piece from Chesnokov , gives hope that he'll at least be back to try again one more time next year.

Jason Arbuthnot did not have time to put together a Frozen Pool Forensics column this week, but he whipped up some quick thoughts which I will put here in blue in case you're starved for fantasy content!


Sam Gagner
–  “Hey Taylor, maybe it’s best if you just relaxed and took it easy over Christmas. Y’know, hang out with the family, play some xbox… I wouldn’t want you to get hurt by coming back too soon.”

Taylor Hall
- “Thanks Sam but I really want to get back there. Besides, my shoulder feels great and I have to get back to harvesting dozens of points with
and The Nuge!”

Sam Gagner
- “Maybe you didn’t hear me: I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”

Cam Fowler
– with
gone, it’s a good sign that
is close to returning. Let’s pray he starts piling on the points because it’s quite evident that
is vital to the well being of the Ducks PP Machine.

Jamie McBain
– is flourishing. Why does this guy have a habit of showing you brilliance just when you’re about to write him off for the 10 th time. He and his partner
Justin Faulk
are now leading the Canes PP unit.

Slava Voynov
– pre-
firing, he was slated to play on the first power play unit with
. Hopefully this hasn’t changed. I like him, dare I say bromance.

Mark Flood
– has been lining up with Big Buff for first line power play duties as well. He’s a very interesting (and cheap!) player. 500 bones and he’s yours!

Devils PP QB Revolving Door – Ok who will it be tonight?


Michael Del Zotto
– est en feu! Seven points in seven games and is eating up power play time like there’s no tomorrow (75%). Now if only he can keep this up after the shattered confidence of last year.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard
– Again, seven in seven and is also among the leaders in team power play time on ice (70%). During this stretch, he has three power play points. He’s playing with
the past few games but his value is definitely coming on the power play.

Adam Henrique
– Is there any slowing down this guy? Like seriously, he’s been a machine between
. I can’t figure out who’s benefiting from who? Regardless, he has six points in the past four games (a three pointer last night) with marginal power play ice time (36.7%). He’s #3 this week in the Frozen Pool Rotorater and seems to be just getting started!

Tomas Kaberle
– Left for dead by poolies, Tomas has been given a breath of life in Montreal. While his suspect defence will feel right at home with
, hopefully he can maintain his 2 point landing luck heading into the All star break.  He has six points in his last three games so far.  We’ll see how things settle down after the trade novelty wears off.

Jiri Hudler
– Look I love Detroit, not as much as my Sabres but this guy drives me bat guano crazy. He’s on fire right now with six points in his last three but as soon as I mention it, he’ll bottom out and crush the million hearts of my twitter followers. Psst @frozenpool.

Artem Anisimov
– The big Russian is getting quite the reputation for being streaky and this is one of those times. With seven points in his last six he’s really clicking with

Derek Stepan
– See above, minus the Russian.

Martin Erat
– Remember five years ago when
was supposed to take it to the next level? Yeah, me neither. Despite battling injuries and earning 4.5 million for give-or-take 50 points a year,
has carved out a decent scoring stretch of six points in his last 5 games.  In years past, he used to lead the power play but now hovers in mediocrity with 34.9% Team PP time.

“Power Play”
– Almost all of his four points this week have been on the power play.  He’s rolling with Brendan “Mario”
, so ride him while he’s hot.  You can pretty much roll that whole line up while you’re at it.



Matt Cullen
may miss tonight's contest with an illness. He's having a pretty good year, but he often has strong starts that slow down by the New Year.


Claude Giroux
is out "indefinitely" with a concussion. Ouch! Got him in one keeper league, and one basic one-year pool. And as with anyone who owns
, this really hurts the chances.
owners should also be troubled here. This helps
. So does this make
the first line? I think so.


The Winnipeg Jets have claimed Antti Mietinen off of waivers. This hurts two players the most, in my opinion. First,

Kyle Wellwood
becomes a third liner again. He'll still have his spurts, but I don't see the 55 points that he may have reached otherwise. Think 40 now, if healthy. This will also hurt
Eric Fehr
's playing time, assuming he ever gets out of the medical ward.


