Mark it. One calendar year has passed since the first Market Buzz Roto Guide was published, and what a journey it has been! Many up-and-coming hockey enthusiasts paid their dues while contributing to this stellar series, essentially paving the way to many more aspiring writers. This edition is no different.


Click here to read the latest Top 100 Roto Players PDF (or click on the link on the left side of the home page).


Geared towards the NHL’s Trade Deadline, Mac Vincent (@MacVincent1) dissects each franchise while giving insight on the potential buyers and sellers around the league. On the other side of the pond, Yas Guthe (@Gguthe) offers fantasy hockey poolies tips on how to tackle trade deadline pressure in order to get that much-needed boost come playoff time.

Mac Vincent also happens to be the latest member to join the Black Aces family. He took over the reins on the Tampa Bay Lightning coverage and also jumped at an opportunity to publish the Wednesday night Stud & Duds recap, replacing forum favourite Garrett Williams.

Included in the PDF is the Trade Fever Archives, just in time for a deadline refresher. Recently, part one of a new jack-of-all-trades Trade Fever was released. Look for the trilogy to wrap up and be featured in full this March.

Finally, if you have not participated in Steve Laidlaw’s (@SteveLaidlaw) March Madness themed Royal Rumble Cage Match, make sure to do so. Who knows, you could very well cast the deciding vote! Introduction can be found here.


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derek said:

Bogus This list is bogus due to Ovie being at the top...I would never put a guy at the top that has a tough time showing ambition, drive, work ethic...

I understand he contributes with points, hits, shots but still hes at the top of the list and he is on pace for how many pts?

February 17, 2012
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