Fantasy Impact: Pending a physical on Friday, the LA Kings have acquired Jeff Carter from Columbus in exchange for a 1st round draft pick (conditional, either in 2012 or 2013), and defenseman Jack Johnson.


The Kings Get: A big goal-scoring forward. Carter is a natural center, but he has played wing effectively in the past. He prefers center, and his acquisition may move Mike Richards to the wing fulltime. Carter is signed to a reasonable cap hit (just north of $5 million), but he has 10 years left on his current contract.


The Jackets Get: A decent draft pick (the year of the pick depends on whether LA makes the playoffs this year or not), and a mobile, offensively talented defenseman in Johnson. Johnson has been a mainstay on LA’s power play for the past few years, and he’ll likely slide in alongside James Wisniewski on the Blue Jackets first unit. Johnson has another six years left on his deal (a cap hit of $4.3 million).


Fantasy Players Impacted: This trade has serious fantasy ramifications for both teams. As previously mentioned, Carter prefers to play center. Richards has played some left wing this season, and those two will likely be reunited on the second line (at least to start). Johnson was logging almost four minutes of PP time per game in LA – look for the Kings to try and spread those minutes among the likes of Slava Voynov, Alec Martinez, and likely a forward or two. The strong play of Voynov this season likely made Johnson a tad more expendable than he otherwise would have been.

Carter takes away another potential top six spot for rookie Andrei Loktionov, who has struggled to find a consistent spot in the LA lineup this season.


In Columbus, this hurts and helps a few players. Up front, both Carter and Vermette are now gone. A huge hole has been created up the middle, and look for Derrick Brassard, Ryan Johansen, and Mark Letestu to see more minutes. On the back end, Johnson will take away PP time from Tyutin in the short term, and David Savard and John Moore in the long term. It doesn’t sound like either of these two teams are done dealing, either.


Johnson’s home and road splits are interesting, to say the least. He has 20 points and is a plus-2 in 32 home games. In 29 road games, he has only two points and an ugly minus-14 rating. Let’s hope he gets settled in Columbus quickly…


After the emergence of Doughty, Johnson seemed to flounder a bit in a secondary role. Columbus would be smart to give him the opportunity to be their number one guy on the back end. At this point in their season, there is nothing to lose in trying Johnson out in that role.


According to TSN, Rick Nash, Dustin Brown, and Jonathan Bernier are all drawing interest from various NHL clubs.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Voynov

2. Johansen

3. Brassard

4. Martinez

5. Carter

6. Richards

7. Johnson

8. Wisniewski


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Tyutin

2. Savard/Moore (more long term)

3. Loktionov

4. Grant Clitsome

5. Brad Richardson




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Mike said:

Reply to Supercheif "I just don't get this trade. Jeff Carter was supposed to be the big peice to Rick Nash's puzzle, but instead of moving him and building around Carter and Wiz, they are going to re-re-re build around Nash?".

Three things:

1) The Carter trade was a good trade to land an impact #1 centermen that CLS has need for a long time... problem was it was the wrong kind of center they needed (shooter, not playmaker). That was a mistake since Nash is a shooter too. He needs a setup man. It's no wonder the two never developed any chemistry.
2) They were never going to make Carter "the franchise". No way. Especially after Carter made it clear from the moment the trade was announced he didn't want to play in CLS. Nash has been "the franchise" since he was drafted. Management just never gave him anyone to play with. They mistakenly believed Carter was a guy who could play with him.
3) CLS isn't going to re-re-re build around Nash. He's being a really loyal team guy and I don't think it was his decision to move on. I think it was managements decision and they approached Nash to waive his NTC. I think that's the right decision for the club because they STINK. I love Nash but it's time to move him (at the draft!) in order to really re-build this team starting with the assests they would aquire in a deal for him.
February 24, 2012
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Superchief said:

... I just don't get this trade. Jeff Carter was supposed to be the big peice to Rick Nash's puzzle, but instead of moving him and building around Carter and Wiz, they are going to re-re-re-build around Nash?

Also, what if Nash gets moved? I can't see Columbus fans being patient any longer.
February 24, 2012
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david said:

Nikitin? What about Nikitin in this deal? Gotta think this hurts him? JJ taking the PP time away from him?

As well until and if Nash is moved this might slightly hurt him a bit in that latley the 2 have been clicking. And now he's back to playing with upandcomers.
February 24, 2012
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lcbtd said:

Johnson Helped or Hurt? You list Johnson at 7 in Helped from this deal.

Can help but think that anybody going to Columbus is worse off in almost every fastasy respect.

I have and Carter and cringed last year when Carter was moved to Clb. I'm pretty sure you listed him as a Help then too and look how that turned out.

No - this definitely hurts Johnson.
February 24, 2012
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Mike said:

Johansen I'm not sure how much this deal will actually help Johansen. His ice time and oppurtunity have been limited all year under both coaches and he rarely plays center. They have him playing LW mostly. Puckrakers reported that at practice yesterday Richards wouldn't commit to playing Johansen at center, even after the deadline. Columbus has had a difficult time developing prospects and I'm just praying they don't screw up Johansen.
February 24, 2012
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Mike said:

Help CLS goalies? No. There defense got a spark in terms of offense but they are still a weak group as a whole defensively.
February 24, 2012
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Uzair said:

LA not patient enough LA should've kept Schenn (who's potential is higher than Richards imo) and Simmonds while keeping the roster space open to develop Loktionov, Kitsyn, Toffoli, etc while waiting for Kopitar to mature more and play like a star for 80 games rather than 60. That was the way to rebuild in the NHL.

Instead, they got deluded and bought into the hype that they were just a couple pieces away from competing because they made early playoff rounds a few years. Now unless some of their youngsters develop into stars, they're going to be stuck as a team which gets knocked out in the 1st-3rd round year after year. And their number one dman Doughty has regressed badly (based on how he played against Phx, Cgy, and Col recently).
February 23, 2012
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emustyle said:

CLS Goalies? Does this help any of the CLS Goalies?
February 23, 2012
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