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Great news - Peter Mueller played for Colorado last night. I'd consider him a significant injury risk and wouldn't really consider having him on my roster right now (unless you can afford to use up a roster spot), but it is still really nice to see after what he has had to endure over the past few years.


A news story that I hope isn't true. Puck Daddy reports some Pens are losing patience with Crosby's recovery.


"A few, certainly not all, of Crosby's teammates are of the mind that he's been symptom-free for a while, though they have no medical basis for that. Some think he should be playing. Some simply think he should be doing more to communicate, or at least be as visible as concussed defenseman Kris Letang.

Last week in Pittsburgh, according to three sources, a group of players held a 45-minute meeting to discuss a temporary captaincy. Another source disputed that any such meeting occurred. If it did, were those players kidding?"


Ottawa is 9-1-2 since the Kyle Turris trade.


According to the TSN panel last night, the Leafs really like James van Riemsdyk. I can think if about 28 other teams that would like to land the young power forward, as well. Not sure what Toronto has that Philadelphia would covet (and don’t say Luke Schenn, please).


Bob McKenzie – “Vancouver are getting significant offers for Cory Schneider.” I don’t blame teams for offering a lot. Don’t see Schneider on the move until the summer – he’s too important as insurance in the playoffs (unless some team steps up with a ridiculous offer).


Surprise, surprise – Mike Green is injured again. His groin is bothering him again and there is no word on when he’ll return to skating.


Tampa Bay’s nightmare goaltending continued last night – Garon got the start, and promptly allowed three goals on eight shots against.


Tlusty, Staal, and Ruutu combined for nine points for the ‘Canes. Staal has been playing much better lately (there was nowhere to go but up, obviously). He now has 10 points in his last six games.


Carolina defenseman Jay Harrison had two points, and now has six in his last five games.


Mike Cammalleri trade analysis will be up this afternoon. Off the top of my head – Montreal gains cap space, but we have seen how well they use it. Huge offensive upgrade for Calgary.


The full trade: Cammalleri, AHL/KHL goalie Karri Ramo, and a 5th round pick in exchange for Rene Bourque, prospect Patrick Holland, and a 2nd round pick.


Cammalleri started the game for Montreal, but was pulled halfway through the game and sent back to the team hotel. Very, very bizarre. Was the trade not done a few hours before the game started?


Uneventful Boston/Montreal game. The Bruins had little problem winning this one, and the final score (2-1 Boston) compliments Montreal a bit. They weren’t ever really in this one. Gionta is out for the season, Cammalleri is gone… I guess the Habs are going to build around the likes of Eller and Pacioretty for the next few years. Tough times ahead (and I like both of the players I just mentioned).


PK Subban may hear from the league after a bit of a forearm shot to the head of David Krejci.


Goaltending controversy in Philadelphia? Bobrovsky got the start last night and was great.


John Tavares is having a really, really strong season (on pace for 30 goals and 80 points). Too bad he plays for such a poor team.


Defenseman Andrew MacDonald has been a huge fantasy disappointment this season. Prior to last night (two assists), he had one assist in 33 previous games. He had 27 in only 60 games last season.


Two primary assists in 20 minutes of ice time for All-Star Erik Karlsson last night. Best defenseman to own in almost any pool format.


Jason Spezza scored twice, and his strong season continues as well. He’s inching closer to the 90 point mark, and has taken on a leadership role on and off the ice with the young Sens this season.


The team has a lot of confidence in Craig Anderson, and it is a huge difference when you can trust in your goalie to bail you out on occasion (especially with so many rookies in Ottawa’s line up each night).


Watched most of the Vancouver/St. Louis game. A very different Blues team than earlier in the year – really hard on the puck and really aggressive in all three zones. Vlad Sobotka is a really fun player to watch – I still think he has more offense to give (but St. Louis isn’t the best fit for him to show it with their terrific depth).


Chris Stewart looks good, but he is still a far cry from the dominant force that was playing for the Blues last year after the trade from Colorado.


Vancouver really misses Sami Salo’s shot on the first power play unit. They gave up about three or four breakaways shorthanded due to the Blues intercepting shots from the point.