Some thoughts from below/comments - I own

in one league,
in one league. I have no bias here, other than my disdain for Band-Aid Boys.
I saw play/followed in junior and at the time felt he was the best player there - including in a game that had
in it. Also to clarify
- I'm not comparing skill sets nor am I saying that
will get a knee injury and become a bust. I'm saying that his ceiling is in the high 60s but if he clicks with stars that could boost by 25% or even more. And the best/classic example that I often refer to is
. That's all, don't read into it any deeper than the surface please ;)


Another great comment below - a list of Team Canada WJC cuts from Brendan


Matt Dumba (D, Red Deer Rebels, 2012 Draft)

Mark McNail (F,

Albert Raiders, Chicago Blackhawks)

Jerome Gauthier-Leduc
(D, Rimouski, Buffalo Sabres)
Brendan Kichton (D, Spokane Chiefs, New
Michael Ferland (F, Brandon Wheat Kings, Calgary Flames)
(F, Saint John Sea Dog, Minnesota Wild)
Max Reinhart
(F, Kootenay, Calgary Flames)


Adam Henrique
with his first three-point game. The situation reminds of that of
Jonathan Cheechoo
so many years ago. A potential 65-point prospect becomes so much more because he clicks with talented linemates. So his potential becomes higher. Granted, he has more points than either of his superstar linemates (I don’t need to tell you who, do I?), but that’s not sustainable. Regardless of the reason,
is the second highest rookie scorer now.


Marc-Andre Bergeron
has 22 points on the season, which is fantastic. But he has just seven points in his last 17 games. I don’t trust this guy. I like his upside – you recall me tooting his horn back when he was with the Oilers and Islanders – but I no longer trust him. He did play 26 minutes last night which is extremely positive, but I need to see him pick things back up again before I get swayed.


Matt Taormina
was recalled by the Devils and in his second game last night picked up an assist. It was on the power play. Still without a shot on goal yet.


After losing four games in a row,

Dwayne Roloson
got the hook last night after giving up three goals on just 12 shots. He avoided the loss because his team scored four times. Strategy – quietly pick up
Dustin Tokarski
and plunk him on your bench. If the Lightning don’t fire the coach, which I don’t see, and they don’t trade for a goalie, which could happen - then perhaps they’ll give
a look.  He’s 10-6-0, 2.43 GAA and 0.903 SP in the AHL. Not fabulous numbers, but he’s their next best option.


Ideally they would have kept

Cedrick Desjardins
, who in my books is one of the best goalies not in the NHL. He’s back from injury and is 5-4-1, 1.70 and 0.946 in the AHL. In Colorado’s system. Man, he would be gold right now if TB kept him.


The buy-low window on

Zach Parise
has come and gone. Sorry for your luck – learn to trust in reliable, proven stars.
missed a season (pretty much) and obviously needed some time. In the last eight games he has 11 points.


Since that ridiculous 16:46 ice time that

Alex Ovechkin
had in his first game under Dale
, he has only dipped under 19 minutes once. The result has been promising – 15 shots in his last two games.



is still on the shelf on January 1, then he’ll fall off of his perch as the No.1 keeper league player to own. That’s a position that he has held for six years, other than three or four months with
had it (and I think
had it one month, too).


Sounds like

Mike Green
is still quite a ways away.
John Carlson
is the new
Mike Green
now. Under
, I wouldn’t be shocked if he was a 70-plus guy now.



Mike Weber
set to return for the Sabres, they could be looking to scratch M-A
. Just to give you a heads up.


Claude Giroux
will not make the trip for the Flyers (head injury) and will miss at least two games.
Sean Couturier
will get to sub in for him on the top line.


Cal Clutterbuck
is ready to return to action and he will replace
Jeff Taffe
on the first line with
was sent back to the minors.
played with
John Tavares
in Oshawa here, and I thought he made a great complimentary player at the time. So if there’s chemistry here, then he could produce 25% more points than you would normally expect from him.


Richard Bachman
gets the start tonight against the Rangers. Lots of info on
over at
Goalie Post, and as always you can sign up (just 2.99 for a month – or get a week trial FREE) and get up to the second starting goalie updates and analysis.


Jeff Skinner
will probably not play tonight against the Leafs.
Drayson Bowman
has been recalled.


Here’s more on the

to the KHL thing . It sounds a little more promising that he will be back, but I’m still leaning towards him not. I wrote a big spiel on his late yesterday, you can click “next” at the bottom to read yesterday’s ramblings. If he does return next year, I get the feeling that it will be more of the same. Shows nothing, then finally shows something… then gets hurt and ruins any momentum.


