Fantasy Impact: The Coyotes have traded away Kyle Turris to Ottawa in exchange for David Rundblad and a 2nd round draft pick.


The Senators get: first and foremost, a player who wanted out of Phoenix. Turris was a scoring star in junior hockey, but the Coyotes rushed him to the pro game after one year in college. He will fill a short term and a long term need in Ottawa, as there is nothing after Jason Spezza up the middle (from an offensive standpoint, at least). The Senators have coveted him for quite some time, and he will be given every opportunity to succeed.


The Coyotes get: Don Maloney handled the Turris situation fantastically, from start to finish. He got Turris to sign on his terms, and he managed to bring back a blue-chip prospect (and a really good draft pick) for a player who wanted out. Rundblad has been struggling defensively at the NHL this season, but he has elite offensive upside. He’ll join a stable of really good young defensemen in Phoenix.


Fantasy Players Impacted:

Turris’ value increases dramatically, obviously. Peter Regin gets bumped down the depth chart (hopefully he doesn’t hurt his shoulder on the way down). The Coyotes have a decent defensive group and will probably send Rundblad to the AHL (at least to start). In a few years, imagine a top four with Yandle, Ekman-Larsson, Rundblad, and Brandon Gormley? Wow.


I think you could view this trade as a way of Ottawa saying that Jared Cowen’s strong play season has made Rundblad expendable. Even though they are different defensemen stylistically, there is only so much ice time to go around for rookies.


In Phoenix, this gives Cal O'Reilly some more ice time to work with. It may also open up a spot for Patrick O'Sullivan to return to.


I am a bit surprised Ottawa parted with Rundblad so quickly. His numbers last year in Sweden were ridiculous, and they do have a few young centers for next season (Zibanejad, most notably).


Fantasy players this helps, in order:

1. Turris

2. Cal O'Reilly


Fantasy players this hurts, in order:

1. Maxim Goncharov

2. Regin

3. Gormley

4. Chris Summers

5. Rundblad (short term - likely to the AHL)

6. Stephane Da Costa


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Andrew said:

Rundblad Rules-Turris is a Dog Turris was incredible for Canada at the World Juniors a few years ago...I could be wrong, but I think that was the best Kyle Turris that we'll ever see...I understand Phoenix dealing the malcontent and I understand that Ottawa has decent depth on defence, but dealing Rundblad will be seen as a mistake as early as later this year and for sure over the next 10 years...Rundblad is an elite level offensive D...they don't come around every day...look for Rundblad and Yandle to be the top pairing and make the Coyotes power play among the best in the NHL...
December 19, 2011 | url
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Travis Ma said:

Ottawa - big win This is an amazing trade for Ottawa. I live in Phoenix and watch the Coyotes play quite often, Turris is a very very skilled player and an incredibly hard worker, (unlike Mueller was, he was so terrible it was ridiculous that he was an NHL player) was getting very little quality ice time under Tippett. I can't wait to see what he does in a more offensive system like Ottawa's. I think he'll put up numbers very similar to Patrick Hornqvist last year, they play very similar style, but Turris should surpass him next year.
December 18, 2011
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Guy Incognito said:

Guy Incognito
Why Ottawa was willing to part with Rundblad... 1. Lots of D depth, not much C depth
2. 6 of the top-10-ranked players in the upcoming draft are d-men, according to ISS. Murray probably believes they can more or less replace Rundblad at the draft, as they don't look to be on pace to select high enough for the elite forwards.
3. The team has cap space to pursue a good free-agent (eg. Suter) if need be

Still paid too much for Turris, though, IMO.
December 18, 2011
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Michael Frenken said:

Sorry to see Rundblad go I like that Ottawa picked up Turris, but I think Rundblad, despite his defensive difficulties this year, will be a very good d-man. It will be interesting to see how fantasy relevant he will be though with the other good, young d-man that the future Quebec Nordiques have.
December 17, 2011
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Hardy Berger said:

LuckyLuke's comments LuckyLuke what are you smoking, must be great stuff. Turris is only 22 and his skillset is sure worth alot more than a 2nd rounder that's insane to state otherwise.
December 17, 2011
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LuckyLuke said:

Re: Relax Sens fans - this may actually work! I doubt Turris will ever be 2nd line center. Soon it will be 5 years since he got drafted and he proved NOTHING at NHL level. He failed to register single point this season. He's thousands of miles behind fellow smallish draft-mates like Kane or Gagner and even some 2nd rounders (Simmonds comes in mind) achieved a lot more. Potential is one thing, but I think at some point people should accept the reality. And giving up such assets for borderline 4th liner with character issues is travesty.
December 17, 2011
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Glenn said:

Relax Sens fans - this may actually work! At first glance, I too thought the deal was terribly lopsided in Phoenix's favour. I would certainly have preferred if Ottawa could have held on to Rundblad, and shipped off Lee, perhaps packaged with one of Regin and/or Butler, but I am guessing Maloney said Rundblad or nothing. While the 2nd rd pick may have been icing on the cake tipping the deal in the Coyotes favour, how many 2d rd picks become impact players at the NHL level? My guess is 25% at best. Ottawa had a dire need for a 2nd line center with offensive upside, and a solid core of impact defensemen, so a Turris/Rundblad deal makes some sense.
Maloney gets what he wants for a malcontent (at least in Phoenix) - a high upside player and a good pick. Murray probably hesitated at giving up the pick, but at the end of the day figured if that was what it took to get a player they had coveted for some time, he could live with it. The emergence of Cowan, and the impending return of Gonchar made the defensively shaky Rundblad expendable.
If each player in the deal lives up to their original draft slot (which is no sure thing I realize), dealing # 17 and a 2nd for # 3 overall is not a terrible deal by Ottawa by any stretch. Only time will tell, but if Turris is what Murray believes him to be, this is a deal that could work out very well for both clubs. If he is not, well then the early critics are right. Should be interesting to see how it all pans out! Go Sens!
December 17, 2011
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Kraftster said:

Hanzal I think this trade significantly helps Hanzal on a more long-term basis, don't you think?
I've stuck with him in a couple leagues and the payoff is starting this season -- especially true if in a league that counts hits. Martin Hanzal is a whole lot closer to Jordan Staal than the 110 spots separating in the top 300 list (and in terms of real life value as well). This trade helps to solidify that fact.
December 17, 2011
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Big Ev said:

Big Ev
... I'd say Patty Wiercioch's value increases for the future because of this deal
December 17, 2011
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Uzair said:

... I would think this also helps Brian Lee on Ottawa, might get regular playing time now (although he isn't fantasy relevant I think). I like the move unlike a lot of Sens fans (although tbh, it should've been Rundblad Turris without the 2nd pick or make it a 4th).

I'm worried for Rundblad though. Last season, OEL barely got playing time and he wasn't a defensive liability like Rundblad is last year. An AHL stint did help him out though iirc. OEL plays like a stud now and is their 2nd best dman after Yandle imo but he still often gets less TOI than Klesla or Morris (and Morris is awful defensively now, he's lost a step). So Rundblad will get the Tippet treatment but an AHL stint might be better for his game as it was for OEL.
December 17, 2011
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LuckyLuke said:

terrible trade for Ottawa Just terrible trade for Ottawa, it left me speechless for a moment. If I were Senators fan, I'd asking for Murray's head right now. Man just keeps trading assets fur busts. At least Filatov didn't cost too much, but this for Turris? Even 2nd would be overpaying. He officialy joins Milbury in hall of shame. On the other hand props for DM, he's possibly the best GM out there currently.
December 17, 2011
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