Keith Ballard was a healthy scratch for the Canucks. He’s been OK this season… but would be shocked if he is still on the team after the trade deadline. Doesn’t really fit in on the team, especially when moved over to the right side (no room for him on the left side, his natural position).


Luongo had a really, really good game. As mentioned before, he stopped a few breakaways and kept the Canucks in it when the Blues were dominating.


Defensemen above 40 points – Erik Karlsson.


Defensemen above 30 points – Brian Campbell, Alex Edler, and Shea Weber.


25 defensemen have between 20 and 29 points.


Wrote a piece on Canuck prospect defenseman Jeremy Price for the CanucksArmy on Thursday. Price is a puck-moving defenseman playing for the Colgate Raiders.


Nice hand-eye from Burrows here:


Vintage Cammalleri – that 2010 Habs team sure was fun to watch:

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Dean Youngblood said:

Dean Youngblood
Jay Feaster on Cammalleri Trade Jay Feaster was a guest on the HNIC radio show (Sirius Radio) and he was a joy to listen to. He actually broke down how the trade talks for Cammy went with Montreal and apparently they started way back in mid-November continuing up until Christmas where teams took a step back after bouncing back counter offers.

Feaster stated that talks resumed on January 1st and more recently, Gauthier approached him Wednesday night and started up what would eventually be negotiations for the finalized deal. Feaster did a great job explaining how the process went (wish more GMs did this) and said that they basically had a deal set in place a few hours before last night's game but had to "tinker" with a few pieces. The fact that they "had a deal pretty much done" a few hours before the game and still played Cammalleri last night makes little sense to me (knowing that Cammy was basically gone). Maybe the Habs didn't want to tip off and feed the media anything more by making him a healthy scratch (which wouldn't have been a shocker after his public critisms).

Just thought I would share that.
January 13, 2012
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Mabus said:

... It feels like the Dobber staff is placing too much influence on goaltending stats on the goaltenders themselves. The team surrounding the goaltender has a far larger influence than the goaltender himself. Now Garon sucks, Bryzgalov sucks, Nabokov sucks, Varlamov sucks and Vokoun sucks. For those of us that look at team D being a strong determinant, none of this was unexpected. Quit giving the goalies so much credit for good stats, but also quit being so hard on them when the stats suck. They are important, but not as important as you are implying.

On the other side of the coin, people expecting that backup goalies in extremely favorable situations are as good as their stats are just kidding themselves.

January 13, 2012
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mick said:

beautiful morning when the sedins are 1-2 in scoring and
Vancouver is on top of the league again.

January 13, 2012
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Dale McCarthy said:

... I don't think Angus actually watched the Habs-Bruins game.
January 13, 2012
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Jeff Angus said:

... No personal attacks, please. Happy to respond via e-mail.
January 13, 2012
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Pengwin7 said:

TB Goalies I put my money last offseason on TB signing Vokoun.
Not sure how/why they missed that opportunity.
I like Stevie Y... but... damn, wouldn't TB look a lot better with Vokoun in net?

Maybe "lesson learned" and they throw $5m/yr at him in summer 2012.
January 13, 2012
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Dan Grant said:

... Sorry, there is no edit feature for your comments, i have a few typos below.

sorry about that.
January 13, 2012
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Dan Grant said:

Just a few observations I don't mind this trade for Montreal and I of course like it for Calgary. What is Montreal really giving up? They give us a 6-7 million dollar player on pace for 18 goals and about 45 points. We all know that Cammi is a dynamic player but for whatever reason it didn't click in Montreal. After an 82 point season in Calgary he went out and got 50, 47 and now 22 points with the Habs. That does not justify a 7 million dollar per year salary. Now maybe Cammi lights in up in Calgary, but he wasn't doing it in Montreal. Bourque is on and off but he is still young enough for the Habs to take a chance on. He's on pace for about 25 goals this year and he makes 2 mill less than Cammi does. So while the circumstances of the trade are auspicious, dealing him makes a lot of sense. I'm a Toronto boy so I have no love for the Habs or Gauthier but this deal makes sense for both teams imo.

