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I found this article on Matt Read very interesting. Apparently, his slowdown was do to some minor injuries and now he feels very healthy over these past 10 days or so. He got his college degree in "Exercise Science" and would be a personal trainer if he didn't make it in hockey. Very rigorous about his health, his eating habits and his exercise. My opinion of his future just crept up a little higher.


Mikko Koivu will miss the next two weeks with his shoulder injury, and probably longer.


Sean Bergenheim has 12 points in his last 14 games and his ice time is creeping upwards.


So is there a typo here? Or did Columbus throw 33 hits on the Red Wings… and the Wings threw TWO hits on the Blue Jackets? Has to be a mistake.


Jack Johnson! Welcome to Columbus! Zero points, minus-3. So two games in and he’s minus-4 with zero points. Just a snapshot of some of the tough games to come there, I’m sure. LOL Johnson is looking around, wondering who is going to save this team and notices that everyone else is looking at HIM. It’s going to be a rough couple of years…


Joey MacDonald is trying to Brian Elliott his way into some extra starts! 7-1-1, 1.70, 0.934


Niklas Kronwall tallied three points in a game in which Nicklas Lidstrom missed with an ankle injury. Sign of things to come if Lidstrom retires?


The Kings are starting to win games…starting to score just a little more. Jeff Carter isn’t a part of that right now. I think you are shooting for the moon if you think he gets back to 80 points next season. Even 70 is too high. Under this coach, only one player will top that mark, and his name rhymes with Shmopitar.


The lowdown on Wild defensemen PP time last night:

Foster 3:05

Gilbert 3:18

Spurgeon 2:42

Spurgeon had points in five of his last six and should be leaned on the most, but that’s not happening after one game. Exactly like the Matt Taormina situation in New Jersey. I would bench Spurgeon and hope that Yeo catches on and rights this wrong quickly.


Erik Christensen has zero points and is minus-11 in 12 games with his new team the Wild.


Blake Geoffrion played 14:22 in his Habs debut. Lars Eller played 15:09, actually seeing his ice time go down after the Kostitsyn trade.


The mighty Mike Smith won his 10th game in a row. Included in that run are two shutouts and five one-goal games including last night’s. Three OT wins and a shootout win.


Ray Whitney saw 23:48 of ice time. Nice way to save up his energy for the playoffs!


Zack Kassian saw 12:27 of ice time, with one shot and two PIM. Gragnani did not get into the lineup, the team put in Chris Tanev instead. They scored just one goal, so I think he’ll get his shot soon enough. I still believe he stands to see the biggest production boost of the deadline traded players.


Nashville line combos: Fisher, with Erat and S. Kostitsyn; Legwand with Hornqvist and A. Kostitsyn; Spaling with Tootoo and Wilson; Smith with Halischuk and Bourque.


Eric Staal has 34 points in his last 25 games and is on a nine-game points streak.


I think Robin Lehner is pissed off about the Ben Bishop deal and is taking it personally – and reacting by kicking ass and taking names. Since the deal he has two wins and has stopped 60 of 62 shots. At this rate, Bishop will be left out in the cold again.


Wojtek Wolski now has two points in three games with the Panthers. Still hovering around 15 minutes of ice time and not seeing the prime linemates. This, despite Kris Versteeg missing the game.


Interesting piece on Puck Daddy about the asking price for Rick Nash. Dubinsky, JT Miller, Christian Thomas, Tim Erixon and a first rounder were offered and turned down.


Jamie Benn will be back in the lineup tonight to face the Penguins.


Teddy Purcell was to have missed last night’s contest with the flu, but played - and picked up an assist.


Logan Couture missed last night’s contest with a lower body injury.


San Jose line combos: Pavelski, with Marleau and Winnik; Thornton, with Clowe and Wingels; Handzus with Galiardi and Mitchell; Also – Galiardi saw some time in place of Winnik, which makes more sense.


With Jack Johnson gone, look to Slava Voynov – he saw nearly 18 minutes, plus some PP time, and picked up an assist last night.