Kurtis Foster
to the Devils is the only fantasy relevant piece of yesterday’s trade. I wish I could say that he’ll flourish in New Jersey, but I’m not so sure. The team is going with four forwards on the PP now so
would have to make sure that he’s the fifth guy. But any new opportunity is a good thing, when you’re scratched as much as
was. The acquisition may, however, hurt
’s chances of continuing to make his mark.


I’m shocked by this news, but I suppose I shouldn’t be given his minus-11. Jonathan

has been sent down to the AHL. I have to think that this move is for two or three weeks while he gets his confidence back, unless
Roman Josi
kicks ass and steals his spot.


Paul Stastny
is back in the lineup for the Avalanche. Beatwriter Adrian Dater also opines that Joe Sacco will not be fired any time soon and is given a lot of leeway due to the youthful roster.


Look at

all over the place before
finally has enough and drops the gloves:



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Repent Tokyo said:

i love the haiku formatting of tonight's ramblings dobber's website
a ladder of text greets my
eyes and my brain
December 13, 2011
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Anthony Furino said:

... Btw pengwin7 - lose the ego dude
December 13, 2011
Votes: +0

Anthony Furino said:

... I almost madethe,same mistake as pengwin7 in calling out dobber on the cheechoo/henrique comparison but then I re-read the comparison and the key word he used was SITUATION so theres really nothing wrong with it
December 13, 2011
Votes: +0

Dobber said:

Pengwin Yes

I had typed in NO but I forgot that I owned him in one league that is further down the "care" ladder for me. So simple answer - yes. You told me to get real, which put an exclamation mark on how certain you are that my saying he could get 70 was wrong. I would only list five or six d-men in this league who can get 70. Carlson is one of them. Completely fair statement and I've said it 100 times.
December 13, 2011
Votes: +0

Rusty Pickles said:

Rusty Pickles
Henrique Great sell high. His stock will plummet to normalcy when Zajac returns.
December 13, 2011
Votes: +0

Ryan Van Horne said:

Henrique's upside Dobber, you make a good point about Henrique and it's probably a good idea to temper short-term expectations.

You say he has a 65-point upside and I said a year-and-a-half ago that his upside was 70.

After last night's three-point effort, he's on pace to score 69 points, something that is only possible by playing with Parise and Kovalchuk. He might still get that, but Parise (61-point pace) and Kovalchuk (60-point pace) should both pick it up and surpass Henrique.
December 13, 2011
Votes: +0

Pengwin7 said:

Rock Lobster is a fun song to play in Rock Band 3 Dobbs - I love how fired up you got over my comment.

1. I don't see the word "could" in there in your three sentences about Green/Carlson.
Could John Carlson score 70+ points? Uh, yes... of course. Feel better?

2. I'm not saying anything is 100% impossible. (see Item #1, above)
I didn't write that. Don't infer it.

3. I would be shocked if John Carlson ever scores 70+ points.
Look at the number of NHL defensemen that have scored 70+ over the last ten years. It is a very short list of ELITE d-men. And when Green did it, EVERY Capital (OV, Backstrom, Semin, etc.) they were ALL clicking.

4. If Dobber says "I wouldn't be shocked", that's fine... that's your opinion.
My opinion is that a reasonable hockey fan should be shocked.
These are just opinions.

Great job dodging the only question I had though.
Do you own him in any of your keeper leagues?
(Yes or No - simple question)

ps. You get no rope.
December 13, 2011
Votes: +0

duducks said:

... If I owned Green, I'd be really concerned. There's really not room for 2 60 point dmen on a team, and Carlson has been in the rearview mirror for long enough that it shouldn't surprise anyone. The guys putting up mad numbers under Hunter. He had 8 shots a few games ago.
Trade value, Green is still above Carlson, but that could change within a Month.
December 13, 2011
Votes: +0

Dobber said:

... Answered some comments in the ramblings

Great observation David and letnry re: Oates

Pengwin, if I ever say "could" then I would appreciate some rope. Because if you say that's wrong, then what you are saying is that it is 100% impossible. That's just not the case. Also, I've made the Carlson-Green reference many times in the past - is this news to you that I feel this way? I'm talking about the Prospects Report, and several columns here.

