself. No retribution these days.
March 07, 2012
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Marc said:

Kronwall Mqybe I'm crazy, and that's totally possible, but it seems like Kronwall has been hitting guys with his back turned to them lately. I don't remember him doing this in earlier years but I swear the last two or three big hits hes made have been with his back toward the victim.
It seems like a bit of a trend, and although I understand the technique and why he uses it, I'm not a fan of it
March 06, 2012
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David Goodburn said:

Sedins Any idea why the Sedin's are so lacklustre lately? They are killing my fantasy team.
March 06, 2012
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Jake said:

2 Things Do you think they'll ride Roloson or possibly give Tokarski a few games?
And second thing isPavelski did return in the 2nd period.
March 06, 2012
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