Mathieu Perreault has 14 points in his last 19 games. Not the greatest, but still pretty good – and he’s been steady in that 15-16 minute range.


Jonathan Toews has missed five games now and the prevailing theory out there right now is concussion.


Alexei Emelin hits Ryan Malone big time. Later, Malone jumps him and starts pounding:



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Patrick Hall said:

... The leafs problem is goaltending. When Reimer was playing well at the start of the year they were a playoff team. Now he is playing badly, they are not.

If burke could have 4 first round picks, he should have made the trades. The leafs will not win this year, even if they get in the playoffs, because they have no goaltending.

You have to admire yzerman, he does not have the goaltending to win this year, so he is trading everything he can for future picks. Burke should have done the same.

they should fire wilson too. he is an idiot and a jerk
February 29, 2012
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Brian said:

Skin Blues
Leafs... LOL Expiring contracts aren't worth anything. Should have dumped the players for picks, this year's team doesn't have what it takes. Have a go at it next year with a new bunch of free agents just like they do every season, and at least have something (4 first rounders, apparently) to show for it. Every Leafs prospect gets blown out of proportion. When was the last one that turned out? But yeah, Jake Gardiner is the next Bobby Orr. mmhmm. The saviour!
February 29, 2012
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Draft Dodger said:

Leafs on track Kris, I'm with you the Leafs are on the right track. Stay the course keep building on what is in place now. Man, compare the team when Burke took over to what they have now it's night and day. Worst thing they could have done was trade prospects and/or picks to try and squeak into the playoffs. I'm sure Burke did try to make a deal that could help make the playoffs without mortgaging the future but it just wasn't there. I'm worried about their goaltending and lack of a #1 centre but as they build assets they will be able to trade some for what they need without clearing the cupboards like they used to do. Patience young Jedi...
February 29, 2012
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Robert Esquire said:

Biggest point gain after the trades I'm looking for Hodgson to show the greatest point production after all of the trades. I guess we'll see starting tonight.
February 29, 2012
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Kris said:

@lcbth Yes, you are correct...the parade planning will start immediately following those moves smilies/wink.gif

Judging by your sarcasm I guess you'd rather not defend some of your baseless claims?

I could just agree with you but then we'd both be wrong
February 29, 2012
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lcbtd said:

@ Kris Sorry Kris for speaking out of turn.

You're right - the Leafs are only a no.1 center and new coach away from being one of the best teams in the league!

Thanks for setting me straight.
February 29, 2012
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Kris said:

Leafs comments laughable Trust me I am a long suffering Leafs fan and I'm not here to tell you that everything is right on track but some of your guys comments veer into the absurd and I'm not sure if you have even watched the Leafs play this year or listened to anything about them.

"The Leafs have no direction" What? They are the youngest team in the NHL. Burke has moved almost every veteran asset he owned for picks or prospects. This is CLEARLY a rebuilding team. You want a team with no direction then look at Calgary but Toronto has a clear direction and the best prospect pool they've owned in over a decade.

"Burke isn't the guy to rebuild this team" Yeah, his track record certainly indicates that he's a failed GM. This is the man that got Lupul AND Gardiner for Beauchemin! This is the man that got Franson AND Lombardi for NOTHING! This is the man who got Phaneuf AND Aulie for spare change! Yes, the Komisarek contract was a mistake and the Kessel trade is regrettable but he has far more hits than misses and I think we'll all be able to add the Ashton trade to the 'Hits' column. The idea that he should have gone out and Mortgaged the future in order to squeak into the playoffs just to get trounced by Boston or New York is exactly the sort of short term thinking that got us in this mess in the first place. Kudos to Burke for sticking with the plan!!!

"Toronto isn't fast" Seriously you need to start watching more hockey. This team is very fast

"Toronto isn't skilled and has no talent" My God have you even watched Lupul and Kessel play this year?