December 13, 2011
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letnry said:

... whoops, just saw David make that same mention.
December 13, 2011
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letnry said:

RE: Foster With Foster, lets not forget the Adam Oates connection. Oates was an assistant coach running the powerplay in Tampa Bay when Foster had his 8 goal, 42 point, and 26 PPP season. With Oates now running the powerplay in New Jersey, and his history with Foster, there is potential to see a nice boost in production. Something worth keeping on eye on at least.
December 13, 2011
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Ryan Van Horne said:

Henrique article -- Panning for Gold, May 8, 2010 Anthony, thanks for bringing that up. As I often, I followed my own advice and picked up Henrique a few weeks after I wrote this article.

I'm glad I did and while I did think that Henrique would eventually score, I am only surprised by how quickly he has fit in. He was an underrated player on those Spitfire teams and is a true Devil. He should be there for a long time and while his production is helped by his linemates, he'll continue to get prime ice-time and be a good producer for the Devils.
December 13, 2011
Votes: +1

Jeremy Wark said:

Filatov Filatov is done in the NHL, at least until a team is desperate enought to beat the KHL money. The Sens may own his rights, but they'll never be willing to outpay any KHL team going forward.

The article sounds complimentary until Murray complains about his strength and competitiveness. Good lord I'm glad the Leafs grabbed Schenn....
December 13, 2011
Votes: +0

david said:

Henrique/foster Not sure I love the cheechoo and henrique comparison. But I'm not here to argue with dobber bc he knows too much. Just watching this kid he is amazing. I actually wouldn't be shocked if they keep parise and him together and move kovy and zajac to another line. Henrique has insane hockey sense and he and parise's connection especially on the penalty kill is insane. He is a smart player. I agree he needs the chance to play and not be buried so we will see what happens.

An foster I'm most likely agreeing with you. Not sure what impact he will have but they brought him in bc of his right handed shot to play opposite kovy on the pp. Atleast that's what was understood from lous comments. Now that could be on the second pp unit for all we know but he has every chance to make an impact. Probably won't but we can hope as the devils pp is terrible.
Also when he was in tb and put up like 40 points Oates was one of the coaches and now he's in nj so that is a plus and probably why they brought him in.
December 13, 2011
Votes: +1

Dean Youngblood said:

Dean Youngblood
Team Canada WJC First Cuts Hockey Canada made its first of two cuts this morning:

Matt Dumba (D, Red Deer Rebels, 2012 Draft)
Mark McNail (F, Prince Albert Raiders, Chicago Blackhawks)
Jerome Gauthier-Leduc (D, Rimouski, Buffalo Sabres)
Brendan Kichton (D, Spokane Chiefs, New York Islanders)
Michael Ferland (F, Brandon Wheat Kings, Calgary Flames)
Zach Phillips (F, Saint John Sea Dog, Minnesota Wild)
Max Reinhart (F, Kootenay, Calgary Flames)

The final cuts come tomorrow (Wednesday).

Quinton Howden was also injured during last night's red and white game on a late hit by Tampa Bay''s Brett Connolly. Howden was one of only 4 returnees to Team Canada.
December 13, 2011
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Pengwin7 said:

Oh get real John Carlson is the new Mike Green now. Under Hunter, I wouldn’t be shocked if he was a 70-plus guy now.

True or False - you own him in your keeper(s)?
December 13, 2011
Votes: -1

shaun b said:

Alexander Urbom vs Steve Downie That is a good example of why a fight is sometimes inevitable.

Q. How does that confrontation develop without a fight taking place?

A. Stick work, stick work and more stick work.

Without a fight being possible, Downie would eventually decapitate that guy with his stick. Maybe he would just suck it up for this game. But down the road, he and many others would likely take a two handed chop to someone for repeated cross checks and continued aggravation.
December 13, 2011
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Mr Sausage said:

Foster Good call on Foster. He will be non relevant. All he has is a big shot. Which he doesn't use as much as he should. He is a nightmare in his own zone. There is a reason why he was benched in Anaheim. Because he's terrible.
December 13, 2011
Votes: +0

Anthony Furino said:

... Correction: henrique WAS a diamond in the rough smilies/wink.gif kudos to the name of the writer who wrote that henrique article I mentioned in previous comment
December 12, 2011
Votes: +0

Anthony Furino said:

... Henrique is a diamond in the rough!! So glad I picked him up after readng that article written abt him by one of your writers almost two yrs ago... Seriously henrique is a five star player I love watching him play his style of play is very similar to sidney crosbys style of play... all around player with all the tools who almost never makes mistakes!.. Theres nothing he CANT do... Ive read that lots of devils fans are already buying jerseys with henriques name on the back... Dude is for real
December 12, 2011
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