I'd like to point out a defenseman who is playing perhaps the best stretch of his young career and that is Alex Pietrangelo. In his last five games he has ten points. He is the undisputed QB on the Blues PP and despite Hitchcock's reputation to ruin young kids and to stifle an offence, in their last five games they have 18 goals for an average of 3.6 goals a game. St. Louis is for real and with the goaltending they get from either goalie and their pp clicking, they are going to be a tough team to beat. Getting back to Pietrangelo, keep in mind, he's only 21.

When Goligoski came back from his thumb industry Dobber said it would take him a couple of weeks to get back in the groove. Well, he has 7 points in 11 games and 5 points in his last 6. He's getting hot. His overall totals don't really show it but he's picking it up and with his hand healed, hopefully this is a sign to come for the rest of the season.

My take on Bob/Bryz is that this is Laviolette's fault. Last year Bob had a great start and then for whatever reason, Lavi started playing musical goalies by letting Boucher and even Leighten play some games. If they would have let Bob run with it, make his rookie mistakes and then have him this year with one full season under his belt, they could have saved themselves the Bryz disaster. They had their goalie of the future, they were just too myopic and stubborn to see it.

Iginla, since November 23rd, has played 26 games. In that span he has 27 points. Last year he got hot 10 days earlier on November 13th. In his next 26 games from last season he had 27 points. Iginla is clearly clicking again and with Cammi coming, Jarome might make a play for 85 points this year. Here is a sampling of some of the other studs in the league since November 23rd:

Henrik: 30 pts
Stamkos: 28 pts
Toews: 24 pts
Kessel: 18 pts
Hossa: 23 pts

That puts Iggy in some pretty good company.

Karlsson has sits tied for 11th in scoring with 43 points. Let me repeat that. Karlsson has sits tied for 11th in scoring with 43 points. What he is doing this year is absolutely incredible. He is on pace for 86 points. I don't think he will keep this up, I mean, he can't keep it up. But what he is doing surpasses Mike Green and his two fantastic 70 point years. We haven't seen this kind of production from a Dman since the 93-94 season (different era) when Bourque had 91, Zubov had 89 and MacInnis had 82. To think that Karlsson is on pace to at least his 80 points is crazy.

Ovechkin does not deserve to be at the All Star Game this year and it would be poetic justice if Phaneuf is captain and he picks Kessel first. OV displayed no class last year and I know he won't go last this year, but he should go late.

January 13, 2012
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Frank said:

Mueller Peter Mueller was back in line-up for Avs. I thought it was worth mentionning it.
January 13, 2012
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Thieving Giraffe said:

Thieving Giraffe
Bruins-Habs I actually think the Canadiens deserve more credit for their play against the Bruins. Or at least, for being very much in the game. The difference ended up being a fluke bounce less than two minutes in, but the Bruins (Thomas excepted) were solidly outplayed during much of the first period and I felt that the play was fairly even throughout the second and third. The Habs' PK in particular reflected its #3 ranking in the league... I believe that they may have had more and better scoring chances shorthanded than the Bruins did on four power plays. Not Boston's strongest outing, granted, hence the post-game "finding a way to win when they're not at their best" commentary for NESN viewers (which was fair). Anyway I'm not much for pumping the Habs' tires (couldn't agree more with Wyshinski's derision regarding this trade, and watching Subban laugh after elbowing Krejci in the head was less than amusing), but I thought that it was at least a fairly even game. Couldn't agree more about Montreal's tough road ahead, though. For the sake of the greatest (historical) rivalry in the game, I hope that Gauthier isn't the man to lead them down it.
January 13, 2012
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aj said:

Bernier to Tampa hey Jeff what about Bernier as a nice fit for tampa if Schneider isn't going anywhere. Quick has more then proved himself and they could use a guy like Downie maybe? From Goldie's Depth charts it looks as though both Jones and Zatkoff are tearing it up so you could call one up. Then who ever they call up can get some valuble expierience.
Although Tampa's Defence isn't as good as LA's with Jack Johnson & Drew Doughty standing in front of you!! just a thought
January 13, 2012
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Alain Cloutier said:

Ramo plays in KHL Karri Ramo plays in the KHL (4th in GAA, shutout leader with 5), not the AHL. The prospect the Habs got in return is Patrick Holland, not Peter.

January 12, 2012
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