The shakeup this team needs starts with the coach and ends with a 1st line centre!!
February 29, 2012
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Jeremy Wark said:

Leafs Last night's game was painful.

I think the Leafs have the forwards to make the playoffs, but I think Burke really missed the boat on goaltending. He's essentially gambling that Reimer will return to last seasons form.

The gamble? Play-offs or a top 5 pick.

Hurts me to say that while Burke was trumpeting his confidence in this group - he's also sly to the fact that the Leafs are mere points from a bottom 5 finish.
February 29, 2012
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lcbtd said:

@ Ryan Funny you say how the team has to evaluate players free from bias and yet Burke is proudly trumpeting the American Flag in bringing Team USA to Toronto.

I agree with a lot of what you say - the Leafs are in a world of hurt. No direction from the top down. Burke started with a direction - remember testosterone and truculence and whatever? Well that direction has changed.

The Leafs don't have an identity. They're not tough. They're not fast. They're not hard working. They're not smart. They're not skilled.

They have tuned out the coach and some players have regressed badly under Wilson.

A shakeup is needed in Leafland. Not sure if Burke is the right guy to lead them out of the wilderness.
February 29, 2012
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Ryan said:

Leafs I'm not a Leafs fan. I'm not about to jump off the cliff because they won't make the playoffs once again. The team is completely lost. The players have been so long without confidence that they can't remember what good hockey is. The team needed help at te deadline they needed their organization to step up with players to help the stretch drive if they believe this team is to not rebuild. They didn't. They left it exactly as it was. Without cap space, without talent.
Post game interviews showed the true pain in Phaneuf's voice. He and his teammates are confused. They have no idea how to win games. They won't publicly say Wilson is the problem. He is at least a start. Burke stated he could have got 4 first round picks from 4 separate trades on deadline day. I don't believe him. That being said, if it's true and he knew he wasn't able to find a seller to give him an asset to help his team why wouldn't he do this? Four players off the cap for next year (other than Grabo) would be ideal.
He's continuing to prove that trading for Kessel was a huge mistake. Rebuilds start with youth and are then accompanied by veteran talent. Toronto has no room, no talent, no drive and no direction. Kessel is never going to resign in Toronto. Next year when the team is playing terribly again, going to miss the playoffs again his value will be at its lowest. Prime time for targetting.
Wilson being fired wont help anything as Burke has completely messed up his roster assessment from day one. Now he's too ignorant to fix the problems he's started.
I personally love the Leafs, and their fans, pain. I almost feel for them, but this is GM they wanted. And this is what ego brings you.
Player evaluation should be done day to day with bias completely brushed aside. It shows in both real life as above and on fantasy hockey. Never bring your heart into the fold. Players/teams are what they are or could be. We must remain clear in our assessment. Players had upside and teams can always turn I around, but more likely is things remain the same. About 10% of players or teams beat their preseason expectations. The same amount miss them. By remaining true to the team we can watch a team like the Leafs and see that they are better than they are playing lately but are much worse than they started. Take it as a whole and they are what they should be, just out of the playoffs. Their players mostly unusable in points only leagues right now but not near as high as when Kessel and Lupul were on pace for 90 points.
Remain true and target advantages the ebbs and flows of a season hand you.
February 29, 2012
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littleranger said:

Benefiting from the Trade Deadline 14 Players who truly stand to benefit from the NHL Trade Deadline: http://thehockeywriters.com/fa...-and-more/
February 29, 2012
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Larry said:

Malone.. Its one thing to finish your check....but that was right in the numbers, a hit from behind. Hes lucky to get up from Emelins check, going berserker afterwards might get him a call from Shanahan.
February 29, 2012
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Brian said:

Skin Blues
Malone... What an idiot. Mentality of a 6 year old in the kindergarten playground.
February 29, 2012
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derek said:

Bergenheim No Love? Another point tonight and he plays hard night in and night out.
February 29, 2012
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steve laidlaw said:

Purcell! This guy is the new Michael Jordan! Picking up an assist in spite of the flu!
February 29, 2012
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